Replicating Nature’s Energy to Charge Your Cells – Jim Girard and Jim Law with Dave Asprey – #741

Jim G and Jim L
There’s energy all around us in nature and deep within our cells. How to capture it, boost it, and use it to your advantage.

In this episode of Bulletproof Radio, BioCharger™ co-founders Jim Girard (pictured top left) and Jim Law (pictured top right) join me to talk about how energy affects our bodies on a cellular level and what we can do about it.

There are four types of energy in nature—light, PEMFs, voltage, and frequencies and harmonics—and we need all of them. A cool invention called BioCharger™ incorporates all four of these beneficial energies into one subtle energy revitalization platform called a SERP. It has turned all this energy into a human recharging station.

You’ll learn how the BioCharger™, a small device about 3 feet high and 2 feet wide, can positively affect your physical and mental performance, and your general health.

People experience significant gains in energy, recovery, performance, focus, sleep and flexibility.

Jim Girard, BioCharger™ Inventor, brings more than 30 years of subtle energy research and development experience to the conversation.

 “If you really think about it, everything vibrates,” Jim G. says. “Atoms literally vibrate at the speed of light. When you excite various gases or elements to fluorescent, they’ll release photons of light. Molecules literally vibrate slightly lower than the visible light. When you take elements or atoms and start to mix them together and make molecules, they begin to vibrate what they call the molecular spectrum. Then you have your atomic nuclei that also vibrate. The cell membrane literally is vibrating.”

“Our body regenerates at 2 to 3 million new cells a second,” further explains Jim Law, BioCharger™ CEO. “That’s the only way it knows how to heal, how to recover, how to resist stress, and how to detoxify. But voltage is key. Voltage is the driver. Forty-five percent of Americans that have some form of chronic disease all have one common characteristic—and that’s inadequate cellular voltage.”

The BioCharger™ can help improve that voltage and also target specific areas of concern with individualized energy recipes. It can help you feel better, be more creative, and put you in a better mood. The BioCharger™ is designed for personal, family or business use.

If you’ve been wanting a tech geek-fest, this is the episode for you. We dive right into the past 100 years of science influenced by Nikola Tesla, his protégés and his peers. “I believe Tesla was one of the most brilliant minds ever, and we have yet to really hit the surface of what he was actually doing,” says Jim G., who has closely studied Tesla’s work.

It was so cool to find out how the discoveries of the past century are still relevant and moving our energy forward today.

Enjoy! And get more resources at Dave.Asprey/podcasts.

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Key Notes

  • What sparked Jim Girard into his years of research. – 1:46
  • There’s a lot of information out there about how energy affects the body. – 4:36
  • Jim Girard: I really got into Nikola Tesla’s work. I was building all sorts of different types of coils. – 9:54
  • What Royal Rife discovered is variable frequencies and harmonics. – 12:04
  • What does a harmonic do for the human body? – 14:35
  • Whether it’s the magnetic field, the EMF, the high voltage, the frequencies of harmonics, or the visible light, all four of those have been heavily researched and all those different effects with it.– 18:18
  • There’s 15 million volts per meter within the cell. – 22:31
  • Alpha, beta, theta, delta, gamma rays. We have recipes that will pulse the BioCharger within those spectrums. We find those to be very powerful, especially for the meditation– 26:51
  • What’s the difference in what you’re doing in a violet ray?– 29:48
  • We are driven by electricity. Primarily the cosmic electricity, then we realize and our bodies are really electric. The universe is electric. – 36:09
  • I believe Tesla was one of the most brilliant minds ever, and we have yet to really hit the surface of what he was actually doing.- 40:45
  • What are the things that people are doing with the BioCharger ? – 42:11
  • What would Tesla, Rife, Lakhovsky do if they were alive today? They wouldn’t be using spark gap and vacuum tubes et cetera. – 45:15
  • 45% of Americans that have some form of chronic disease all have one common characteristic and that’s inadequate cellular voltage. – 50:40
  • Doing something positive with other people. We’re in the osteo strong for instance, facilities around the country and that’s one of the biggest things is a social benefit. – 54:02

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