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On this episode of Bulletproof Radio, we have carefully selected the best questions from Facebook, Twitter, and the Bulletproof® Forums for another awesome Q&A!  Thanks to you, the listener! Hear a thought-provoking conversation and gain a ton of useful knowledge in this episode about the art of biohacking, nutrition, and… well… kicking ass at life in general! Dave and Zak talk about supplements and how they affect the gut, what they feed their kids, how to be Bulletproof® on a budget, and why grass fed butter is way better for you than raw crème in your Bulletproof® Coffee (not to mention ten times cheaper too!). It’s been a while since the last Q&A, so please enjoy the show!

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What You’ll Hear

  •   0:06 – Cool fact of the day!
  •   1:56 – Introduction of Zak Garcia
  •   4:00 – Sleep hacking
  •   9:50 – Hacks for writers
  • 15:30 – New Unfair Advantage supplement
  • 17:00 – Biohacking Conference
  • 20:17 – Chicory
  • 25:50 – Tanning beds
  • 30:00 – Bulletproof® your kids
  • 38:50 – How to find inexpensive, grass-fed beef
  • 42:15 – Women and the Bulletproof® Diet
  • 47:50 – Butter vs. Raw Crème in Bulletproof® Coffee
  • 54:15 – Toxic black mold
  • 59:42 – Activated charcoal
  • 1:07:02 – Shout-outs


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The Bulletproof® Diet Book

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Grass Fed Beef

Dave’s blog about toxic mold

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Dave:             Today’s cool fact of the day is, when I was maybe 10 years old, I was the New Mexico Gold Panning State Champion. That’s right, I pulled three gold nuggets faster out of the pan than all the adults and I felt really good about myself but this is really about gold not about that.

It turns out you can be allergic to gold. A lot of people don’t notice in fact gold is often targeted as being hypoallergenic. My wife and I a few years ago ran a company that was radioactive white blood cell counting.  To look at white blood cell proliferation in response to things like gold or titanium and some people without having any antibodies will have an unexplained proliferation of white blood cells. In other words they get inflammations from certain metals. This is a problem if you have those metals in your mouth or in your joints, HAVA titanium screw mining for instance.

If things like that are jacking with your system it’s going to be weird. Don’t think you can’t be allergic to a metal that’s hypoallergenic. The other thing you might not know is that some companies when they are making implants or dental things they claim it’s free of a certain amount of metal because the regulation says if it’s less than 2% of a metal in something, it’s not there at all. If you are allergic to something and the new filling in your mouth is 2% that thing you may find odd symptoms happening. It turns out if your immune system is doing things you don’t like you ought to know about it.

You are listening to Bulletproof Executive Radio with me Dave Asprey and it’s been a little while since I’ve done a Q&A broadcast. This one of the favorite things that I get to do is just spend such a first thing because of the new Bulletproof Diet Book. I just finished the manuscript and sent it in. It’s been a huge relief and it’s time to do Q&A broadcast.

This week I’m joined by Zak who works for Bulletproof. Zak would you just share a little bit more about yourself with our listeners and talk a little bit more about how you got into Bio hacking and how you got to be bullet proof before we go to the Q&A. Just want you to introduce yourself to the people.

Zak:                Sure. My name is Zak Garcia. Actually I heard a broadcast with you, Dave. It’s been almost two years since that and what I decided to do in January of 2013 was just go full on from the Bulletproof lifestyle. It made such a huge impact on my life and my just day in performance and how I felt that I just got really passionate about Bulletproof. For me being a combat veteran and being in the Military I had experience PTSD symptoms and had been through the whole VA system with different pharmaceutical recommendations that didn’t seem to help. When I got my diet in alignment and I started using the heart math.

Things really came together for me as far as getting control of my anxiety and it was just transformative for me. I started tabbing the Bulletproof products and the Lifestyle to a lot of my friends and family and within a couple of months I started doing affiliate sales for you guys. Then you offered me a job. We’ve working together for over a year now.

Dave:             Zak lets be a little more honest, you stalked me until I hired you? Is that pretty accurate?

Zak:                That’s fair to say.

Dave:             By the way when you listen to this almost everyone on the Bulletproof team, we are a small scrappy distributed team but everyone was like I got into this, it rocked and I just wanted to do it. I’m glad you are on board Zak.

Zak:                Thanks.

Dave:             One of the things we do at Bulletproof is everyone gets some stuff every month for bio hacking. It’s just part of the high performance culture, just part of who we are. I know you are always doing crazy stuff as well. Before again to Q&A from the forum and all what are the some of the things that you’ve been hacking on yourself? What’s, it’s not all that just what I’m doing? What are other people who care about the stuff do? We didn’t script this out I have no idea what you are going to say.

Zak:                One of the things that’s always top of my end for me and my bio hacking is sleep. Everybody knows how important sleep is and talk about it a lot on the Bulletproof Exec blog. I use sleep cycle app which is just on your iPhone it’s I think $2. It’s not the most accurate data but it gives you a plan and how to track your sleep at least knowing what some of the changes are, what the effect is on your sleep quality. You can look at things over time and know what if I tweak my diet here or if I add honey like you recommended a couple of years ago on the blog and in the evening.

Then I can actually increase my sleep quality. I’ve got all this sleep tech in my bed around tracking with the sleep cycle app and the Beddit center. Then I use the …

Dave:             You’ve got the Beddit now?

Zak:                Yeah. I’ve got the bet it.

Dave:             I love that stuff and shout out to Beddit, B-E-D-D-I-T. I’ve got us abyss intrusive most detail sleep censor. If you turn on a geek mode you can get heart rate variability while you sleep all night long without having anything touching you and without having any lifeline to be. That’s amazing, good.

Zak:                That’s the pro version just so people know. One of the things is looking at your metrics and tracking the changes that are happening in your sleep and your sleep quality. Then it’s about tweaking and adding supplements and different things there can affect your sleep quality. Use the Bulletproof sleep induction system which is the psych mat which is really great for falling asleep faster. Then there are a lot of different things but one thing that I’ve noticed that has really increased my sleep quality is actually going to the floatation tank.

I’ve been doing this on a regular basis usually about every two weeks and on the nights after a float I see an increase in sleep quality in about 17%. For me that’s been like the biggest sleep pack. It’s also really helpful.  It switches that work life balance and just entering yourself.

Dave:             All right and here’s a question for you? When you float you are floating in magnesium sulfate based Epsom Salt. Are you sleeping better because you’ve got Epsom Salt or are you sleeping bio because you have like psychological relief?

Zak:                I definitely, it’s both because I’d use magnesium supplements like Natural Calm and seeing an increase in sleep quality from that. Absolutely the magnesium has an effect on that the biochemistry side of things but also just from a psychological and almost like Meta physical point. Going into the chamber and isolating yourself from not just your life and everything that’s going on emails and those things but depriving the sensory input … you are going into a tank that is the same temperature as your skin 98.6 degrees. There is no light, there is no sound and after about, for me about 30 minutes to 45 minutes I go into this higher state.

It’s similar to what we experience when we did 40s exam together and so it’s about hacking into that higher state of consciousness. When you are in that State you can really filter through a lot of the things in your life that you don’t necessarily have time to deal with on day to day basis. That allows me to really relax and I think that really improves my sleep quality as well as the magnesium.

Dave:             From where I sit I tend to think that anything that makes meditation deeper and more efficient and less time causes greater change. You can just do the lighter meditation for longer so floating absolutely works full tanks. Heart rate variability which you mentioned earlier works and all the things that make you meditate better including like the 40 years is in any neuron feedback, neuro optimal, all those things when you do them at least for me I sleep deeper for the next night, sometimes for month depending how big of the thing it is.

You mentioned years exam for people listening or probably haven’t heard about that. That’s an intensive seven day neuron feedback program that I run mostly CEO type clients through. You best just spend whole day every day hooked up to eight electrodes to teach your brain to do what advance and master would do. It has profound effects and I’ve been working on bringing the both routine through the training with me.  It’s an expensive long process but it provides one of the fastest like deepest things I’ve ever done. I’ve spent six weeks of my life hooked up to electrodes doing that training in a route to get more control of my brain and to be able to perform at the level where I think I’m capable of, I can do the most.

Thanks for the input and just for sharing with people Zak about the bio hacking you r are doing as part of the Bulletproof team. Just as a kickass guy.

Zak:                Absolutely and I’m curious to know what hacks you’ve been using. I know you’ve been writing the book a lot lately and point some more minors. I think it will be useful to tell people some of that really cool hacks that you use in your writing.

Dave:             I’ve been a little quieter on social media than normal. I’ve worked to get, I’m working for you actually on getting the post up so we can let people know the cool things happening. I haven’t been answering as much on twitter and all because I’ve been working on the book manuscript. It’s been a complete crazy time. I signed a book but I hadn’t planned on signing. I was probably going to self-publish. Rodale is going to be publishing the Bulletproof diet book towards the end of this year and you of course if you are email list, go to bulletproofdietbook.com and we’ll make sure you get all those special bonuses and whatever else.

If I’ve seen the book I’ll take care of you. Go to bulletbroofdietbook.com and we’ll make sure you get all those special bonuses and whatever else for purchasing the book called Healthy Carrier. It was a six week deal to write 70,000 words, a good thing I’ve been thinking about this for like 10 years and I had some of the things done, but I sat down and I cranked on this thing. Well travelling to New York and Chicago and Connecticut and a bunch of other road trips. I ended up pulling five all-nighters in a row, where I’d sleep basically between two and four hours a night. I’d use the bulletproof coffee.

For me as a writer in fact if you want we’ll link to this from the short notes. I gave a talk at transhumanism conference a couple of years ago called augmented authors tools for people who write. I used everything in that presentation. I had actually a nicotine patch which is something I used for cognitive enhancement for years or sometimes I’d use a lozenge. I don’t smoke. I’ve never really smoked. I’ve smoked a couple of cigars, but nicotine as a cognate enhancer specifically for writing rocks. What I do is I go to my sweet spot, I write from 11:00 PM until 5:00 Am that is when the words flow, I go into flow state and I’m like what just happened.

What I was doing is I’d write all day and handle some other business things, calls with the few and other people ion the team and see my kids. Then after dinner I’d have a bulletproof coffee at 9:00 is this bad for my circulation in rhythm? Absofricking really, totally bad, I down the red light, dim the lights so I’m writing at least so my body knows it’s night time, I plug in headphones, listen to music without a lot of words, and then I would take my stack of smart drugs. I’d take thienin which is an amino acid that relaxes you that amplifies caffeine nicely. I’ve been taking thienin with bulletproof coffee on an off for a while, you can mix it in the coffee, that is you just pop it though there’s no advantage like there’s no liversomal effect or something from blending it in.

Then the other thing I would do is I would take a stack of smart drugs. You all probably know I take Aniracetam and I’ve been quoted in Rolling Stone and Men’s Health and all kinds of things like that, about it. It’s only one of the Racetams. I was sucking Oxiracetam, Aniracetam, Infineta Systems all at the same time. Then I’m already dialed in and the words were just flowing. After about half hour I put on my CES machine this is Cerebral Electrical Stimulation. This is something I would just stick a little electrode to either side of my temple and run a current.

There’s some interesting studies around Gama and writing and known for a while that Gama say when I’m writing just completely transforms what I do. I put it at 57.5 harts why that because it was a harmonic for 2.5 harts which is a pretty interesting delta say. I have no idea that 57.5 is better than 56, but I actually tested some of the different things of there. For dreaming actually 47.5 seems sort of better. Well whatever for this 57 ½ just felt like the right one. I would run out for about 120 minutes about two hours of a very mild amount of current less than static electricity.

The words came, I delivered this thing it was a pre-negotiated about three days later than the original date, and I felt amazing. In fact I felt better than normal even during the day. I know that if I kept this up for a long time that that would really climb really in my health. The other thing I did is I took low dose cortisol during this time because I knew I was under biological stress. I was already jetlagged, I’d just spent a lot of time in New York I gave a speech in autism conference and gave a speech to a bunch of CEOs about increasing performance and I’m like burning the candle at both ends, but I don’t want to be at the cost for that any more than I have to. I got the book deal done, had the manuscript out, there’s still editing to do, I’m super soaked it’s got new Science, new reasons for bulletproof coffee in it, but I did this using my own stuff.

The other thing I do if I started to lag is I take a break and I actually increase my carbon take because during times of intense stress you need a few more carbs. The carb that I chose was Moji, which is pounded white rice, but it’s gluttonous white rice. I did that because heated and then cooled rice actually contains additional resistant starch. I took probiotics with it. As long as I’m not doing that stuff at night, I didn’t get any weight during this time, although I did get a little bit of information towards the end. I’d also do the whole body vibration platform, I’d put my feet up on the wall, do an L pose with my hands down hold it for a minute. I’m vibrating 30 times second, and my heads down so I’m getting more blood into my head but it’s just completely rejuvenating to that so I just felt amazing the whole time and I felt like I was getting almost passionate with the book.

That was kind of my little stack of performance enhancement, and I guess … I also did some laser kind of stuff on the back of my head, but that’s maybe another time these are medical cool lasers that increase nitric oxide and they increase blood flow and increase mitochondria. I also just trying to remember all the stuff I did. There’s a new supplement coming out called Unfair Advantage which is to the second most exciting thing that I’ve come across. The first one is actually bulletproof coffee, because when you get all that stuff dialed in with Bulletproof Coffee, it has been transformative for. When I look at Unfair Advantage I’m absolutely convinced like there would be world records broken on this stuff. It’s a mitochondrial enhancer, it has no herbs in it, it’s just basic biochemistry in a way that’s never been done before.

I’m super stocked it should be out in the next month or too, and I’m already custom making it for a few people in very high performance situation like professional poker tables and things like that. Where I custom formulate for people and it changed my book for sure and everyone I know who’s tried it with the exception of two people have said what is it I want more it works. That was my secret to get some as well. I did not take privilege over any book, because I just didn’t feel any …

Zak:                That’s awesome. That is a mouth full of biohacking advice right there. A lot of people in our community they come in and they’re like this is so cool. I want to get into this. Really it doesn’t take all of this knowledge of Chemistry to start biohacking, anybody can do it and you can just focus on your sleep as one place to start or changing your morning routine like adding bulletproof coffee or more fats in the morning and this is all biohacking. It’s something that anybody can do, we’ve got grandmas on our site talking about biohacking, like it’s literally for everybody.

Actually we should mention that the bulletproof biohacking conference is coming up. There’s a sale right now, a presale on tickets, so if you’re interested in biohacking and you want to know more about the different ways that you can get into it and look at some of the newest technology on biohacking that’s going to be available. It’s September between September 26th and 28th in Los Angeles, and you can go to bulletproofconference.com to get your tickets. I suggest you do it fast because they’ve been going like Hawk games and there’s a lot of people that are going to be involved and 8it’s going to be a really fun weekend, I’m looking forward to it for sure.

Dave:             Zak you have been around for the first bulletproof biohacking conference which was the first ever biohacking conference. It was about a year and a half ago. That one sold out for sure, we had about 100 people in, this one should be substantially bigger just because more people have heard about this. The thing that makes it different and the reason I put a lot of energy just personally into making it happen is that … Conferences are by the way not a particularly profitable thing to do, we broke even on the first one we’ll probably break even on this one. What it is, is it’s a way to bring a whole bunch of people together.

You can always like have a list of lectures kind of conference; this is actually hands on biohacking. Like we have a 20 foot tall custom built machine working with float genome project, in order to put you in a flow state. We’re talking like gluing sensors to yourself and experiences when instead of having to wonder about it and fantasize about it, like actually I plugged myself in and I found out that this sensor which is like 50 bucks, totally gave me something interesting maybe I want to try that. Maybe I just want to go like a connective scale and just graph my stuff.

There’s all kinds of different that you can do it, but experiencing it all as well as learning about it is the goal. Unless that you want to learn listen to the podcast, read the blog, like the knowledge is there, this is about meeting the people and touching the stuff.  That’s our passion in mind and I’m grateful that some of my big performances have come from experiencing and not just reading them. I’m stoked to do this. I’ve got some of the speakers I’ve got Steven Kotler and the Rise of Superman from the Flow Genome Project, [inaudible 19:09] and you’ll hear a lot from me and just a star cast of other people who are from the biohacking world. I wanted to put on about that on our projects here, but that’s going to be the coolest thing ever in LA.

Zak:                Awesome let’s get into the Q&A potion. We’ve got a bunch of questions from the community. If you guys don’t know check out the forums on bulletproofsed.com there are conversation happening every day. If you have questions that we can’t find answers to in the blog, go to the forums and ask them there is a bunch of biohacking people out there that would just … They love answering and talking about just the different things that they’ve tried and tweaking the bulletproof diet for different people because everybody is different. First of I want to get a shout out to Jason Huber our former manager, moderator I should say. He’s just awesome. This guy has so much passion and he’s needing help. That’s a great resource for people. First question comes from Kevin. He’s 39 years old and he says, “What do you think about chicory? Is it bulletproof or not?” There’s a follow up which is not related, but he also asks, “What’s your take on moderate tanning bed usage?”

Dave:             All right. If you smear the chicory all over your body before the tanning usage … Chicory is a source of inulin which is fermentable fiber. I’ve been doing a lot lately around gaga tree and fiber. In fact I’m wearing my [Uvinam 00:20:42] shirt. Uvinam by the way was at the first Bulletproof by hacking conference. This is a long time ago in terms of getting the genetic sequence of what’s in your gut. I can tell you some people on inulin feel like crap. They get brain fog. If they get gas. They don’t do well.

The resistance starts fraud and you’ve heard some amazing people from the resistance starch a forefront of research. People like Doctor Grace and people like Richard Nicolai and Tim have been on the podcast already. Now they will tell you if you can’t handle and you’re on this because your gut bacteria is bad. They may have a point there that maybe your gut is off.

However, what I’d say is you’ve got to try the stuff. If you tried it and you tried it for a week or two and you feel like crap all the time, you’ve got to your body. One interpretation is hey, there’s something off in your gut bacteria. I found that I tolerate some resistant starch. I don’t tolerate others. I think there’s great genetic diversity amongst people and amongst the stuff in your gut.

I wouldn’t say it’s bulletproof and not bulletproof. I did an experiment for instance about … I don’t know when, this last year or some time. I was getting more and more into looking what’s going on in the gut and I said all right, I’m going to take a source of FOS. I used, ad check, I used so much ad check extract which is essentially the same thing. It’s chicory when it comes to tip fermentable fiber.  I took that with a probiotic. I took it every morning with my Bulletproof coffee. Actually mixed it and get a sweet flavor. By the way it doesn’t taste that good. It was gross.

I’ve got to take one for the team. I think 10 pounds in a week. I don’t have fat pants anymore. I haven’t eaten fat pants in a long time. What’s going on here? There was actually going gross. I like cargo pants and I couldn’t put stuff in the pockets. It’s like there were bulges and they’re truly disgusting from my own perceptive as a formerly obese man. It took me about another week to lose the weight. I stopped doing this.

What happened there is what I predicted in my post, different probiotics cause you to gain weight and it turns out there’s fat people bacteria and there’s thin people bacteria. Depending on which bacteria you’re feeding, which ones are in your gut, which ones you’re feeding, bacteria can hijack your system and make you gain weight and it can also help you lose weight. If it works for you, take it. Take with the probiotic. Take with the right probiotic.

The probiotic that I’ve taken for more than 10 years is primal defense or primal defense ultra which is a soil based organism with a few other things in it. You can also take prescript assist which is another soil based organism. I actually take both. There’s another one you can take which is based on … It’s actually out of Canada. It’s called Advanced Orthomolecular Research. It has a unique form of clostridia in it, a healthy form of clostridia.

I started taken the AO stuff in 2008 and I took it for bacteria straight. I quit taking it because I ran out and it’s hard to get. It was actually Dr. Grace who got me from MO farm, who got me to re-experiment with taking it, but with a source of fermentable fiber. You may find when you take inulin, if you take a handful of probiotics; you get a different effect when you’re done. It’s not bulletproof. It’s not bulletproof. What is it? I don’t know, but it is a bio hacker you should experiment with and when you do it, just take your probiotics, feed the stuff and see what happens.

Zac:                Okay. It’s always about N equals one in the end, right? What works for you personally?

Dave:             It is and I can tell you some of the stuff and I’ve really worked hard on … there’s this site track recommendations from Free the Animal. I got high from the stuff. I got fat. I got brain fog from all of it and the counter arguments were Dave, your gut bacteria must be messed up, but my Uvinam results don’t show that it’s messed up. I don’t have any of the pathogenic ones from my doctor’s data, other gut pathogen test. I have a couple of things that I don’t particularly like, but they’re not considered pathogenic. It’s like who knows. After extensive stuff there, I think it’s going to come back to you.

You may tolerate some forms of resistance starch. You may never tolerate others. We don’t light it. It may be even based on the length of your collar, the diameter or something weird. There is a freedom school of puncture that says that. There was so much learning going on here, so much N equals one0. There’s so much data sharing. I encourage you to play with fermentable starches, but if they mess you up, you need to make some changes including switching to starch, switching the timing of the starts, switching to probiotic if you take with the starch and maybe having no starch for a couple of weeks to suppress levels, then getting it back in. It is a constant game and if you just do the bulletproof diet without any of the fermentable starches other than a little bit maybe in the evening, which is the time when I recommend having your starch anyway if you’re going to have starch. It seems to work pretty darn well and reliably and that’s what I stick with unless I’m aching.

Zac:                Awesome. The second question from Kevin was about tanning beds. Quickly what’s your take on tanning beds?

Dave:             There’s a real usefulness for tanning beds and there’s something called vitamin D sulfate which only comes from UV exposure in the skin. You can take vitamin D which I recommend doing. If you don’t get the sulfate form with it from the exposure to UV, you’re not getting all the benefits you could get. A tanning bed is a way to do that. I have my own vertical tanning bed which is designed to get some UVA and some UVB. I don’t use it as often as I’d like because it takes 10 or 15 minutes, however long the time around the thing is and yon have to wear those little red glasses to make you look like a bug.

For me 15 minutes, I want to something useful at that time, but I use it sometimes just in order to get my levels up during winter, probably once a week. I probably use it three times a week in the morning. Yeah, it’s a good idea. On the downside, you’re typically getting some increased, actually pretty heavy duty exposure VNF from most of them, but it’s relatively short time if your time is messed up, that’s good. Short answer, thumbs up.

There are different wavelengths you can get from different tanning beds. You want to do your research about if you’re going to facility or which ones didn’t have. The one I use … I also use a ruby LED light because I want more qualities synthesis on my face. Instead of d patch using marijuana glow wide for that that I bought off eBay for 40 bucks. It’s this big panel of super bright red LEDS. I’ll put them in front of my face instead of the UV.

Zac:                Nice and for those of you that are interested in light hacking and all that Steve Fowkes, there was a two part broadcast that he did with Dave about a month and a half ago that was awesome. The second part was all about hacking light. It’s a really interesting stuff and when we talk about hacking your sleep, he talked about using red lights in the evening and red lights in the morning when you wake up as a way to bracket your core resolve. I found that that actually really helped with my sleep quality as well, just adding the morning element of that red into … the same thing, you can get these LED lights that plug into your normal lights socket on Amazon for six bucks.

You can change the color. You can change the intensity. I recommend getting one that’s probably 5 Watts or more so that you can always dial it down, but you want to have the higher power almost. I also recommend using red light or low blue light in the evening if you have kids because getting them ready … Their bodies ready for sleep as opposed to just going from the fluorescent lights straight into sleep mode.

Maybe they’re having a hard time falling asleep. This is just little hack that you can you use. I have a six year old son and in the evening it’s low blue lights for at least an hour before he goes to bed and red lights. Since I have done that, I have noticed that he falls asleep faster without a doubt.

Dave:             As a parent I’ve got a four year old and a seven year old, same thing. We just … After about four years of renting a relatively small house, we finally got in a position to buy a house. We’re in the middle of remodeling our place and I’m actually going to put some videos up about some of the hacks of the house. They will be coming out over the next couple of months here. Each bathroom, I put a red LED light in the bubble shower which is on switch.

When you wake up in the morning which is one of the times we’re on red light, you literally turn on the red light. It’s not one of the T-lamps although those would work. Now what you’re getting like an red light and it’s me because last night was the first night we spent in the new house. Anna was having a hard time going to sleep. We actually room charged being like a hot sling right in here. We put it in the shower. We went and softened her red light and she went back to sleep even though it was a brand new house.

It’s become a part of our bedtime. We’ve always had the amber lights for a long time, but switching to red has made the difference. It’s softer. It makes kids want to sleep and at bed time it’s like a tweaky, make furry sounds. If you have kids, you know what I’m talking about. Red lights are the cure.

Zac:                That’s actually a good segue into a question that we got from Jared who wants to know what does … he says a week of Bulletproof feeding looks like for your kids but may be you can just go through a normal day of what you feed your kids. Are they fully Bulletproof? How does that work in your house?

Dave:             This is what happens. A typical breakfast with the kids would be a soft semi side up eggs cooked in Deo butter or frostbit salmon and they may have some vegetable with that. They usually do and they are going to good till lunch. They don’t actually want snacks.  Their school where a lot of their poor little kids have a green apple for breakfast and then they start just freaking out at around 10:00. They have a snack and it’s the kids are like I guess we need a snack but we are not hungry. That’s what they do.

Around lunchtime we usually have a soup made of the Bulletproof style which is a tone of vegetables blended with some butter. It looked at Brain Octane oil. Sometimes polygyny and most often grass fed lamb aggressive beef, just ground beef or either like light you cook it in a pan. Or depending for the recipe of the soup you just boil the Nest rolls in some water and then you add the meat, raw meat into the water.

Zak:                Oh no, it’s not browned?

Dave:             It doesn’t have to be brown it got cooked by the hot water and meat that’s cooked in water is actually healthier for me than actually browned any way. We’ll do that maybe I will do the baking grease to it from some of the baking we’ve carried at home and with it … Smurf of course at Regan that was a big favor at Rosemary and things like that. What you get is a big hardy ball soup, you blend it. Sometimes you don’t blends it. Other times don’t blend the meat. The meat doesn’t have to be blended.

What they are getting is probably four servings of vegetables way more than kids would normal eat. They are getting moderate protein and high fat. Now they haven’t had a lot of carbs at all. They may want a snack in the afternoon which would be often times brighter on Mary’s Gone Crackers and they are getting a little bit of carb there. That’s fine kids need carbs. You shouldn’t have zero carb kids unless they have something like epilepsy or really severe migraines or yeast problems. There’s times when you want them to have low carbs for periods of time but if you are grown kid you needs some carb.

There’s nothing wrong with that so they get some then. I do tend to put carbs in the evening because it helps them sleep better at night. It’s very unusual for them to wake up at night. They go to sleep, they stay a sleep, they’ll sleep 10 hours of sleep, 11 hour, 12 hours consistently and wake up feeling refreshed and happy and just stable and focused. It’s amazing. They have their tantrums they are few and far between and it just feels like they are happy with their energy. Around dinner time it’s going to be a salad, the dressing is usually avocado’s. Maybe a little bit of olive oil, maybe a few soft cashews blended into the dressing, maybe some olives. The salad is a little bit of Lentis butt use your cucumber, savvy, some raw carrots things like that.

Then our meat dish, it’s going to be smoked, of course not smoked. It would be sake salmon, we cook it or lamb from our friend Judy down the street or beef from across the street which is really nice because I love an area with this amazing quality of food. Sometimes time would have rice with that or have sweet potato fries with them of course there are some backed fries and of course there’s butter on everything. With that the kids are totally satisfied and sometimes as a special treat probably every other night there’s some others if you don’t have rice after dinner they’ll have a little bit of that Mochi which is cooked in a waffle maker.

At least you get, there’s a half of a waffle, like what Dave you just did starch. Yeah. It’s one of the clean sources of starch. It’s not that much starch, if you are looking at one whole pack of that stuff it’s about 160 grams of starch so a quarter that’s about  40. They are getting between 20 grams and 40 grams of rice when they do that which is a starch I should say not rice. That’s good. They need to feed their gut bile and its works. They feel great, they are lean, they are strong and they are very dense. When you pick up a typical child their height and their fitness I swear it’s like they are made out of hollow or something. If you, wow! Sorry and then I’ve got to pick up like there’s bum nuts either comes from the K2.

It’s very noticeable, other people comment on that, like, “Why are your kids so heavy. It’s like they have lead in their shoes.” I think that’s actually a sign of biology of late. I’m pretty sure.

Zak:                That’s awesome and quick note on the Mochi waffles. This is amazing if you had not tried this you can usually find Mochi at whole foods or your natural foods place. It’s not the ice cream, if you go in there and ask them for Mochi they are going to send you to the ice cream out. It’s usually in a real packet, blue is like the regular flavor and it’s like a hard basically packed rice. You take this, you cut it into like four pieces and you can throw then on a waffle iron. It looks exactly like a waffle and you put butter and salt on it or you can put some honey on it with some cinnamon and it is amazing. It tastes great and it’s a great way to do a carb reefed.

Dave:             if you do it for breakfast it will mess you up. Breakfast is a fat and protein or just fat time but I find giving it to the kids in the evening, they do get a blood sugar spike especially if you put honey on it. They will be like ah, for about 20 minutes and then they come down and then they sleep really well. On the same way if I have some of that at night and it’s okay, I’ve had zero starch and zero carbs as in broccoli carbs which basically don’t count and then none of that till dinner. I’ve gone through first I did the night before there was fast then I had Bulletproof coffee for breakfast. Then I had some lunch with protein and fat and lots of veggies, dinner with protein fat and lots of veggies.

If I have 30 grams or 50 grams or even 100 grams of carbs that are clean as in white rice which is what Mochi is made out of. I sleep fine, I don’t get gas, I don’t get brain fog, I don’t have any swelling and basically I’m fine. If I do that on the day I work out its better. I don’t do that every night but I do a small amount of carbs many nights because I’m still under my 25 grams of fruit dose a day and under 75 grams of carbs every day. As long as I’m doing Brain Octane in my both coffee in the morning, I totally can get my blood key tone levels up. I’ve got a blood key tone level; I can go from 0.1 to 0.7 in about 45 minutes.

In fact Zak you watched me do this at your house. We had tones of sushi like stupid amounts of white rice the night before but there’s no way I’m going to be able to go into ketosis. You drink the coffee then we put extra Brain Octane in there boom level 0.7 which is the first level where you are when you enter a safe mold nutritional ketosis within what 12 hours of having much of sushi.

Zak:                Yap. For those of you out there interested in checking your key tone levels you can get these sticks on Amazon for maybe $5 or $10 and get a pack of 1000 of them that you pee on that can give you some data on your key pads and gear end. If you want to take it to the next step and really figure out what your key tones are in your blood you can get this, the one that you use and I have is like precision extra. It’s the brand on Amazon. We’ll put a link to it in the show notes. It’s a little about $30 for the blood glucose meter and then the sticks themselves, the key tones ones are really expensive. They are like $5 a piece but the blood glucose ones are cheaper.

Having experimenting with that this week as well and checking my key tone levels in the entire blood and finding my own personal level of, okay, how does it feel when the meter is telling me, I’m getting that feedback and it’s showing yes you are in ketosis now I’m paying attention to how I feel. I don’t always need the, to spend $5 every time I want to check my key tone levels. That’s like a b8ig part of bio hacking is paying attention and using some of these tools for feedback that gives you an understanding and then correlating that to how you feel.  Then you don’t need those tools as much after that because you just have an understanding of what your body feels like when Joe sticks.

Dave:             We have on board sensors for everything and they are just totally unlabeled. Once you use this technology for the label on it, it seems harder. What does it feel like when your fight or flight response triggers and what does it feel like to turn it off? I don’t know but meditate for 20 years and you’ll figure it out or you can just have a sensor that turns red when it happens and turns green if you don’t do it. All of a sudden it just takes years and a lot of struggle out and I’m not about struggling, I’m about just getting it down and moving on to the next good thing. I know maybe it’s institutionalized ADD meditation.

Zak:                It’s a good point and you touched on something when we were talking about food that I think is worth mentioning. A lot of people in our forums and on Facebook and stuff they say well eating Bulletproof is really expensive and grass fed beef is expensive. I just want to point out to people out there that you can usually find a really good source of high quality grass fed beef in your local area by finding a farm that understands the importance of feeding these cows grass. If you go in with some of your friends or fami8ly or even just a quarter of a cow you can get enough meat for potentially a whole entire year.

You get one of these deep freezers from [Cambio 00:39:25] or something you put in your garage and you store your meat. You are going to pay on average less than $4 a pound for high quality grass fed beef. You can use that every day and save money as opposed to going out and buying premade meals and all that. Part of living a Bulletproof lifestyle is around optimizing the source of your food and it’s not always as expensive as it seems on the face of things. Yeah, you can go into Allfoods and pay $20 a pound for a rib eye that’s grass fed or you can go this route and buy it in bulk and reduce the cost. There’s always an answer I just want to encourage people to go to the forums because all of this stuff is laid out by people that have been doing this for a while now in the forums and there’s a lot of conversations around how to save money and how to do it on a budget and there’s answers out there.

Dave:             In fact there’s a bulletproofexect.com/beef I think that’s the URL, we put it on short notes. We have a link to Glenn Elzinga who’s been on the show and his extra fatty ground beef has intake 550 a pound, you can order 50 pounds of ground beef. It’ll magically ride frozen in pound packages to get split it in half. You can get half of pound of beef available like that you’ve got a very nice super high quality protein source that amazingly delicious. You’re talking less than a cost of a latte at Starbucks.

Zak:                There’s a place here I’ve been worried, and there’s a local place that sells this ground beef, it’s grass fed and its 70% ground beef, it’s 20% heart and 10% liver, maybe it’s 10% liver. You’re getting your organs meats but it’s like mixed in with the ground beef and what a great way, it tastes like normal, you really can’t tell the difference.

Dave:             You’re actually eating dog foods.

Zak:                That’s fine, but there are a lot of people who know that organ meats are really good for you, but who wants to sit there and chew on liver. Like you have a liver smoothly I’ve never tried that and I don’t think I will, but I would still would like to get organ meats into my diet, so that’s like another easy way to do that.

Dave:             I can say desiccated liver capsules are the way to go; it’s so much tastier than raw livers meat.

Zak:                Yeah and in fact we’ve talked about this and there are some good brands out there we’ll out in the show notes that you can just find on Amazon that use grass feed liver and all that for the parts. Okay so back to the questions, here’s a good one from one of our forum members who goes under the name Mutiny. She asks can you talk a bit more depth about women and the bulletproof diet specifically intermittent fasting supplementation and exercise.

Dave:             This is something really near and dear to me, I mean I’m married to a woman who happens to be a physician as well. I wrote a post a while back about intermittent fasting and women. Most of the intermittent fasten really out there is kind of dudes and they’re like gym dudes, right. There’s a lot of bro culture there, and that’s all well and good and there’s a lot of innovation there around just plain intermittent fasting. I found in my own case if I’m only going to sleep for a few hours and I have a full day of work when I have to focus, where like intense career and intense speed to add. When I would do intermittent fasten I would crush around noon, and it wasn’t like I’m disabled crush, it was just like I lost my edge, like I want to be in the zone.

I have deals to do, I have meetings to attend I have people to take care of and I don’t want to feel this way. I noticed from my own adrenaline stuff I needed more sleep if I was going to do that. When I would go and I’d do the bulletproof intermittent fasting protocol where you have the fat for energy, I felt way better. Then I would hear from women online and this is a common complaint, during their own fasting they don’t get the same results as guys. From an adrenaline perspective having an energy source in the morning seems to work better with its hormones.

I’ve had several conversations with Sarah Godfrey who also become on the podcast who’s become a good friend. She’s author of the hormone cure which is a book for women mostly over 40, if you’re in that category you totally should read her book about hormone gain. Increasing fat in the morning really helps, that said when I work with female clients if they go on a zero carb diet fit almost always breaks their sleep first and then they just kind of lose their edge. I think women are more … They need carbohydrates more than men and there’s some evidence of that especially at different times of the month.

The bulletproof protocols for women recommend twice a week having a carb reefed in the evening especially. When you do that it really changes the way your adrenaline respond to it, but if you’re a woman doing plenty intermittent fasting you’re at relatively high risk of adrenaline burnout. You need a lot of extra sleep the amount you take adrenaline supplements and I don’t see a reason for falling out of protocol. You should try it with fat in the morning, just fat and then you want to look at when and how you feed. Some women we have a half of cup of rice overnight, and that’s win you’re still way low on it and if you’re talking brain octane oil you’re still able to make key tones.

Zak you know because you’ve got a blend meter, you can see if you take the oil you get key tones tads even in the presence of carbs, you don’t get a huge sort of key tones for your brain to be happy. Really the bulletproof diet end of the day is about making your brain happy, energized and focused and your body weight will follow when your brain works well. That’s kind of middle, front and center for me for a long time.

Zak:                I’d add to that with human fasting carb for women. A lot of people on the bulletproof came out of the women that are doing this biohacking stuff and we talked about it on a weekly basis. They have said that having the bulletproof coffee in the morning with no other food and with no protein and with no carbs, they usually don’t last as long with the hunger cravings, the food cravings are turned off, but around 11:00 or 12:00 they start to get hungry again. When we start experimenting with some different ideas on our team, a lot of the women that we spoke to said “Wow, just adding about four table spoons of the Collagen protein which is like 28grams of protein.”

When they add that into their bulletproof coffee it extends that to 2:00, 3:00 PM which normally it seems to like naturally happen to about 2:00 you don’t get hungry. What I have seen and what we’ve seen on our team is that adding the Collagen protein in the morning to the bulletproof hot coffee can actually help extent that intermittent fasting. You’re technically still getting protein and so you’re able to get key tones and let the brain octane but also give you that sustained energy and throwing the food cravings off.

Dave:             It’s interesting I have seen that as well for women. Some women just need protein more and not all of them; it’s very much you need to test this. For most men when they add protein including Collagen they’re going to be hungry in 32 hours. For women, if especially they’re lacking resistant they have a little weight to lose or they’re just that way adding protein makes them last longer, I would bet but I don’t have a study about this. That if you take protein in the morning if it makes you last longer you probably had beginnings that are left in resistance going on, and left in resistance as you may if you listen to this a lot is a precursor to insulin resistance. It’s fascinating and it’s highly variable.

The reason that you use say Collagen protein is what most of us don’t have enough Collagen protein. Collagen protein is very in glycine and its low and defined within the system. It also is free of Casein, and if you take Casein which is one of the reason I don’t recommend using like Rob cream or milk or half and half or any of those things that have more taste in them. If you mix those in the coffee what they do is they bind the Collagens. These are some of the antitoxins in the coffee that are particularly important for you. You don’t get all the benefits of the antitoxins in coffee or the tea, and we originally discovered this looking at British, different milk different tea and they don’t get the cancer protective effects they do expect because milk is inactivating the polyphenols in the tea.

With coffee one of the reasons I switched the butter when I was doing this research earlier, one of the reasons I recommended tea is even better from a health perspective but not as good from a taste perspective in coffee. Is that tea is 100% free of Casein, and cultured butter has less Casein that cream, plus see if you’re putting Rob Cream in your coffee, there’s this really basic thing. You send 10 dollars for a little thing of Rob cream; when you put it in hot coffee it’s not raw anymore just about. I kind of laugh when people are like “I put Rob Cream in my coffee,” I’m like “Go buy none Rob Cream and put it in your coffee, if you want cream, but you’re not going to get all the coffee benefits.” Use the grass fed butter and recreate the small droplets of fat that are particularly that’s why you blend it instead leaving a stick of butter at the snickers bar. It turns out the size of the structure really matters.

Zak:                Yeah and also another distinction to make it, when we say adding protein to your bulletproof coffee, the collagen protein that we sell is actually heat stable. But if you used out way or any other way proteins it’ll denature the proteins in the hot coffee and also even by blending can affect the proteins as well. Make sure if you’re going to put in your hot coffee it’s better to use the collagen just because …

Dave:             Working an egg, if you just two proteins crack a couple of eggs in there and it tastes just fine.

Zak:                Yeah.

Dave:             You’re totally right I feel bad. I went to a lot of trouble with the protein, its grass feed low temperature process way and 20% of it is colostrum which is basically mothers milk. It’s a very high end thing and to take that and just out it in hot water, you’re like “All that colostrum and all the economic resources that went into milking the cows and extracting all these bioactive peptides and then they just jack them all up like that.” Please if you want protein in the morning from way drink the way protein cold, don’t even over blend it, blend it gently.

Then drink your coffee or do it vice versa, but you’re better off to space than have absorb the coffee first and then of the way. I don’t think way and coffee really go together in a beverage you’re not going to get the most you get out of either one. If you’re the one to put them together, freeze the coffee into ice cubes, make a smoothie out of that and then add the way in and I’ve done that quite a bit. It’s more work but you’re still probably going to probably activate some of the absorption of the coffee compounds that you could get.

Zak:                Awesome and so just to follow up with Newtanies question about women, we talked about intermittent fasting. What do you think are the most important supplements for women specifically to start with and then exercise? Do you have any different recommendations for women around supplementation and exercise?

Dave:             Vitamin D3, vitamin K2 and clear oil are particularly important for women. There’s bump density issues there, but clear oil tends to help with the monthly cycle. In fact some people are marketing clear oil specifically for PMS and things like that. Getting those things in is going to be really important and that matters whether or not you’re at the age of fertility or not. If you’re looking to have children or you’re still in a phase of life where you don’t have any fat oil. Having those things should you get pregnant is only going to help the outcome. The other two supplements that would be really important Collagen, as more as a protein source than actually an intrusion supplement because it’s actually a food and not a supplement.

Collagen is amazing for skin and hair, even if you want to grow healthy connective tissues with any sort including say the scaffolding for your bones, you’ve got to have raw materials for it. I find that women in particular love the Collagen. Serrapeptase is another one but it’s fantastic and Serrapeptase comes from silk worms. It’s a proteolytic enzyme. You take it on for your stomach. I do take mine before I go to bed. I am way more flexible than I should be for a 41 year old guy. I used not be able to touch my toes when I was kid. I don’t have the tissue regions. I’ve taken a lot of certain factors, but it can help with flexibility and help with recovery and any kind of injury whether it’s an internal injury or not. I think part of staying young is giving yourself enough paralytic enzymes to break down scar tissue and to help your body maintain and repair itself.

Zak:                Awesome an exercise for women, do you have different recommendation or like what’s your general … Maybe you can just talk generally what the bullet of recommendation is on exercise.

Dave:             The Body by Science Stuff from Doug McGuff is the most efficient I’ve come across and there just five, four exercises that are stimulating every muscle things like squats pushups pull ups. It’s 15 minutes once a week, and this is a must if you do that and you do some sprints, so for women this is fantastic but makes sure you have carbs after you work out, this is not an extreme low carb kind of thing, that isn’t meant to be an extreme low carbs diet, it matters when and what type you eat. If your idea of eating it’s kind of fried pie or something is your carb source or a role of pizza it’s not from work it’s what.

So be conscious of the type of carbs you use and when you use them, but if you do this you kind of have the exercise, my recommendation are same for women and men. On the daily workout plan to get an extra hour or two of sleep and eat a ton of food including fat, including protein and including carbs the night that you work out, that’s just good common sense and it’s been done by the weight lifting community that they usually use … Even going back into the 90s there’s no power replenish super Malta with extreme beverages. I wouldn’t say do that, your goal is to spike your insulin, but your goal is to improve your sleep quality by having enough carbs as in to your body.

Zak:                Here’s a question it’s been near and dear to you, it’s from John Dee, he’s 28 years old and he writes, ‘Dear Dave I along with my wife and my cat started having some weird symptoms in the past few months that include hair loss, congested nose, inflamed eyes, extremely dry skin, loss of appetite fatigue and anxiety. We discovered that toxic black mold was all over our new apartment. We moved, we got rid of all our stuff, and now we feel better but still quite sick. Could you recommend any supplements apart from gluten iron which they take to help us feel better after toxic exposure?’

Dave:             This is an increasing problem. We have increased the toxicity of the soil molds quite dramatically through some of our agricultural and practices which are fairly spraying around that on the soil which comes out more aggressive toxic levels. We’ve also even changed the genetic mutation rate of some of the soil molds. There’s an FAO report that says they think 25% of the world agricultural commodities are contaminated with toxic molds. The definition of contamination is subject to debate because different countries have different definition of it. We have this coming into our bodies from our food source, and you do that and then you start inhaling it.

Well we all know that inhaling is a little bit stronger than eating, when you inhale a toxic like mold and I’ve lived in a couple of houses that had this. It can set off a huge information storm and then a lot of people you don’t really get better without very specific protocols to turn on genes that were turned off. Now this is such a problem that I am out of my own pocket I’m funding a documentary about toxic mold in the environment. The house I just bought has lots of mold and I know because I tested the air and I got the numbers. I would tell you if you’re going to move in into an apartment, it doesn’t matter if it’s in a fancy apartment complex or it’s some other place you’re renting.

If you spend a fewer bucks on getting an ERMI analysis Environment Relative Mold Index. If the levels of spores inside the house are higher than they are outside the house, the house has a lot of damage. I’m a canary with this stuff because my immune system was seriously damaged by toxic molds. I can totally want to go into a place that has it because my brain doesn’t work very well, and it’s very predictable and I’ve tied it to the yeah … I’m not a lone there’s a huge number of people that have this, they just don’t know, like I feel not so good right now. I think I’ll go home get some extra sleep and feel like crap tomorrow. It feels random but it’s not.

What you can do when you’re exposed to this is get out and these people do the right thing including if you have a really bad one you should note to this get it tested. Then if it is one of the ones like [inaudible 57:02] who makes extremely fine particles, anything you have that’s forest maybe contaminated and if you keep doing that you’ll get sick. I still have papers in a sealed container and if I open that thing of papers from when I lived in a moldy house I get symptoms, my eyes swell up I start seasoning, I only live those outside because they have spores on them and there’s not much you can do about.

That may sound crazy? It’s not this stuff is well documented, it’s known in the mold or mediation industry. I ask people around who are affected by Hurricane Katrina. Their possessions get moldy and they don’t get unmold if they were made out of paper or card boards. What do you do personally? You bind the heck out of the toxins; a lot of mold toxins are very similar to colostrum. Actually I believe in some studies, the facts of cholesterol are infused with the effects of mold toxins, because mold toxins are structurally almost identical. If things that bind in cholesterol are eliminated, it can eliminate your toxins for mold as well once inhaled.

An example they would be active in charcoal cholestyramine or bed night clay. These are things even some sorts of fiber got modified so just packed in. These are all things, not all many of those things are used by the US military in their protocols for toxic molds exposure because it’s a recognized problem. What I recommend you do though, if you’ve been exposed, is there’s a video about a 45 video where I gave a whole lecture on this and the link to that show notes. There’s a lot in there for you, but you really owe it to yourself go through an a functional medicine doctor who has experience with toxic molds.

I want to turn myself back on and they’re going to ask you to do things like get your melozide stimulating hormone levels tested. There are things that are … VIP things that are pre-cursed or still left in, so what happens something very high up in your control system and often times it’s your pituitary gland. All of the control system in the body, your adrenals, your thighry, all this stuff gets broken because the mold attacks the pituitary. This probably where we’re going to get into in a time of about now, but you won’t see a toxic mold specialist. There are things you could do that turn on the genes that are going to stop the inflammation.

There are supplements you can take, but if you don’t do these things, your chances of getting back to your full levels of performance aren’t just high and it may take years. Avoid the fibromyalgia of the chronic fatigue, and these other neurodegenerative diseases that can come as a result of exposure to toxic molds. I’m glad they recognizing the sovereignty of the problem and then seeking out an expert and putting together a really detailed protocol. I would also recommend if you look at those on treatment, which is highly alternative but works wonders in case of the toxic mold.

Zak:                Awesome and really quickly you touched on activated charcoal as a way detox. People always ask well about that question or about that product is, how often you use it and then what is … If you take supplements in conjunction with that what do you recommend as far as spacing it out, how much time in between supplements? Are there certain vitamins or supplements that are okay to take with it? How often should you be taking activated charcoal every day?

Dave:             Got it. There is a variance in recommendations there. There’s one group of people who will tell you that activated charcoal of any sort and just so people know I manufacture the most fine activated charcoal that you can buy as nutritional supplement which is called upgraded coconut charcoal. What I’m talking about here is activated charcoal is a general class.  What differentiates its ability to bind toxins is the particle size. Different size particles have different affinities for different things and the finer particles have more surface area. When your particles have a total surface area and they have a negative charge they tend to attract positively charged molecules to them.

Proteins send out a positive charge and there are lots of studies that show in animals activated charcoal has an affinity for specifically mold toxins, some mold toxins not others. There’s very fine nuances between different toxins and all but as a general toxin binder it does attract those things and it’s used widely in agriculture to feed moldy food animals so that the animals die less often than you can sell them even though they store toxins under them. The problem is that one group of people will say, “Well if they do that they are going to bind to vitamins from the meat you ate or from the vegetables you are so you shouldn’t take it with food.”

There’s another group of people who will say, “Activated charcoal doesn’t have any evidence of binding to food because we use it all the time in animals and it doesn’t bind to their food.” Obviously it binds to something on others but the nutrition gets through.” My only experience having taken activated charcoal for more than 10 years on a regular basis is that I don’t appear nutritional deficiencies as a result of taking it. That said taking it every day may have nutritional deficiencies risks. I don’t believe that’s the case but I’ve seen people say that and it’s people I respect and certainly people who’ve made arguments that way.

What is the science there, the science is you are a bio hacker and you have to do what works. I do think that taking it on an empty stomach even on a daily basis there’s something to be safe with that because you are not going to bind to nutrients on an empty stomach. What I would like to do is I take two to for charcoal capsules on a daily basis and I tend to do that midafternoon mid-morning. Also if I’m going to go to a restaurant I’ll take it with the food, almost always.

These restaurants? They have lower standards of food than I do and I can usually feel it so something was old or they use the lower quality spice nips. They have a little bit of MSG. I can tell you I don’t know what’s always in there food but I can tell you on average if I take charcoal often I feel better afterwards. I don’t have a depth. I don’t want to have a depth I just want to feel good all the time. In my mind it’s a preventative thing. When I fly I take extra charcoal. If I had a long day or I’m pulling an all-nighter, I’ll take charcoal before bed. I take a lot of stuff before bed so I take charcoal a half an hour before that.

The reason is that and this is almost never talked about when you stay up really late or you have jet lag you are flying over time zones, it’s not just you that’s disturbed it’s your gut factory that it’s disturbed. When they get disturbed they make more toxins because your gut factory do things to help you. They also do things against you. If you can mop up the toxins from your gut factory you’ll be amazed like after a night of drinking or eating junk food take some charcoal before you go to sleep you wake up the next morning you feel better. Part of this is the toxin binding effects of what’s going on in the gut.

It’s a fascinating substance the downside of activated charcoal is constipation. If you are having the Kings fat baccarat version of disaster pants you should watch out for that. If you find that happening you are taking too much. Different people have very different notes of tolerance.  You need to drink extra water if you are take any toxin binder including extra fiber, including bed neck clay, including activated charcoal, even including like a cilium or for something like that.

Zak:                Awesome, so the key there is if you are eating food that are suspect that you are not quite sure on the source. If you are drinking alcohol absolutely that’s a good time to take activated charcoal and I know that for myself and for my friends whenever I go out and hangout like I bring the activated charcoal with me. I hand it out to people at like the bar or something and they are like, “What’s this guy handing out pills for,” but people always tell me like, “I did feel better the next day.” It does help.

Dave:             The bio chemistry there is pretty clear and I feel comfortable with this one. It’s been used for 10, 000 years. It’s an ionic substance, it’s been used by American Indians for digestive discomfort, you feel nausea, you have diarrhea, you have like really bad gas. As a matter of fact last night my seven year old had something foul coming out of her and before bed she got two capsules of activated charcoal and it was gone in the morning. It’s one of these things where like before I would reach for a pharmaceutical or something like that it’s coming to use for reducing blot in gas so it’s a mild way of addressing that.

Zak:                It’s actually what they give you in the hospital if you go in for poisoning, right?

Dave:             Yeah. It’s true. In fact any ER document when I first started using activated charcoal around my end I was using some of the time I was making a smoothie of just the good stuff and it makes like a cloud of lax and it sticks to everything. It’s terrible, it’s one of the reasons I finally went to the trouble of making capsules of the ultra-fine stuff goes to her and happened to ask and she’s like every ER doctor hates that because you pump into someone’s stomach like if they take too much [tyroll 01:05:49] or smoothing. It gets all over the floor and you can’t clean it because it’s so fine. It’s like they torture the new nurses in the ER room like, “Oh sorry someone threw up activated charcoal in that room.” Like that’s the room to clean. They are like, “No.”

It’s well known, absolutely.

Zak:                Awesome so we are coming up at the end of the show here and we’ve answered a lot of the questions from the community. There are more questions, we will continue to do these Q&As because it’s just a great way for people to get their answers for their questions directly from you. If you have questions that you want answered by Dave you can go to the blog we’ll put only questions on us where you can submit your questions. Also go to the forums, there’s always a great place there, we’ve said that several times but it’s true like there’s a group of people there spending the time every day there.

There are plenty of people that watch out and in fact let’s give some shout outs to some of these people that are really active in the forums and expressing gratitude for the time that they spent there helping the community. Some of the names are you can see the screen names and some of them are funny ACH85, Drumming Angelirio, Desk, Demon of Chauka, Gareth Keg, Gear Elkin, Nicka, Mariel, Wika,  Mutiny, Pizza Bagel, Zeek and Destroy, Infinis and Andy Bastian. Thank you to all of you for your dedication to being a part of this community and really helping others that are just coming into the Bulletproof lifestyle get their questions answered.

Also especially to Jay Snooper for moderating the forums and making sure that the people are efficiently getting their answers so thank you all of you guys.

Dave:             I really appreciate the forums. There’s more posts than I can read in a day. The volume there of knowledge and answers and sometimes I would jump in and like wow everything was answered and was answered right.  Well if there’s a discussion of a point like I didn’t know that point. There is some serious bio hackers hanging out there. Those guys you’ve just heard of and a bunch more. If you have a new question overall it’s a friendly place and one of the rules there is like you can tell someone they are wrong. No personal attacks and so we’ll ban people for that.

It’s totally fine to say I disagree with everything you said, that’s wrong as matter of fact that’s harmful and we’ll have the discussion. If you are like what you said was wrong, you are a flaming jack and you said this because I don’t know what other people would have said but you want to question someone’s motives for offering some free advice on a forum. There’s actually a really cool study that just came out. That said people who have an excessive amount of cynical distrust have a three times higher incidence of cognitive dementia when they are older.

The bottom line is there’s people in these forums who are there to help and if you are going to show up and crap on the party don’t be unkind to other people because that’s not how it works there. We do moderate that stuff and Jason thank you for keeping the peace and if I’m wrong tell me I’m wrong. I’ve been wrong before and I’ll be wrong again. I’m putting it out there because I’m just a manager. Thank all and thanks for listening.

Zak:                Awesome and as always got to Facebook click like. Go to iTunes give us a review and subscribe on You Tube because there’s new videos every week.

Dave:             Zak, hey thanks for sharing your bio hacking stuff as well. Totally appreciate you running this Q&A and we’ll talk soon.

Zak:                All right.

Dave:             Have you heard about our new Brain Octane oil? It goes far beyond upgraded MCT or any other coconut product for creating maximum cognition function. This is about 4% of what’s in coconut oil. It’s 18 times stronger than coconut oil and it’s what I put in my Bulletproof Coffee every single day. I use Upgraded Coffee Beans, Brain Octane Oil in my case I can take two tablespoons of it but a lot of people use much less than that. I put a couple of tablespoons of grass fed butter in there blend it and have an amazing day. If you haven’t felt the different between upgraded MCT and Brain Octane Oil you owe it to yourself to give it a shot.


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