Build Your Career with 5 Keys of Emotional Intelligence – Caroline Stokes with Dave Asprey – #855

Mastering self-perception, self-expression, stress management, decision-making and interpersonal skills opens up more career opportunities.

In this episode of Bulletproof Radio, you’ll learn about the different kinds of emotional intelligence and how you can use them to catapult your career and your business

As a human capital entrepreneur, Caroline Stokes specializes in creating emotionally intelligent organizations, starting with leadership.

“I take a broader view and define people leaders as anyone who manages people in any capacity,” she says in her newest book, “Elephants Before Unicorns: Emotionally Intelligent HR Strategies To Save Your Company.” “No matter where you stand in your organization’s hierarchy, I challenge you to embrace the mantle of ‘leader.’ Own your influence. Find where you can do the most good and then do it with all your might.”

She’s an executive headhunter, certified executive coach, certified EQ.2.0 practitioner, and CEO of the Canadian company FORWARD. Caroline works with major companies throughout Canada and the U.S. on the need for talent to develop emotional intelligence and resilience in the face of technological advancements.

She blends recruiting and emotional intelligence strategies essential to helping companies identify and tackle elephants and acquire and retain key hires?those unicorns. We talk about how those strategies can help your company stand out, stay resilient, and drive growth.

“When we do executive search, the organizations will ignore those elephants in their organization because they want these really shiny, super smart, highly unobtainable unicorns to join them,” she says, “But they can’t because they haven’t reworked the systems within their organizations.”

In this episode, Caroline walks us through organizational obstacles, gives easy-to-implement advice, unpacks key emotional intelligence factor, and offers questions for reflection so you can unlock your team’s ability to hire the best candidates for the job.

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Follow Along with the Transcript

Build Your Career with 5 Keys of Emotional Intelligence – Caroline Stokes with Dave Asprey – #855


Book: Elephants Before Unicorns: Emotionally Intelligent HR Strategies to Save Your Company

Key Notes

  • Today’s episode is about EQ, emotional intelligence. And our guest is Caroline Stokes. – 00:18
  • Now speaking of EQ, can you define EQ? – 2:06
  • You talk about five categories of emotional intelligence. I want you to list those for us so that we understand it and then let’s get into what we can do, whether or not we’re in leadership. – 10:10
  • Everybody has emotional intelligence. You can throw anybody this assessment and they will do well in some areas and not do well in other areas. – 12:36
  • What I would encourage is, as a CEO, you bring forth that radical candor to your organization. – 17:17
  • You’ve got to lead with empathy. “I know how hard it is for you. You’ve got hurricanes coming in, you’re battening down the hatches, boarding up the windows. I know how hard it is for you.” And then you ask permission. You say, “Can I give you some advice on your presentation?”  – 21:01
  • There’s going to be a bit of irritation, frustration, or they’re not going to get it, but then everyone can coach each others to do it.  – 27:27
  • Elephants Before Unicorns. Why did you call it that?  – 30:25
  • People are only going to be retained if the environment will allow them to grow and thrive.  – 34:21
  • They then interview people and they blindly hire the wrong people because they haven’t brought the whole team to interview those people and to get all the feedback because that’s really necessary.  – 37:46
  • If the recruiter is able to be truly integrated with the organization and is able to echo and mirror and discuss the challenges in a very authentic way, then the candidates are going to really feel like there’s not an interview like an interrogation. – 40:52
  • The ones who really weren’t able to see the reality around them because they were living in their own fake world, but it’s very hard as a hiring manager to knit a spot the fake unicorn.  – 41:32

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