Dial in Your Neuroplasticity to Get Smarter – Brett Wingeier, Ph.D. – #638

Photo of Dave using a Halo
Learn faster, spend less time and energy getting stuff done, and improve your performance with neurostimulation.

In this episode of Bulletproof Radio, Brett Wingeier, Ph.D., talks with me about all things neurostimulation at the Halo Neuroscience headquarters in San Francisco. I pick his brain and he runs electrical currents over mine.

Photo of Brett from Halo “Brains love to learn,” Brett says. Fundamental to learning is neuroplasticity, the brain’s ability to form and reorganize synaptic connections. Brett and the Halo team have found a way to leverage this by “using technology to make sure that your brain is dialed in and ready to use its natural learning mechanisms where and when you want it.”

Brett co-founded Halo and now serves as its Chief Technology Officer. He’s an engineer and neuroscientist with two decades of experience creating science-based products to unlock human potential and treat disease. Prior to Halo, Brett assisted in the development of the first fully implantable responsive neurostimulator for epilepsy and was instrumental in designing a groundbreaking minimally invasive solution for headaches.

Listen on to learn more about neuroplasticity, neuropriming, cognitive control, and the joy of skill acquisition. It’s electrifying stuff.

Enjoy the show!

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Dial in Your Neuroplasticity to Get Smarter – Brett Wingeier, Ph.D. – #638


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Key Notes

  • Brains love to learn 00:05:15
  • Don’t do things that hurt 00:06:20
  • The thing that we get better at as we age 00:09:00
  • How do we train our brains to be better? 00:11:25
  • Being a performing introvert 00:12:20
  • How often Brett uses brain stimulation 00:15:30
  • How Dave uses brain stimulation to beat his son at ping-pong 00:16:45
  • Can Halo help with language learning? 00:21:45
  • What is the future of brain stimulation? 00:24:50
  • What’s wrong with just learning through repetition? 00:27:20
  • Does the cost of the tech create a divide? 00:29:40
  • What is the optimal amount of stim for an average human? 00:30:50
  • Can this training be harmful? 00:31:35
  • Curing a hangover with Halo 00:32:45
  • What’s going on with electricity in the brain? 00:33:30
  • Why the Soviets were ahead in this science 00:37:20
  • The study that showed AC memory improvement 00:40:20
  • Don’t do brain surgery on yourself 00:41:40
  • Personalization of the stimulation 00:43:30
  • Neuroscience and music 00:49:10
  • Neuroscience and golf 00:51:20
  • How brain stim affects muscle fatigue and endurance 00:52:20
  • Can kids and young adults use Halo? 00:58:35
  • How about seniors? 01:00:20

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