Jonathan Bailor: Revisiting The Calorie Myth – #81

Have you ever wanted to bash your bathroom scale in with a really large sledgehammer? Bulletproof Radio guest and passionate calorie myth buster, Jonathan Bailor, wants you to do just that! On this episode, Bailor brings back his wealth of knowledge to the show and discusses why counting calories does not make your life better – in fact it can make your life worse. You’ll also hear about the epidemic of girls and calorie counting,  weight loss success rates when counting calories,  and why we should definitely stop freebasing with Oreos!? It’s a great show with tons of information. Enjoy it!

Jonathan Bailor is a nutrition and exercise expert and former personal trainer who specializes in using high-quality food and exercise to simplify wellness. He has registered over 25 patents and authored the revolutionary upcoming The Calorie Myth (HarperCollins, 12.31.13). Bailor serves as a Senior Program Manager at Microsoft, hosts a popular syndicated wellness radio show, blogs on The Huffington Post, and consults for organizations around the world. His free 28-day quick-start eating and exercise guide is available at

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What You’ll HearThe Calorie Myth by Jonathan Bailor

  •   0:00 – Cool Fact of the Day!
  •   0:48 – Welcome back Jonathan Bailor and “The Calorie Myth”
  •   2:00 – Why is it time to tackle The Calorie Myth now?
  •   4:00 – Why counting calories is bad!
  •   6:30 – Adrenal dysfunction and calories
  •   9:00 – Stop freebasing Oreos?
  • 11:24 – Girls counting calories
  • 14:30 – Marketing ethics
  • 19:00 – Trusting ourselves to eat
  • 23:00 – How to feed your brain
  • 25:00 – Success rates
  • 27:00 – Do calories make you smarter?
  • 29:50 – What is overeating?
  • 32:00 – Illogical eating
  • 35:00 – Weird calorie facts!
  • 38:00 – How to deprogram
  • 41:00 – Elevator speech for debunking The Calorie Myth
  • 42:00 – Top 3 most important things for performing better and kicking more ass!


The Calorie Myth

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Podcast 66 – The Calorie Myth with Jonathan Bailor

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