AUTOIMMUNITY: Signs, Symptoms & Triggers – A Top 10 Episode with Dr. Thomas O’Bryan

Ask yourself three critical autoimmune questions: What’s on the end of your fork? What’s going up your nostrils? What’s in your gut?

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Dr. Thomas O’Bryan takes the No. 7 spot with: The Autoimmune Fix – Dr. Thomas O’Bryan – #478

In this episode of Bulletproof Radio, Dr. Thomas O’Bryan says seven out of every 10 patients he treats have autoimmune issues. He’s a physician internationally renowned for his work with autoimmune diseases and inflammation, and the nutrition and lifestyle choices that can help.

With a healthy immune system, your antibodies have the power to get rid of old and damaged cells and make room for new cells to grow and develop. But with any kind of autoimmunity issue, your antibodies end up killing off more cells than you make.

Autoimmunity can be triggered for a long time before you feel the impacts. It tends to hit your body at some point, so the sooner you can find a way to prevent it, the better.

Dr. O’Bryan talks about the causes, the signs and what you can do about it, to prevent things like leaky gut and encourage things like healthy enzymes. He says it’s most often about what you eat, what’s going up your nostrils and what’s happening inside your gut.

More from Dr. Thomas O’Bryan:

  • “This topic of autoimmunity really becomes a primary concern for all of us, but we’ve never looked at it that way. So once we understand this, that this is prevalent in almost all of us, that it’s an autoimmune mechanism, meaning your immune system attacking your own tissue, whether it’s your blood vessels, or components in your blood vessels, the fatty membranes of the blood vessels, or it’s your brain, or your joints, or whatever it is, when your immune system is attacking your own tissue, that goes on for years. It’s called the spectrum of autoimmunity.”
  • “Celiac disease is when your gut’s being chewed up from a sensitivity to wheat. The third category is non celiac wheat sensitivity, and that’s the big kahuna picture. Non-celiac wheat sensitivity can manifest as brain dysfunction, autoimmune brain disease, skin disease, joint disease. There’s no tissue in the body that might notbe affected by a sensitivity to wheat. Look at the immune system to see. Is my immune system telling me I’ve got a problem with this food? Because body language never lies. If your immune system is activated to protect you against a particular food, stop eating that food.”
  • “If you treat your body like a Lamborghini, it’s going to run like a Lamborghini. If you treat your body like a Rambler and expect it to run like a Lamborghini, you’re going to be in trouble.”

Dr Tom O'Bryan

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AUTOIMMUNITY- Signs, Symptoms & Triggers – A Top 10 Episode with Dr. Thomas O’Bryan


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Key Notes

  • There are a huge number of us listening right now who have a little bit of chronic disease or metabolic disorder, but you don’t feel it until it really, really hits you years later.  – 00:43
  • I wrote down the notes, talking to these seven doctors, and I put a program together, and we were pregnant in six weeks.  – 2:05
  • Some cells reproduce really quickly, like the inside lining of your gut, every three to five days, depending on what study you read. And some cells are really slow, like your bone cells.  – 4:39
  • What percentage of people have autoimmunity going on right now?  – 6:18
  • The bisphenol A, the mercury, all of the crud that we’re exposed to every day, that in minute amounts, it’s not a big deal, but it accumulates and accumulates and accumulates until you cross a threshold. When you cross the threshold, your immune system says, “That’s it. No more.” And your immune system starts attacking to go after that.  – 7:46
  • There could be other foods and excess sugars and bad fats, and all of that. But at least 60% to 70% of our patients, when we reduce their grain consumption, they just start feeling better right away.  – 10:36
  • For all of your listeners who are dialing down their diets and really focusing on fine tuning for high performance, you’ve got to have prebiotics. If you don’t, your probiotics die. When they die, when the good guys die, the bad guys that are stronger and more resistant,  – 13:07
  • Only really small molecules can get through the cheesecloth into the bloodstream. That’s one of the reasons why your intestines are 20, 25 feet long, because proteins have to be digested.  –  14:24
  • How do you fix intestinal permeability, Tom?  – 16:36
  • The three things that I think are most important to address on this particular topic is: What’s on the end of your fork? What’s going up your nostrils? And what’s in your gut?  – 20:30
  • Rebuild a healthier microbiome. It’s the only way that I know of to be exposed again and not have an inflammatory response. – 23:56
  • Dr. Tom O’Brien:
    The Autoimmune Fix. I’m very proud of it. I think it gives a big picture overview, and people then understand much more about: What’s the path in front of them to develop higher performance. – 27:30

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