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ArticlehormonesNewsPerformance + MotivationsleepWeight Loss + Nutrition

New Science Shows How Lack of Melatonin Makes You Hungry and Fat

improve cognitive skills
Articlebrain healthcognitive enhancementCognitive EnhancementNewsNootropics

4 Ways to Grow Your Intelligence — at Any Age

statins side effects
ArticleDNAHealthy Aging/Anti-AgingmitochondriaNews

Groundbreaking Research Shows Strong Mitochondria Protect Your DNA

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Study Shows Glyphosate Messes With the Ecosystem

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ArticleCognitive EnhancementinflammationmotivationNewsPerformance + Motivation

Groundbreaking Research Shows That Chronic, Low-level Inflammation Could Be Tanking Your Motivation

gmos and environment

The Verdict is In: Glyphosate Causes Cancer, According to a California Jury

carl's jr. cbd burger

Carl’s Jr. Now Has CBD Burgers — Here’s Why Fast Food Edibles Won’t Work

Instagram mom Laleh Mohmedi turns her kid’s meals into edible food art. See her latest creations and how to recreate them in your home kitchen.
ArticleBulletproof DietkidsNews

Insta-Mom Turns Vegetables into Kid-Friendly Food Art That’s Almost too Gorgeous to Eat

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ArticleHealthy Aging/Anti-AgingNews

A Daily Dose of Baking Soda Can Treat Autoimmune Disease, Study Finds. Here’s How to Drink It

Body-Positive Movement May Be Linked to More Obesity_header
ArticleNewsWeight Loss + Nutrition

Body-Positive Movement Contributes to Obesity, Says Study

Vagus Nerve Affects Memory_header
ArticlebrainCognitive EnhancementgutNews

Stimulate Your Vagus Nerve to Improve Memory, Says New Study

Researchers Explore New Type of Depression _header
Articlebrain healthCognitive EnhancementNews

Scientists Find New Cause of Depression

The Best Science-Backed Way to Get Over Your Ex_header

Science Reveals The Best Way to Get Over Your Ex

Study Reveals How to Combat Obesity With Deep Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation_Header
ArticleBulletproof DietdopamineNewsWeight Loss + Nutrition

Fix Your Dopamine Levels to Cut Food Cravings, Suggests New Study

Study Finds That Breathing Sharpens Your Brain and Leads to Better Concentration_header
Articlebrain healthbreathingCognitive EnhancementmeditationNews

Deep Breathing Strengthens Your Brain and Boosts Attention Span, Says New Study

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