Fight Mediocrity! Give Plan B the Boot – Bo Eason – #640

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Learn how to reach your goals with a championship mindset.

In this episode of Bulletproof Radio, Bo Eason brings his straight talk: “Mastery is mastery, regardless of the discipline,” he says.

He’s a speaker, performer, author and former NFL player. When an injury ended his football career, he branched out into acting and wrote a one-man play that had an extended off-Broadway and 50-city national run. Now, in his third act as a speaker and leadership coach, he trains some of the most successful people in the world on how to communicate for maximum impact and success.

Bo’s new book, “There’s No Plan B for your A-Game,” lays out an action plan for becoming the best at anything you want to do. “Most people are living their plan B because they have a plan B,” he says. “That’s a mistake. Your plan A is your plan A”

Listen on to learn how to drop average and reach your goals with a championship mindset.

Enjoy the show!

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Fight Mediocrity! Give Plan B the Boot – Bo Eason – #640

Twitter: @boeason
Instagram: @boeason21
Book: “There’s No Plan B for Your A-Game”

Key Notes

  • How many hours does it really take to develop a skill? 00:06:00
  • Can you shorten the number of hours to mastery? 00:07:50
  • Don’t apologize for your predatory nature 00:11:35
  • Don’t be average or have a plan B 00:17:20
  • How do you teach your kids the A-Game mentality? 00:22:15
  • We’re wired to save each other from pain 00:26:00
  • How do you know when you are going to burn out? 00:28:35
  • When do you give up? 00:32:25
  • The word “goals” doesn’t turn me on 00:33:50
  • Why to refer to yourself as The Best 00:38:35
  • Being the best is fluid 00:41:20
  • Don’t ask yourself how to do it 00:44:20
  • What is good domination? 00:47:35
  • How do you dominate if you living between paycheques? 00:51:30
  • How to give “competition” a good name 00:57:45
  • You should get yourself a Dawn (life partner) 01:01:00

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