EP 1127

1127. Knees Over Toes: Fix Knees, Calves, Shins & Shoulders

Ben Patrick went from chronic knee issues to legendary dunking. He shares tips for strengthening and healing knees, calves, shins, hips, and shoulders.

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In this Episode of The Human Upgrade™...

Meet the man who’s making leaps forward in functional movement training.

Ben Patrick (aka the Knees Over Toes Guy) went from chronic knee issues to becoming a dunking sensation with his remarkable 42-inch vertical leap. His journey led him to discover the unconventional “knees over toes” method. He now trains to reverse joint pain and defy aging.

In this episode, Ben shares his three game-changing foundations of exercise. We look back at the history of backward walking, and talk about its benefits today. Ben gives us his best tips for strengthening and healing knees, calves, shins, hip flexors, and shoulders. We start from the ground up with fixes for feet and toes. Plus, we talk about the problem with most shoes.

Today’s biggest takeaway is recognizing the connection between functional movement and longevity. Functional training is key to how long you live and how well you live. Whether you’re 18 and want to do parkour or you’re 80 and want to get up off the floor—or still do parkour—you’ll want to hear this one.


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“The foundation of exercise is resistance from the ground. I think the second part of exercise is strength and flexibility as one. And then for me, the only third part is filling in weak links. That's it, done. End of podcast.”



What’s Up With Knees Over Toes?

  • How Ben became the Knees Over Toes Guy
  • How can you find ways to handle pressure on your body?
  • Looking back at the history of backward walking
  • Accessible ways to create resistance in backward walking


Strengthening Joints, Not Just Muscles

  • How tendons and ligaments can grow
  • How to strengthen knees, calves, and shins


Starting Off On The Right Foot

  • Why most shoes aren’t designed for feet
  • Fixes for foot problems
  • Game-changing movements you can do at home for free
  • The three foundations of exercise


Taking It Back To Basics


Will These Workouts Help Or Hurt Your Joints?

  • How to balance out cycling
  • Ben’s perspective on yoga
  • How can Dave improve his front split?


Fixes From The Toes Up


How To Have Healthy Hip Flexors

  • How our modern lifestyle is hurting our hips
  • Exercises that stretch your inner thighs


Healthy Movement Patterns For Life

  • Making these movements part of your everyday lifestyle
  • The benefits of this type of training for parents


Secrets To Shoulder Healing


Marketing That Actually Helps People

  • How Ben’s views on marketing have evolved
  • Being boldly unapologetic in promoting what you do
  • Danger Coffee


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Enjoy the show!


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