Think You Know Good Fats from Bad? 8 Oils to Avoid – Dr. Cate Shanahan with Dave Asprey – #713

Clearing up the confusion about how fats affect your health, what kinds of fats your body needs and why seed oils aren’t ever the right choice.

In this episode of Bulletproof Radio, I’ve invited Dr. Cate Shanahan back to the show to talk about good fats and bad fats. She’s going to explain what’s happening with our fat cells and why the kind of fat you consume matters so much to your metabolic health.

Trained in biochemistry and genetics, Dr. Cate has spent nearly two decades working as a physician and nutrition specialist. Her newest book, The Fatburn Fix: Boost Energy, End Hunger, and Lose Weight by Using Body Fat for Fuel, will take you on a uniquely informed nutrition journey focused on your own fat and the fats you consume.

Dr. Cate created previously developed a nutrition program for the LA Lakers that many NBA and professional sports teams adopted and still use today. She’s been featured on a documentary and docuseries and been interviewed by major media outlets, radio talk shows and popular podcasts.

She’s also the author of two previous books devoted to nutrition: Deep Nutrition: Why Your Genes Need Traditional Food and Food Rules: A Doctor’s Guide to Healthy Eating.

“We’ve been living in this giant experiment because we’ve started eating fats that we know are great for seeds instead of fats that are great for animals,” Dr. Cate says. “That’s a huge experiment. Anybody who says I’m promoting a fad diet, no. This is the opposite of the fad diet. It’s the antidote to this experimental fad diet that we’ve been on.”

Dr. Cate says the kind of fat that’s in our own bodies is the root of inflammation. She then offers up four of the best things you can do nutritionally to boost your own immunity and beat inflammation.

During this pandemic, you have to be aware of any inflammation in your body. If you’re living on sugar and bad oils, well, that’s just what coronavirus thrives on, she says. While many parts of the world are slowing returning to a new normal, Covid-19 hasn’t gone away. Dr. Cate and I also talk about how certain types of fats make people more susceptible to viruses and infections, and give you tips on how to stay healthy.

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Think You Know Good Fats from Bad? 8 Oils to Avoid – Dr. Cate Shanahan with Dave Asprey – #713

BookThe Fatburn Fix: Boost Energy, End Hunger, and Lose Weight by Using Body Fat for Fuel

Key Notes

  • “Vegetable oil is dumb.” – 1:12
  • Cate’s long interesting journey. – 2:00
  • Our body fat is actually the biggest organ in our body. – 7:49
  • They found that modern body fat is up to 30% polyunsaturated fatty acid. – 8:20
  • We’ve got to control inflammation in the body. One of the big things you do is the type of fat you eat. – 9:39
  • What happens with PUFAs in your body fat. – 11:01
  • Your odds of dying from all-cause mortality go up from low insulin more than high insulin. – 13:01
  • Everything we learned about nutrition is backwards. – 14:24
  • 50 years later, you have a nation that is unhealthy because we’re eating what we think is healthy fat. – 17:22
  • They make actually the same error that everyone else has been making which is, well, if instead of if some is good, more is better, if less is good, none is better. – 20:19
  • The four Pilars, every single diet can be contained within these broad categories. – 24:26
  • I’m not convinced that you can have healthy children for three generations if everyone has been vegan. – 27:28
  • There’s eight oils that you say in your new book that you’re saying these are the worst ones. These are also the ones that increase your risk of getting inflammatory conditions from COVID. – 34:14
  • It is wrong, and we’re lied to. This is what makes this whole issue political. – 37:18
  • What about soybean lecithin which is a fat and sunflower lecithin which is a fat? Are those bad too? – 40:38
  • Chefs are the original nutritionist. That’s why the nutrition is all about respecting chefs and respecting culinary in old-fashioned recipes. – 48:39

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