EP 1146

1146. A Blueprint to Overhaul the American Food & Pharma Systems

Calley Means, a champion of food and lifestyle practices as medicine, joins the show to march onward on his war path to changing the incentives of modern health.

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In this Episode of The Human Upgrade™...

Today, Calley Means joins the show to march onward on his war path to changing the incentives of modern health. He’s a champion of food and lifestyle practices as medicine—and, in May of this year, he’s putting out a new book on the subject which we outline today, called Good Energy.

His sister, Dr. Casey Means, is the co-author of Good Energy. You know her from a past appearance on this show and as the founder of Levels so this mission really is a family affair in the best way possible.

Going from a food lobbyist to the other side of the fence, Calley is a deeply serious and dedicated champion for the people. But he brings much more to the table today than a polished delivery and a new book; he is also the co-founder of True Medicine, which works to connect tax-advantaged spending to healthy food and exercise.

It’s helped hundreds of thousands of people access affordable care by leveraging the convoluted systems currently in place to block them from doing so—no easy task.

In this conversation, Calley lays the foundation for our food culture as it stands today—bleak, corrupt, poisoned, sick, and getting sicker. We deconstruct the layers of federal agencies and historical precedent that have brought us to this point, and we’re direct in our suggestions (demands) on how to fix it.

And all the facts are laid bare. Dots are connected in broad daylight, on network television, and within the algorithms that power our social feeds. Our kids are at stake, and the only option is to take affirmative action on what we know is right.


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“Our children are being poisoned. There's nothing more criminal and shameful in America than that.”



Calley’s Inspirations & Metabolic Mission


Redefining the Meaning of Medicine 

  • Check out Upgrade Labs
  • Dave’s pain-to-purpose story
  • $7,000,000,000,000 incentivization to stay sick 
  • How government money is spent on ultra processed foods 
  • Intro to Calley’s lobbying work in Congress 


Is America a Viable Place To Raise Healthy Kids?


Meaningfully Changing Healthcare Incentives

  • USDA’s recommended added sugar allowance for babies
  • Robert F. Kennedy for President 
  • Explaining the Devil’s Bargain in play
  • Concerning ties between the NAACP and Ozempic 


Now What—How Does Society Make Positive Change?

  • Being empowered by the memory of his mother 
  • Focusing on metabolic habits as the core solution  
  • The important role of our mitochondria in all chronic health issues 
  • Short-hand list of ingredients to remove from your diet
  • Check out Upgrade Labs


The Media’s Role in Society’s False Narratives

  • Recognizing an assault on  the window of speech 
  • Media as a referee for the status quo
  • Dave’s Joe Rogan experience 
  • The rise of content censorship and what it means 
  • How social justice issues are weaponized to shut people up


Undoing the Damage of the Food Pyramid

  • Check out Danger Coffee
  • Processed food doesn’t have to be bad for you
  • Check out Zero Acre Farms
  • Beef protein derived from brown rice 
  • What are the incentives to make healthier food?
  • Free market vs. health freedom 
  • The role of robotics in unlocking healthier diets
  • Managing your own farm and food production 


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Good Energy: The Surprising Connection Between Metabolism and Limitless Health

Truemed: truemed.com

Enjoy the show!


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