EP 1153

1153. Biohacking Stress & Burnout

Dr. Aditi Nerurkar explores the complexities of the stress response, offering tools and insights to master resilience and well-being.

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In this Episode of The Human Upgrade™...

In today’s episode you’ll explore the complexities of memory with Dr. Charan Ranganath, a top expert in cognitive neuroscience. This episode takes you through the fascinating ways our brains record, process, and utilize memories to navigate daily life and shape our futures. You’ll learn how memory impacts decision-making, the truth about common myths, and the role of groundbreaking research in our understanding of cognitive function. Dr. Ranganath shares insights from his book “Why We Remember,” shedding light on the brain’s ability to predict and prepare for what comes next. Whether you’re a seasoned biohacker or just starting, this conversation offers valuable perspectives on the science of memory that will change how you think about your mind. 


"Your brain has the innate ability to reframe stress — harnessing this power can revolutionize your resilience."


(00:01:21) The Pressures of the Pandemic and the Surge in Stress 

  • Examining the increased levels of stress due to recent global events. 
  • Dr. Nerurkar’s personal experience with stress as a healthcare professional. 


(00:02:08) Introducing Dr. Aditi Nerurkar and Her Journey Through Burnout 

  • Dr. Nerurkar’s backstory and her expertise in stress management. 
  • The evolution from personal burnout to becoming a stress management expert. 


(00:05:06) The Concept of ‘Toxic Resilience’ and Sustainable Stress Management 

  • Discussion on the harmful effects of ‘toxic resilience’. 
  • Identifying sustainable practices for long-term stress management. 


(00:10:16) The Physiological Responses to Stress and the HPA Axis 

  • A look at the body’s hormonal responses to stress and its impact on health. 
  • How the HPA axis mediates the stress response and influences behavior. 


(00:12:12) Transforming Stress from Maladaptive to Adaptive 

  • Differentiating between harmful and beneficial stress. 
  • Strategies for converting maladaptive stress into adaptive stress for personal growth. 


(00:17:16) The Importance of Understanding Personal Stress Thresholds 

  • Recognizing individual stress limits and the significance of respecting them. 
  • The role of self-awareness in managing stress and preventing burnout. 


(00:21:06) Empowering Change and Managing Internal Alerts 

  • How to cultivate a sense of control and agency over one’s stress responses. 
  • Tips for mitigating the incessant ‘alerts’ from our inner critic. 


(00:25:15) The ‘Rule of Two’ in Stress Adaptation 

  • The importance of focusing on two manageable changes at a time. 
  • The benefits of gradual adaptation in habit formation for stress management. 


(00:32:21) The Role of Neuroplasticity in Resilience 

  • Neuroplasticity’s contribution to adapting and recovering from stress. 
  • The potential for retraining the brain to handle stress better. 


(00:37:13) Combining Conventional Medicine with Stress Management Techniques 

  • Dr. Nerurkar’s approach to integrating traditional medical care with stress reduction techniques. 
  • The value of conventional medicine in supporting stress management. 


(00:39:29) How Dr. Nerurkar Achieves an ‘Inbox Zero’ Lifestyle 

  • Techniques for managing digital communication without becoming overwhelmed. 
  • Dr. Nerurkar’s personal system for maintaining a clear inbox and reducing digital stress. 


(00:40:59) The Connection Between Stress Management and Longevity 

  • Exploring how effective stress management can contribute to a longer, healthier life. 
  • The relationship between a youthful mindset and longevity. 



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Enjoy the show!


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