Better Sleep Month Part 1 – You’re an Animal, Says Your Biological Chronotype – #589

Take a sleep walk on the wild side
On this reworked and upgraded episode, we revisit Dr. Michael Breus’ sleep animal chronotypes.

Sleep—who’s getting some? Not all of you, it seems, since sleep is one of the most asked about topics. Quality and quantity matter and you want real answers.

We’ve created a multimedia sleep series for you as part of Better Sleep Month. Each week in May, you’ll find compelling interviews from Bulletproof Radio, cool articles from our blog, and a batch of lively videos. We’re bringing you the best Bulletproof tips and tools we have so you can start sleeping better. Listen, read or view—whatever helps you get your own piece of the night.

photo of Michael BeusThis is part 1 of a four-part Better Sleep Month series on Bulletproof Radio. On this reworked and upgraded episode, we revisit Dr. Michael Breus’ sleep animals. Find out if you’re a lion, a bear, a dolphin or a wolf. When you know, you can optimize your sleep cycle in ways specific to your own biological chronotype.

Enjoy the show—and check back next week for part 2 of our Better Sleep Month series.

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Better Sleep Month Part 1 – You’re an Animal, Says Your Biological Chronotype – #589


Book: The Power of When
Website: Power of When Quiz 

Key Notes

  • Dr. Breus talks about why he wrote the Power of When 00:03:20
  • What a Chronotype is 00:04:35
  • The distribution of the average circadian rhythm 00:05:25
  • Can you change your chronotype? 00:07:10
  • Dave has switched to entirely red lighting at night 00:09:50
  • What Dave does when he is writing at night 00:11:45
  • Are people who work at night “bad people?” 00:12:40
  • A walkthrough of the chronotype categories 00:13:20
  • Does milk actually make you sleep better? 00:21:05
  • 8 hours of sleep is a myth 00:22:20
  • How does Biphasic sleep work? 00:24:20
  • If you didn’t have to sleep would you still need to? 00:25:20
  • The drawbacks of being a polyphasic sleeper 00:27:00
  • Does TDCS or Binaural Beats work for sleep? 00:28:40
  • The glymphatic system 00:31:30
  • Does environmental mold harm your sleep and give you bad dreams? 00:34:45
  • 90% of sleep doctors only focus on sleep apnea 00:38:25
  • The effects of LED lights – light is medicine 00:39:35
  • Why wolves shouldn’t have coffee until 11:00 am 00:43:00

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