Why You Should Always Take Shortcuts

Performance-focused people tend to be fascinated with doing things better.  On the east coast, they call that taking “shortcuts.”  In Silicon Valley, they’re “hacks.”  No matter what you like to call them–shortcuts, hacks, unfair advantages, outside-the-box insights, cheating, or tool, (as long as it doesn’t sacrifice quality, or hurt others) there’s a certain elegance in doing something in a way that’s just plain better and more efficient.

No matter the task – be it winning a game, earning top grades, making money, solving a health problem, improving your physique, or intelligence, there’s always extra joy and a net benefit in meeting goals with new kinds of hacks.

When it comes to hacking, the friends who accuse you of cheating are the most important, because you can measure how good your hack is by how many people say it’s not fair.

Hacking a problem is nothing more than solving it faster, or with less effort.  Many of the best inventions are improvements upon existing products.

Accomplishing something via hacking is rewarding because you exceed your own expectations, which came about from being conditioned to conventional norms.  Learning to hack your life is the process of evaluating “conventional wisdom,” finding new ways to do things, and measuring the results.   As you’ve read on The Bulletproof® Executive, there are many tools and methods for quantifying your results to find out what works, and what doesn’t.

When I began The Bulletproof® Executive blog, I embraced the notion of hacking as a vital part of being a thinking entrepreneur.  When I come across a conventional approach to a problem, my first thought is, “How can I hack it?”  Herd behavior leads to being average.  Creative thinking makes you exceptional!  This mindset empowers you to solve problems like how to upgrading your mental performance, how to get into better shape, how to be more business savvy.

I am always excited to try new supplements, new technology, and new processes that improve my life.  When I find great information, I will make sure and share it with you on the blog!




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