Be A Boss With Your Brain, Heart, & Gut – Eric Langshur #457

The art and science of how to be happy! Eric Langshur is a bestselling author and CEO who woke up one morning and realized he had learned how to manage a large business, and thousands of people, but couldn’t get a handle on his own mind.

In this episode you will get some tips on how to “train the skill of wellbeing.” and what it means to “notice, shift, and rewire.”

Change your mind and be happy!

Enjoy the show!

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Be A Boss With Your Brain, Heart, & Gut – Eric Langshur #457

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Eric’s Book co-authored with Nate Klemp synthesizes the world’s ancient wisdom about wellbeing, validates it with cutting edge neuroscience and translates these big ideas into effective practices.
“Start Here: Master the Lifelong Habit of Wellbeing”

 Show Notes

  • Eric and Dave discuss studying how to be happy.
  • On Eric’s first company, CarePages.
  • “If we look at what’s just going on externally, the pace of play just continues to accelerate” Eric on technology burn out.
  • Why is the corporate world so sick?
  • “The pace of play just continues to accelerate. Technology, which has improved our lives in so many ways, is also making us sicker.”
  • How much the percentage of Americans that are on antidepressants has increased since 1999.
  • Eric on figuring out he has anxiety, “It just it was a dawning awareness as you studied personal development and the wisdom of the masters.”
  • Eric on anxiety. “The irony is I had learned how to manage large businesses and I had learned how to manage thousands of people, but I didn’t really know how to manage my own mind. That was an incredible awakening.”
  • How to train the skill of wellbeing. “The way to do it is to train the skill of attention, really get control of the mind.”
  • “Imagine living with spaciousness. Imagine living with peace.” Eric on the experience he has now on being alive.
  • Eric on Jung quote that resonated, “He who looks outside dreams. He who looks inside awakens.”
  • On lost money for companies because people are not engaged at work.
  • to write Eric.
  • Dave and Eric on science of habit change.
  • What’s the difference between training attention and training wellbeing?
  • How Eric developed what he calls the master practice of notice, shift, rewire.
  • Eric on why “Most importantly, when our minds are wandering, we’re less happy.”
  • Eric on Six practices in his book, which include, “balancing of being and doing, which is being, being a human being and being engaged in the world and being present and showing gratitude and compassion.”
  • Eric on more topics in his book. “Then doing, focusing on relationships, focusing on engagement, really productivity, and then contributing to the world.”
  • “A good example is building the habit of presence, just learning the science of what it is to engage the parasympathetic nervous system with a four-by-four breath.”
  • Using daily activities as opportunities to practice the skill of presence.
  • Eric and Dave talk about 40 years of Zen.
  • Dave on compassion. “If you don’t have compassion for yourself, it’s hard to have it for something else.”
  • Go check out “Headstrong” and “The Bulletproof Diet” on Amazon and leave a review!

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