Jonathan Bailor: “The Calorie Myth” – #66

Millions of inquiring minds want to know: Calories, do they count or not? What if everything you were taught about eating, exercise, weight loss, and health could be proven wrong? On this episode you’ll hear Jonathan Bailor make a pretty sane argument for no more calorie counting and how doing so may actually be bad for your health! Learn how to eat more to weigh less, why you’ll want to ignore that number on the treadmill, and how not to be a slave to willpower. There’s a lot going on in this show!

Collaborating with top scientists for over 10 years, analyzing over 1,300 studies, and garnering endorsements by top doctors from Harvard Medical School, Johns Hopkins, Yale, and UCLA, Jonathan Bailor is a nutrition and exercise expert and  former personal trainer who specializes in using high-quality food and exercise to simplify wellness. He has registered over 25 patents and authored the revolutionary upcoming book “The Calorie Myth.”

Bailor serves as a Senior Program Manager at Microsoft, hosts a popular syndicated wellness radio show, blogs on The Huffington Post, and consults for organizations around the world.

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What You Will HearJonathan Bailor

  •    0:52 – Welcome Jonathan Bailor, Author of “The Calorie Myth”
  •    2:30 – What is the ‘calorie myth’?
  •    4:00 – Automated hunger detection systems
  •    6:40 – Why calorie restriction is not the solution
  •    7:50 – What is a calorie made of anyway?
  •    9:00 – SANE calories
  •  10:00 – Happiness vs. hunger
  •  11:30 – Maslow’s Law
  •  13:00 – Calories matter/thermodynamics
  •  15:20 – Less calories in means less calories out
  •  16:50 – How calorie counting reduces brain function
  •  19:10 – Spontaneous reduction in caloric intake
  •  21:30 – Dave talks about his 4,500 calories/day experiment.
  • 23:00 – Either/or vs. both/and
  • 25:50 – It’s not that calories don’t count, but that you don’t have to count them.
  • 27:40 – Where do calories rank on a scale from 1 to 10?
  • 28:40 – Feed efficiency
  • 30:27 – Getting eccentric
  • 34:00 – Applying calories to exercise
  • 37:00 – You can’t exercise off what bad food does to your body!
  • 40:00 – Hunter gatherer vs. Western lifestyle study
  • 42:00 – It’s hard to have willpower


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