Alexander Wunsch: Light Medicine, Photobiology & Vitamin D – #277

Why you should listen –

Alexander Wunsch is physician, researcher and teacher in light medicine and photobiology with particular interest in light effects and beneficial / adverse health impacts of solar radiation and artificial light sources on endocrine and cellular levels in humans. In his medical office in Heidelberg he develops and applies therapeutic light spectra in combination with other biophysically based treatments. He also presents at international conferences and acts as a consultant for federal authorities and the lighting industry. On this episode of Bulletproof Radio, Dave gets Alexander’s expert opinion on light medicine, LED lights, computer color temperatures, how to put color in our environment and more! Enjoy the show!
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What You Will Hear

  •     0:00 – eHarmony
  •     1:35 – Bulletproof on iTunes
  •     2:00 – Cool Fact of the Day
  •      3:17 – Introducing Alexander Wunsch
  •     4:00 – Becoming an expert in Photobiology
  •     8:20 –  Is light therapy “fraudulent?”
  •   11:18 – Light and Vitamin D
  •   13:29 – Spectrums of non-visible light
  •   15:06 – Importance of full-spectrum sunlight
  •   19:03 – Risks of non-thermal light
  •   28:11 – The best indoor light
  •   33:18 – Blinking and flickering LED lights
  •   39:00 – Put color into your environment
  •   46:43 – Ideal computer color temperatures
  •   49:31 – Your body and blue light
  •   58:48 – 3 ways to kick more ass and be Bulletproof
  • 1:04:55– Zen Tech
  • 1:05:44– MVMT Watches


Alexander Wunsch

Alexander Wunsch Vimeo






Dinshash Ghadiali’s Spectro-Chrome System

Vitamin D

Circadian Rhythm

Macule lutea

Halogen lamps

Stroboscopic effect 

Blue light

Free-radical halogenation


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Bulletproof on iTunes

Bulletproof Tech

Infrared saunas


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