Hack Your Neurochemistry with Customized Nootropics – Mr. Noots & Matt Gallant – #861

With the right stacks, at the right time, nootropics improve cognitive performance, mental endurance, energy and focus.


We’re going deep on all things nootropics. Stacks, timing and what works for your brain. You’re going to learn a lot in this episode, like:

  • The promise of nootropics vs. the reality of nootropics
  • Problems with typical nootropics
  • How brain chemistry and nervous systems are incredibly unique
  • How every high-performance state has a corresponding neurochemistry stack
  • Nine Nootopia base blends that have specific goals and purposes
  • Why Nootopia nootropics are different
  • Tips to get the most out of your nootropics

One of today’s guests has been on the show several times to talk about psychobiotics, magnesium, enzymes and blood sugar.

As co-founder of BiOptimizers, Matt Gallant keeps researching and innovating ways to keep your whole body healthy. He sees important connections within body systems and finds unique ways to maximum human performance. He especially likes the brain and will be talking about new developments in nootropics that can be customized to your own body system.

Matt Gallant: “A lot of nootropics rely on brute force,” Matt says. “They hammer one receptor or one pathway and they just push it to the max which has negative consequences, receptors downregulate, you can have more side effects. As a former addict, I thought, and I was hardwired to believe that more is better. And now I know better and optimal is better. So, it’s about really finding the optimal dose for each person. And that’s why we’re all about customization and personalization.”

He’s joined by Mr. Noots, his partner in custom nootropic development.

Between ages 5 and 10, he built radio, conducted dangerous chemistry experiments and built a Helium-Neon Laser from scratch. His favorite childhood activities were science, chemistry and physics. He spent his 20’s in the US Air Force, which was the perfect platform to become an endurance athlete and eventual bodybuilder. Life happened and as Mr. Noots moved from sick to superhuman, he dove deep into performance-enhancing nutrition. That, in turn, led him to become a Chief Product Officer for the mind-enhancing compounds and stacks of nootropics at Nootopia.

“This is one of the things where I want everyone listening to just say, “Okay, I admit to myself that it is possible for plant extracts or other compounds to improve cognitive function because it’s abundantly obvious,” “says Mr. Noots.

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Hack Your Neurochemistry with Customized Nootropics – Mr. Noots & Matt Gallant – #861


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Braverman Test: https://www.bravermantest.com
BiOptimizers: https://bioptimizers.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/BiOptimizers/
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YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/BiOptimizers

Bulletproof Radio:

Key Notes

  • All right, Mr. Noots, what is your true identity? Unveil yourself.  – 8:39
  • For me, it was quite a journey. But I don’t know if we’re going to get back to that later. But I first started to do it as a way to get off coffee back in the ’90s.  – 11:40
  • Huperzia serrata, right, it’s an extract and it increases choline flow, right? It also reduces cholinesterase enzyme so that the choline keeps flowing through the synapse.  – 13:27
  • As a former addict, I thought, and I was hardwired to believe that more is better. And now I know better and optimal is better.  – 15:20
  • We found that there were interesting ways that during the extraction process of herbs and the conversion process of pyroglutamic acid, you could get them to weave each other together and create these bonds that would go in various directions.  – 19:24
  • When your body doesn’t have a load, if it doesn’t have an oxidant load, an oxidation load, if the adaptogens are effectively reducing stress levels, stress hormones, inflammatory conditions, then the nootropic works significantly better.  – 23:18
  • If you get energy in the morning, maybe you don’t need nootropics at that time, and just tend to crash out in the afternoon. Well, around 12:00, 12:30 or 1:00 p.m., take your nootropics and you’re going to be rocking all afternoon. – 25:13
  • How do you know, though, how to customize the stack? I mean, yeah, the surveys are good, but how much science is between the survey, and the tech?  – 28:27
  • It really depends what am I trying to achieve? And what state do I need to be in in order to maximize my performance in that moment. – 30:38
  • Anandamide actually comes from tobacco. Is that in there?  – 33:06
  • I was working on stacks and then I met Mark and I had the feeling, okay, here’s a guy that I’ll never catch up to. – 38:49
  • There’s methyl B-12, right, so methylcobalamin, just much more available and a couple other compounds that really helped that process. – 42:01
  • The big epiphany was, “Hold it, if I change the amount of the choline donor, the nootropic, the antioxidant, right, the adaptogen. I change the ratios of those and maybe even add some elements like a pro hormone like a DHEA or pregnenolone or something like that, maybe I could get a different performance profile.  – 47:08
  • I wanted something that was a parasympathetic brain enhancer, which meant that it’s going to operate when you’re chill, right, or it’s going to operate and bring you to a chill state.  – 50:13
  • A lot of people don’t know what serotonin syndrome is. And if you’re using psychedelics, you might want to know about this, so just go off on that for a little bit.  – 53:42
  • So tell me why you guys are like fruit versus just give me a scoop of glucose?  – 58:31
  • We’ve talked about Brain Flow, the different formulas. There’s nine base blends and each of these gets customized?  – 1:02:32

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