Viral Comedian Ali Spagnola Says More Women Should Be Biohacking

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Ali Spagnola, a musician and performer known for her viral videos that give fans so much to laugh about, has a fabulous daily habit. Every morning, without fail, she makes Bulletproof Coffee while she calls her mom. Some days may be more chit-than-chat, though they talk regardless.

Two years ago, Spagnola moved to Los Angeles and proclaimed she’d be an online artist. She began with the goal of publishing one musical performance video online every Thursday. She hasn’t missed a day yet, and now posts twice a week. Her content includes livestreams of her performances as well as livestreams of her entire day. Spagnola commits to making art daily and professes that her love for creating and making people laugh reward her most.

Spagnola is also her own personal health guru. She loves Olympic lifting to the point where she’s sworn off cardio entirely. When she hits the gym, she heads straight for the big weights. To that end, Spagnola believes that finding the right answer to your health goal is a personal quest. “You really need to try things out until your body responds to figure out your own formula.”

If you didn’t guess, Spagnola is an ardent biohacker and believes there’s a place for women in what some people perceive to be a boys’ clubs. “Women are taught to absolutely avoid fat. I was living a life of only protein and carbs and eating a lot of carrots to get my vegetables in. But the belief that fat is bad for you is absolutely not true,” says Spagnola.

With a high-fat diet as her mainstay, Spagnola works all morning on her creative endeavors and works out in the afternoons. When it comes to what allows her to get through her days with all that vigor and zest, Spagnola tips her hat to Bulletproof Coffee.





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