Psychobiotics: Altering Gut Bacteria to Hack Your Brain – BiOptimizers with Dave Asprey – #749

Matt Gallant and Wade Lightheart
The Navy SEALS of probiotics clean up what’s going on in your gut that’s affecting your brain. That means way better mood and mental performance.

In this episode of Bulletproof Radio, my guests are the founders of BiOptimizers and regular guests on the show. We’re talking about their ground-breaking research in probiotics done by a bacteriologist and geneticist. The result is a probiotic that targets both digestion and cognition in an entirely new way.

I keep inviting them back because they keep finding innovative ways to keep your digestion humming along.

If you’re a longtime listener, you’ll know Wade Lightheart and Matt Gallant as the “we fix digestion” guys. They get how body systems are connected and how the brain and body work together for maximum performance.

“Today we’re talking specifically about psychobiotics,” says Matt “These are not evil, crazy “American Psycho” type of bacteria. They’re actually psychological bacteria impacting your transmitters, which at the end of the day, how we feel, how we perform, in so many ways, comes down to having the right balance of neurotransmitters.”

Wade is a former three-time Canadian natural bodybuilding champion. Matt is an experienced strength and conditioning coach for professional athletes, a self-defense instructor, and has been formulating supplements for more than a decade. They know a lot about human performance and are constantly raising the bar on new ways to biohack your body systems.

You’ll learn a lot from this discussion of psychobiotics and how they affect mood and mental performance.

Enjoy! And get more resources at Dave.Asprey/podcasts.

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Key Notes

  • What’s new in the realm of cognitive function. – 3:33
  • We’re investing in equipment to measure biofilm and things like that. – 4:20
  • I think it’s actually our moral and ethical duty to be bio-hackers– 7:01
  • 30 neurotransmitters in the gut and some people have the right one, some people don’t. – 9:37
  • P3OM is a really cool product. It’s very different than any other probiotic. – 13:00
  • BDNF, brain derived neurotrophic factor. -17:16
  • We just invested in a very expensive machine that measures biofilm. – 22:44
  • That’s what we call them, the Navy SEALS of probiotics.- 24:19
  • Gut bacteria can be regulated by other gut bacteria and by your own immune function, – 28:02
  • The gut bacteria, the actual puppet masters. – 36:20
  • For CogniBiotics, do I need to be taking prebiotics with it? And if so, do I take the cogniBiotics before the prebiotics or after, or does it not matter? – 38:48
  • One of the things that I learned way back in my bodybuilding career was to literally journal. – 43:48
  • Are you worried about the people who say, “Just eat some sauerkraut, you’ll get all you need, mother nature should do all this for you.” What do you say about that? Do they the affect your happiness number?– 50:21
  • We’ve got a revelation. Let’s talk about gram positive bacteria versus gram negative. – 57:08
  • Do you take P3OM every day? – 59:59

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