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Did you know you can improve your heath significantly, simply by breathing through your nose? World-renowned breathing expert and prolific author, Patrick McKeown, has spent the past 15 years working with thousands worldwide, who experience breathing disorders, sleep disordered breathing, high stress levels, poor concentration, and anxiety. A devotee of the Buteyko method of breathing, his most recent book, “The Oxygen Advantage,” is an extension of his ground-breaking work, combining specifically-formulated exercises that empower athletes to improve their performance. In this fascinating conversation with Dave, Patrick explains how he hacked his own asthma using breathing techniques, the importance of practicing breath-holding and avoiding mouth-breathing, how oxygen and CO2 work together when we breathe, and why you should tape your mouth shut when you sleep – really! You won’t want to miss this remarkable episode, filled with amazing biohacks and tips that will have you breathing – and feeling – better in no time.

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  • Dave mentions TrueDark Glasses
  • Dave introduces world-renowned breathing expert and author, Patrick McKeown
  • Patrick explains what the Buteyko method of breathing is, how it came about
  • Patrick explains how changing his breathing reversed his childhood asthma, and also changed the course of his career
  • How breath-holding can actually decongest your nose + Patrick listens to Dave’s breathing and provides some tips – that work!
  • Go to to see Dave do this exercise on video!
  • Patrick talks about what nitric oxide does in the body, and the importance of nose breathing
  • Patrick explains how oxygen and CO2 work together when we breathe
  • Why Patrick prefers to teach people to work on their own breathing, rather than relying on devices or technology
  • Nose breathing is so simple, but it’s overlooked…and why over-breathing isn’t good
  • Patrick mentions Robin Rothenberg (Robin Rothenberg Essential Yoga)
  • The anti-aging implications of breathing methods like Buteyko, and how it changes your carbon dioxide levels
  • Dave mentions Dr. Stan Grof, and his work with holotropic breathing
  • Dave and Patrick discuss the importance of practicing breathwork, and how it impacts people with intense exercise routines, like athletes
  • Why you should tape your mouth shut when you sleep – really! Patrick mentions LipSeal Tape
  • Dave mentions his episode with dentist and TMJ specialist Dr. Dwight Jennings, who performed a procedure on him
  • Why it’s important to train our kids to breathe through their noses, instead of mouth breathing
  • Dave mentions Moldy,” his film about toxic mold
  • Patrick mentions “Hyperventilation Syndrome,” by Dr. Robert Fried
  • Dave asks Patrick about the benefits of breathing pure oxygen, which you can do at Bulletproof Labs
  • The importance of breath-holding, and the best strategies for doing it properly
  • Patrick gives his breathing hacks for air travel, and mentions Dr. William Hang, who tapes his mouth shut
  • Dave and Patrick discuss the benefits of drinking carbonated water
  • Dave mentions his Bulletproof blog post on The Bulletproof Sinus Rinse; Patrick weighs in on this method
  • If you are doing a lot of talking, carbonated water could help with respiration issues
  • Patrick’s three most important pieces of advice for performing better and being your best self in all aspects of life
  • Check out more information about Patrick and his work at
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