Kristen Suzanne: Raw Vegan to Bulletproof Meat Eater

This episode brings to light an ex-vegan advocate’s journey to eating a mostly meat-embraced Bulletproof® diet. Kristen ‘Raw’ Suzanne, author, popular blogger, and nutrition researcher, shared her former vegan assumptions, how easy or difficult it was to change, and the ethics of food. We also dove into a detailed conversations about liver meat, fertility issues on a vegan diet, how to stay Bulletproof when traveling with family, and how to nourish your kids the best way possible.

In 2005, Kristen walked away from her corporate career in executive-level operations to focus on her true passion: healthy food. Already a vegan for two years, she turned her attention to the raw vegan cuisine and lifestyle, initially teaching classes and providing personal chef services, but as her online audience grew, she ultimately shifted to full-time blogging, recipe development, and eventually publishing 12 books on raw vegan diets. By 2012, concerns with her and her child’s health forced her to reevaluate the nutritional claims made by advocates of raw and vegan diets.

After Kristen introduced high quality animal products into her family’s diet, she saw dramatic improvements almost immediately. Her family now eats a diet high in grass-fed beef and butter, bison, pastured eggs, and wild-caught seafood, while avoiding grains, gluten, and soy. While her personal transformation and conversion from vegan to omnivore has been controversial in the vegan and raw food community, Kristen has been on hiatus from blogging to spend time researching and fully exploring the nutritional and culinary aspects of eating in this new way for her family.

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What We Cover

  •   1:30 – The similarities between a vegan diet and the Bulletproof diet
  •   2:30 – Why Kristen became vegan
  •   3:25 – How the vegan “scene” has changed
  •   4:30 – Kristen finds Raw
  •   5:50 – Overlooked health problems while being vegan
  •   6:25 – The vegan “trap”, new habits, and Dave’s vegan experience
  •   8:40 – How ethics tie into your eating habits
  • 10:30 – Dreams about eggs (lol)
  • 11:20 – Kristen’s improvement since adding meat & eggs back into her diet
  • 12:45 – The link between IQ and ovulation
  • 15:00 – Kristen’s current diet
  • 16:50 – A typical day in Kristen’s shoes
  •  17:10 – Kristen and Bulletproof® Coffee
  • 20:00 – Organ meats and desiccated liver
  • 21:50 – A fine line: eating liver meat
  • 23:40 – The simpler, the better – Kristen’s view on food ingredients
  • 24:45 – The strange ingredients Kristen added to her vegan diet
  • 25:40 – How Kristen cooks her food
  • 27:10 – The SuVee
  • 28:30 – The best flavor vs. the best health impact
  • 30:15 – The assumptions of vegan grocery items (Don’t be tricked!)
  • 31:00 – How the diet change has improved her family’s health
  • 32:45 – Kristen’s integrity – going from vegan to omnivore
  • 35:45 – “When you stop adapting, you start dying”
  • 36:25 – Travel & a high-quality diet: How Kristen did it
  • 38:15 – The power of planning ahead on trips
  • 39:30 – Why Yelp! Lacks integrity for small businesses
  • 40:50 – How Kristen feeds her kids
  • 41:10 – Celery salt, nitrates, and gut bacteria
  • 44:50 – The problem with kids’ menus
  • 45:25 – Snacking problems in kids with a typical diet
  • 46:30 – Anna’s (Dave’s daughter) Christmas wish
  • 47:40 – Getting kids involved in food prep & the whole experience
  • 49:00 – Foreign cultures, veganism, and fertility
  • 49:45 – Dave’s reason for sharing his food experiences
  • 51:35 – Kristen’s top 3 things to live a Bulletproof life

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