Cut Your Cardio to 9 Minutes – CAR.O.L FIT AI – #615

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Learn how to hack your cardiovascular system with a personalized, high-intensity interval training bike that’s AI-powered.

In this episode of Bulletproof Radio, the conversation gets right into how to hack your cardiovascular system with a personalized, high-intensity interval training bike that’s AI-powered.

You’ll find out that when it comes to cardio, it’s not about duration, it’s about intensity. And if you’re thinking, “I already knew that,” you might not know that the minimum effective dose of cardio is actually 40 seconds. Not all at once and not every day. And with AI helping out, your whole workout can be done in less than 9 minutes. Now that’s awesome.

“That intensity provides a very potent stimulus to your body, which releases chemicals that lead to a fitter, leaner, smarter you,” says Ratna Singh.

My guests are Ratna and Ulrich Dempfle, both serial entrepreneurs with a broad scope of experience across consumer brand consultancy, health care and start-ups.

  • Ratna co-founded and currently is the CEO of CAR.O.L, Cardiovascular Optimization Logic, in London. She’s a microbiologist by training but instead has spent all of her professional career in advertising and management consultancy in the UK and the U.S. She was McKinsey & Company’s first entrepreneur-in-residence in Silicon Valley.
  • Ulrich co-founded and currently is the chief product officer and acting chief operating officer at CAR.O.L. He has experience in manufacturing and product development due to his mechanical engineering background. He’s led AI and machine learning initiatives and helped to develop the interactive exercise bike that is CAR.O.L.

Listen on to learn more about the science behind this “comically effective” cardio, how CAR.O.L fitness compares to training like HIIT and Tabata workouts, and why your cardiovascular health will thank you.

Enjoy the show!

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BPR-Cut Your Cardio to 9 Minutes – CAR.O.L FIT AI – #615


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Key Notes

  • Neither of the inventors comes from a fitness background 00:07:20
  • HIIT has been mis-sold 00:11:45
  • Where the AI part fits in 00:22:00
  • “The 40 seconds really hurt” 00:22:45
  • The government exercise guidelines are obsolete 00:26:45
  • Ulrich’s “comically effective” protocol 00:40:00
  • How HRV factors into CAR.O.L and HIIT 00:49:40
  • Bigger Ideas:
  • The minimum effective dose of cycling 00:04:40
  • What Dr. Niels Vollaard found out about HIIT 00:07:50
  • What your body does when you sprint 00:10:25
  • What is the role of the cooldown period? 00:16:15
  • Ejection fraction 00:19:00
  • The difference between HIIT and going for a walk 00:26:25
  • CAR.O.L and insulin sensitivity 00:33:50
  • Why Dave does CAR.O.L in a fasted state with caffeine 00:42:00
  • What real AI is used in CAR.O.L? 00:46:35

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