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The Ultimate 2020 Biohacking Holiday Gift Guide

Need a little gift-giving inspiration? Put a healthy spin on the holidays with innovative technology and practical products that your loved ones will appreciate – whether they are hardcore biohackerssimply dipping their toes in the cleanest, purest filtered water ever, or somewhere in between Below, find some of my favorite (and latest) biohacking products on the market. I encourage you to do a bit of research on each item for the people on your list – including you! 

Wishing you and your loved ones a very happy holiday season! 

Dave Asprey
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Gifts That Support Neuro and Brain Health

Hapbee device

Hapbee brainwave technology puts you in the driver’s seat of your brain. It allows you to access various feelings at the tap of a button – feel happy (heightened sensation of dopamine), calm, relaxed, alert (cognitive focus), sleepy, and yes even more sexy. 

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Sensate device

We live in a non-stop, plugged-in world, heavy with distractions and worries. This makes it more challenging than ever to find balance and calm.  The Sensate is a state-of-the-art device designed to help you experience deep relaxation. In essence, it synchronizes infrasound vibrations with calming audio to stimulate your vagus nerveThis allows you to hack your entire nervous system so that you can manage your stress more effectively and improve your sleepSensate has been shown to improve heart rate variability, which can help you achieve many of the benefits associated with meditation.

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Athletic woman exercising with kettle bell on a class in a health club

Gifts that Promote Better Strength and Performance


Blood Flow Restriction (BFR) training manipulates the body’s circulatory system, and when combined with exercise, produces rapid gains with minimal effort and light resistance in a very short amount of time. Regular exercise like BStrong BFR Training will maintain robust fitness levels that help reduce the risk of atherosclerosis, diabetes, obesity, and hypertension, while also increasing your sense of well-being and promoting better energy levels. All these things are needed now more than ever! 

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Hyperice Option 1

Hyperice designs a variety of cutting-edge devices that are engineered to help people move better.  From therapeutic vibrating massage to myofascial release and ice compression technologyHyperice provides high-tech healing that accelerates recovery time and prevents injury to enhance the body’s ability to move more efficiently and achieve the highest level of performance possible.  They are designed to meet the needs of the world’s best athletes, so any of their products would be an amazing gift for any loved one that stays active.

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Nanovi Technology

48% of people under age 40 have early onset mitochondrial dysfunction, and everyone over age 40 has it — we just call it aging. NanoVi™ devices are used to boost mitochondrial health and reduce oxidative stress by signaling repair and regeneration at the cellular level.  This technology is also super convenient because it’s both portable, and 100% passive — meaning that you can use it almost anytime, day or night, to recover and rejuvenate. Know someone that often experiences burnout, poor sleep, stress and/or other challenges that impact how they feel and function each day? NanoVi technology is an innovative gift idea that will help make personal care and recovery time much easier to come by.


Anti-Aging Gifts


Advancements in medicine and technology have extended the average lifespan, but a longer lifespan doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ll be living healthily. Here‘s the thing, you have a chronological age, which is how many years you’ve been alive, and then you also have a biological, or inner age, which is basically a measure of how well your body is aging internally.  InsideTracker is an ultra-personalized nutrition system that analyzes key biometrics (e.g. your blood, DNA, and lifestyle) to help you biohack your lifespan.

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Pssst..we are not our age; we are our energy! Now, before you keep reading, I want to be clear that this product is a luxury item. So, if you know someone that is very invested in biohacking their energy for healthier living, the BioCharger NG may be a great (and very generous!) gift idea. This system is notably the first energy platform of its kind to utilize four different energy types — including light, voltage, frequencies and harmonics, as well as Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Fields (PEMFs) — to heal the body. Biocharger’s technology basically turns all this energy into a human recharging station — to help improve mental and physical performance, and general health.  When using this technology, people often experience significant gains in energy, recovery, performance, focus, sleep, and flexibility.

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Your health, measured. Metabolism regulates our sleep, appetite, our weight, and our energy levels. Levels is the first biowearable that provides real-time feedback on how your diet impacts your health. 

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Gifts that Support Better Rest and Recovery


Sleep is the new status symbol, truly. One of the simplest and most effective ways to improve your Zzz’s is to manage your light exposure — especially at nighttime, when the body needs complete darkness. But sometimes we may have work or other activities happening that keep us awake later into the evening. The Twilights Sunset is the latest style of sleep-hacking glasses to join the TrueDark family, and they are considered the perfect “in-between” solution for those that tend to stay up later, but that also want the flexibility of being able to fall asleep quickly. They have gradient lenses that are darker on top and lighter on the bottom so that you can effectively block out junk light while still being able to see, read, write and move around your home comfortably. These sleep-hacking glasses are designed to help you live in harmony with technology and keep your circadian rhythm on track so that you can sleep, feel, and live better every day.


Photobiomodulation (aka LED light therapy) is like photosynthesis for the body. It is a painless, non-invasive form of treatment that uses “bioactive” wavelengths of light to charge your cells and promote faster, deeper healing. TrueLight’s light therapy devices are unique in that they use a patent-pending combination of dark redredyellow, and near-infrared light to help heal the body from the surface of your skin all the way down to the bone. They also have 2 different modes: pulsating for rapid healing, or steady mode for pain relief.  The new TrueLight Baton Rouge is the latest addition to the TrueLight lineup; it packs the same punch as the original TrueLight Energy Square but is even more convenient to take with you while traveling!

Neurohacker Collectrive Qualia Night

This“next day nootropic” supports your body’s natural production of melatonin – your sleep-timing hormone – and GABA — the neurotransmitter responsible for putting on the brakes in your brain. A mix of Ayurvedic Rasayana herbs and adaptogens help relax the nervous system, balance cortisol levels, and lower hyperarousal states — one of the most common causes of poor sleep. Qualia Night contains a stack of 25 carefully selected ingredients to enhance the pathways in your brain while you sleep. This supplement promotes BDNF (brain-derived neurotrophic factor) which plays an important role in the protection and growth of new neurons. Qualia Night also supports stem cell function to maximize regeneration and make your sleep as restorative as possible. 

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Gifts that Promote Inner Zen and Tranquility

Silent Mode Power Mask

To get better quality rest, you can train your brain like a muscle. The Silentmode Powermask is designed to help you tap into your cardiac vagal tone (CVT) levels and vagus nerve, which is responsible for regulating breathing, heart rate, and your body’s stress response. In short, it helps you keep your body’s stress signals in check through controlled breathing. It’s not necessarily meant to be worn while sleeping, but users often experience better sleep while using this device to induce short naps or while doing meditation exercises.

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Tru Kava

Kava is a plant-based drink has historically been used by South Pacific Islanders timprove mood and cognitive function and reduce anxiety It can help you relax and connect more easily during social interaction; however, unlike alcohol or drugs, it doesn’t impair motor skills and is completely nonaddictive.  Kava is also known as a gentle psychedelic that brings about creative and introspective thinking and can make you more empathetic. With all of that said, like in the world of cannabis, there are many strains and forms of kava that can vary drastically in terms of their quality, potency, purity and overall effects.  Tru KavaTM products contain ”Noble kavas”, which are the absolute highest quality of all kava cultivars. Absolutely no pesticides or industrial chemicals are used at any step of their process, and each batch of kava root is independent lab tested to ensure that it meets strict quality and safety standards.

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Radical Roots

Chinese Herbalists have studied the anti-aging functions of herbs for thousands of years. They are basically the original biohackers, and they believe that your physical strength and vitality is derived from a careful balance of Yin and Yang in the body, as well as the dynamic interplay of one’s inherited Qi (with the Qi created through proper nutrition and digestion). Radical Roots brings the ancient healing of Chinese Medicine into the modern world by combining the power of herbs with hemp. This unification of Eastern and Western herbal traditions provides potent formulas that can help address the symptoms of various illnesses, naturally.

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Ophora Water

Ophora Water is a perfect marriage of the body’s two greatest needs, OXYGEN and WATER.  Each has been a powerful source of natural healing for eons.
70% of our body is made up of water and 90% of our bio-available energy comes from oxygen.  Ophora Water’s patented process is an advancement in water chemistry that produces nano-pure, pH balanced, structured, hyper-oxygenated water with an award-winning taste.  Your body will thank you. Stay Healthy, Stay Hydrated. 

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Other Awesome Stuff

Other Game Changers You Don't Want to Miss Out On

Dave Asprey

If you’re a fan of Bulletproof coffee and The Bulletproof Diet, you have already been enjoying some of the benefits of intermittent fasting. Research has made it clear that fasting helps reduce inflammation, improving insulin sensitivity, and reducing the risk of diabetes, among other benefits. When you support my work and place a pre-order, I will gift you a bottle of BiOptimizers proteolytic enzymes (ideal for during a fast) and a bonus hard copy of their “The BiOptimization Blueprint” book.

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Dave Asprey Box

Dave Asprey Box

Did you know that I have my own subscription box? Every quarter I curate a mix of high-end wellness, fitness, and technology products to help you take your biohacking to the next level! When you sign up — whether it be for yourself or a loved one — you can expect to receive approximately $300+ worth of biohacking awesomeness in each box, plus exclusive deals on products from leading health and performance companies.  Subscribers also get automatically entered to win one of the Golden Ticket items we offer with each quarterly box; these are typically valued between $300-$5,000! Know someone looking to upgrade their health and wellbeing? This box will include all the biohacks they never knew they needed! 


Your genes directly affect your metabolism, muscle growth, supplement needs, caffeine sensitivity, and more. So, collecting data is important for fine-tune your lifestyle to fit your unique biology.  And in the world of COVID-19understanding your DNA can help you be more proactive about diet, fitness, and lifestyle protocols that may bolster your body’s defenses.  The DNA Company not only provides detailed DNA testing for you to better understand your biomarkers; they also provide COVID-19 Risk Factor Report so proactively navigate severe viruses and make strategic, confident, health decisions to boost your health. 

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Did you know that 93% of people’s perceptions of you are based on the sound of your voice?  I didn’t until I spoke with Roger Love, one of the world’s leading authorities on vocal sound. This is now more important than ever because many of us are working from home and communicating via video and telephone calls for work, and you may not even realize how much your voice is affecting your career or your personal relationships.  The thing is speaking isn’t just about wordsmithing or creating your own unique “sound”. It’s also about finding your voice – so that you can succeed in various areas of your life.  Roger Love does just that. In fact, he’s trained over 130,000 people worldwide, including professional speakers, singers and actors (many who’ve won Grammy and Oscar awards).  Are you ready to find your voice?

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Gifts that promote biohacked-style


Better living today, better health tomorrow. Our lives expose us daily to elements like wireless radiation, germs, and UV rays that impact our health. Lambs uses material science and advanced performance fabrics to create effortless solutions that support your wellbeing. Discover the first protective apparel you’ll actually want to wear!

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