13 Best Subreddits Every Biohacker Should Follow

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  • As the self-proclaimed “front page of the internet,” Reddit is packed with thriving communities for almost every interest, including biohacking.
  • These niche forums, or subreddits, are a boon for biohackers who want to upgrade their performance and connect with like-minded people.
  • Whether you want to talk about HIIT or the latest nootropics, check out the list below for the best subreddits to follow.


If Reddit is “the front page of the internet,” then its subreddits are the internet’s index. With over 1.2 million niche forums and counting,[ref url=”http://redditmetrics.com/history”] there’s a community for almost everyone — especially biohackers. Here’s a quick-and-dirty guide to the best subreddits to upgrade your biohacking game.

13 best subreddits for biohackers

1. r/Biohackers

Handful of supplements

This small-but-active subreddit is a great stop for general interest topics about hacking your performance. Share your daily supplement stack, talk about tech like the Oura Ring and Muse headband, and find related links to new and developing stories in the biohacking space.

2. r/Nootropics

Nootropics on table

Ashwagandha. Slow-release caffeine. Intense talk about the merits of black seed oil. You’ll find plenty of discussion about nootropics (aka smart drugs) and cognitive enhancement among this subreddit’s 156,600 readers. Start with the stickied post about nootropics and check out the related subreddits for supplement-specific forums. Not sure where to start? Check out Bulletproof’s list of the best nootropics to unlock your true brain, then do a deep-dive into this subreddit.

3. r/Longevity

Brain waves on screen

Want to live forever? This subreddit is dedicated to breaking news and research surrounding longevity, like startups trying to find a cure for aging and early stage research on cancer treatment. Spend some time with the extensive list of resources in the sidebar, and check out the top posts over the past month to get a bird’s-eye view of the latest headlines in anti-aging developments.

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4. r/Transhumanism

Closeup of DNA helix

Like r/Longevity and r/Biohackers, r/Transhumanism is interested in expanding one’s mental and physical capacity. But this subreddit has an important distinction: Transhumanism emphasizes the use of science and technology to change what it means to be human. Biohackers will appreciate the serious discussion among over 26,000 subscribers (or “thinkers”) about topics like essential transhumanist reading and the ethics of gene-editing.

5. r/Keto

Ketogenic foods on plate

The ketogenic diet is a high-fat, low-carb style of eating that causes your body to burn fat instead of glucose for energy. With over 868,800 subscribers, regular community support threads, and an extensive sidebar of useful links, this subreddit is your one-stop-shop for everything keto. Learn more about the ketogenic diet (and how to do it the Bulletproof way) with this beginner’s guide.

6. r/Nutrition

Woman preparing meal

With over 389,100 subscribers, r/Nutrition is the perfect space to geek out about food science with a diverse crowd. Every Friday, the subreddit features a dedicated thread for discussion about the latest news and research in nutrition science. Browse the related subreddits to view dedicated information about specific diets, supplements, and recipes.

7. r/EatCheapAndHealthy

Wholesome foods on table

Hacking your diet doesn’t have to cost a fortune. You’ll find tons of budget-friendly recipes and honest discussion. Recent notable threads include a hardcore discussion about the differences in quality between Trader Joe’s and Aldi and ideas for simple meals for people with disabilities. Just looking for recipes? You can filter the subreddit to only view relevant recipe threads. (Don’t miss other budget-friendly inspo on the Bulletproof recipe page, including easy and delicious ground beef recipes.)

8. r/IntermittentFasting

Intermittent fasting concept

Intermittent fasting (IF) and biohacking pair together like butter and coffee. The IF subreddit is packed with weekly discussion threads to connect with other people, progress posts, and interesting articles. Top posts from the past month include this inspiring post about a Redditor who lost 100 pounds in 11 months and this totally on-point comic about coffee’s ability to suppress your appetite.

9. r/Fitness

Running on treadmill

With over 6.6 million members, huge communities like r/Fitness can feel overwhelming — but they have a ton of value if you’re looking for additional resources and access to a thriving community. Biohackers looking for new workout inspo will appreciate Training Tuesdays, the subreddit’s weekly thread to discuss training programs and routines. Browse the workout routines commonly recommended by users on r/Fitness, or read this discussion about what happens when you eat too much protein.

10. r/HIIT

Man working out with dumbbells

High-intensity interval training (HIIT) is one of the most effective ways to benefit from exercise without spending tons of time at the gym, and r/HIIT is a valuable spot to learn new routines and talk about the latest HIIT science. Start with the subreddit’s sidebar, which includes links to a detailed beginner’s guide. Then, read this thread about the benefits of jump rope workouts, and browse this totally relatable thread about feeling torched after a HIIT workout.

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11. r/Meditation

Meditating concept

Meditation is one of the ultimate ways to hack your body and mind, and r/Meditation makes it easy to upgrade your practice. Check out the November Meditation Challenge, or browse the top posts of the past month for inspiring quotes and conversation (and a few meditation memes).

12. r/GetMotivated

Man climbing rock face

Biohacking is the ultimate form of self-improvement, but sometimes, you need an extra push to keep going. r/GetMotivated combines motivating images, stories, and resources so you can become a more productive and confident badass. Don’t miss the victory thread to share your accomplishments for the week (and root for other people, too).

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13. r/Psychology

Brain concept

Want to hack your brain? r/Psychology features discussions and links to scientific studies, but unlike other subreddits, submissions have to cite at least one peer-reviewed study. You can take a look at current and ongoing research and surveys in this weekly discussion thread, and check out the “Crossroads” section of the sidebar to find even more niche subreddits relating to behavior, psychotherapy, and scientific research.

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