Why Water Structure Matters

Analemma product for water architecture

The know-how behind chemically purified water has been around for a while, and many of us have accepted that we need to clean our water before drinking it. But there’s another side to water quality, which has fortunately been getting more recognition in recent years.  

Structured water can be defined as water with more aggregated hydrogen atoms, resulting in rich clusters of interconnected water molecules. Water is not a simple, stagnant liquid we may think it is. 

The structure of water is interesting with respect to its function in biological systems. For example, water molecules at the surface of DNA are critical for maintaining DNA structure [1][2], and water plays a key role in protein folding[3], a process in which proteins assume a physical configuration that allows them to perform their cellular functions. In other words, our DNA and proteins need water to do their job of keeping us alive. 

But the structural importance of water becomes really interesting when we look at how these biomolecules interact. Multiple structural studies have found ordered water participating in different macromolecular complexes. Ordered water was found to actively connect these molecules via hydrogen bonding. 

For example, ordered water molecules were found between DNA and proteins, at the interface of DNA and small molecules such as medicinal drugs, and between antibody proteins and antigens[4][5][6]. 

These studies suggest that water is not a passive molecule used to fill space. Instead, it has a very dynamic and structural presence in interactions between all kinds of molecules in our body. Just like humans, biomolecules constantly communicate, bond, share information, and build tribes. And water is an active collaborator in these cellular cross-talks. 

Furthermore, there’s growing evidence that structured water has beneficial effects on cellular health, which is why I use structured water to consistently boost my performance[6][7].  

My go-to device for preparing structured water at home is the Analemma wand. I’m all about simple solutions, and that’s precisely what I appreciate about this tool. It’s essentially a vial made of ultra-thin quartz crystal, and inside the vial is a small dose of highly structured water. 

When I stir water with the wand, this contact changes the physical structure of my water so that it matches the one in the vial. I can actually feel that difference in the taste and texture of the water; it becomes sweeter and softer. 

The wand has no expiration date, and it doesn’t require charging; it’s just really powerful, really stable water that can be replicated onto any other water source. 

All I have to do is prepare a batch in the morning, and I have ready-to-use structured water for the rest of the day, or even longer. In fact, they’ve actually tested water treated five years earlier, and it still held its structure – pretty impressive.


3 Benefits of Structured Water (Backed by Research) 

Another thing I appreciate about this company is that they keep coming out with new research showing how this water affects humans. Below are the top three benefits you can expect from drinking Analemma water. 

1. Increased mitochondrial output 

Those following my work for a while know that mitochondrial function is a major focus of my biohacking journey. Mitochondria are organelles that generate adenosine triphosphate, or ATP, the primary energy source of cells. All the energy our body spends doing everything from walking to thinking comes from ATP breakdown, and our mitochondria work hard to mass-produce enough ATP to sustain our energy needs.

Mitochondrial power drops with age and when we don’t put enough care into supporting our cellular health. It’s no surprise that mitochondrial dysfunction has been linked to virtually every age-related illness, from neurodegenerative disorders like Alzheimer’s to heart failure[8][9]. 

Fortunately, it’s possible to strengthen your mitochondria. I’ve written extensively about ways to increase mitochondrial function through tools like nutrition and exercise, but it’s been great to learn that the right structured water can have a similar effect. 

An independent 2022 study found that two months of drinking Analemma water caused a 19% increase in ATP production in adult humans[10]. 

We most often associate ATP with exercise, and for good reason – our muscles use a lot of it when we’re working out. And most of us drink water during workouts to attenuate water loss. By treating my water with Analemma, I get the combined benefit of staying hydrated during high-intensity exercise with supporting my mitochondrial power.  

Analemma product for water architecture

2. Improved gut microbiome 

Gut health is one of my favorite subjects to talk about. I often discuss the importance of strong gut health in everything from reversing autoimmune disease, improving mood and focus, fighting eczema, to improving athletic performance. 

Trillions of microorganisms line our gut, working alongside our body to protect us from harmful pathogens, prevent autoimmune responses, and even modulate our neuronal responses by sending neurotransmitters directly to our brain via the gut-brain axis[11][12]. 

In the last few decades, the gut microbiome has received a lot of positive attention, and rightfully so.  

Among the most striking findings are the ones related to how our microbiome shapes our mood and behavior. In a recent study published in Nature Scientific Reports[14], researchers used the fecal transplant method to treat children diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). 

Two years post-treatment, they found an incredible 45% reduction in core ASD symptoms. Before treatment, 83% of participants were rated as having “severe “autism – this dropped to 17% in the follow-up study. 

Clearly, our microbiome is at the center of our physical, mental, and even spiritual health, which is why I’m so focused on doing things that benefit my microbiome. 

Analemma water is one of the ways I can implement that, as supported by the 2022 study, which showed a 17% improvement in the gut microbiome of adult humans who consumed this water daily for two months[15].  

Analemma logo

3. Rejuvenates the immune system 

The importance of a strong immune system is pretty much universally known. It helps us fight off infections, protects us from autoimmune responses, and does so in close coordination with our gut microbiome. This shows the interconnectedness of all these different biological processes at the forefront of health and longevity. 

One of the emerging fields researching our immunity is glycoscience. Researchers have found that small sugar molecules (glycans) attached to our antibodies can cause the antibody to switch its function from pro-inflammatory to anti-inflammatory and vice versa.  

This is a reversible and highly dynamic process. With unsuitable lifestyle choices, but also during natural processes like aging, our glycan profiles change, and our antibodies begin to cause inflammation, which can lead to us developing illnesses caused by low-grade systemic inflammation[16].  

In 2021, an independent GlycanAge study showed that drinking Analemma water for three months caused up to 12 years of biological age rejuvenation[17]. It caused shifts in glycans of these participants to the point that some went from being biologically older than their chronological age to being biologically younger. 

So there you have it, these are my top three reasons for choosing Analemma as my water structuring device. We need to drink water to stay hydrated, so why not push it to its full potential? 


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