EP 1129

1129. The New Fountain of Youth: Plant-Based Stem Cells

Learn how plant based stem cell product, STEMREGEN, can help you embrace the benefit of stem cell technology for disease prevention and longevity without the high price tag or need for needles with the inventor, scientist and herbalist Christian Drapeau.

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In this Episode of The Human Upgrade™...

Imagine the benefits of stem cell regeneration without needles or a high cost. Today, I’m excited to introduce Christian Drapeau, inventor of a groundbreaking plant-based stem cell product for health and longevity.

Christian is more than a scientist; he’s a stem cell expert and herbalist, pioneering plant-based stem cell enhancers. Yes, plants and stem cells together! His background from McGill University and work at Stemtech International make him a leading voice in stem cell science.

His book, ‘Cracking the Stem Cell Code,’ reveals how our bodies use stem cells for repair, and his latest research shows how aquatic plants can boost stem cell production, like nature’s own fountain of youth.

We’ll explore how Christian’s journey in ancient herbalism led to innovative discoveries in stem cell enhancement and clarify the difference between traditional procedures and products like STEMREGEN.

Stay tuned for key answers: How do stem cells promote longer, healthier lives? What’s the truth about stem cells and cancer? When’s the best time to start using these products?

I’ll also share my personal routine for maximizing stem cell supplement effects. If you’re excited about affordable, effective health benefits, try STEMREGEN. Visit stemregen.co/dave to save 20% on your order.


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“If people start to support their stem cells, I think we'll have a different world.”



STEMREGEN: Understanding the Herbalism x Stem Cell Crossover

  • Plant-based stem cells vs. plant-based stem cell enhancers
  • Why eating stem cells is a bad idea
  • The risks of using STEMREGEN vs. using umbilical stem cells
  • How Christian transitioned from herbalism to stem cell research
  • Blue-green algae in stem gen and skepticism around toxins


Stem Cells & Longevity 101

  • Understanding stem cell procedures and STEMREGEN products
  • Why you should use your own cells vs. those of others
  • When to start using stem cells to prevent aging
  • Why stem cells are crucial for longevity


The Historical Context of Healing & Longevity with Plants

  • Using historical experience in plant stem cell research
  • How Ancient Chinese medicine principles can be used to understand stem cells
  • Dave’s experience working with high-level medical intuitives
  • Complexities of plant stem work: concentration, altitude, and extraction
  • Biohacking Conference


Affordability & Cancer Prevention with STEMREGEN


Preventing Kidney Stones & Lowering Your pH

  • How dangerous kidney problems can be to your health
  • How oxalates and toxins inhibit kidney function
  • How shamans in South America discovered this herb
  • Could Shanka piedra break up oxalates in other parts of the body?
  • A simple, holistic practice to lower your pH
  • How the keto diet can support stem cells


Dave’s Biohacking Stack for STEMREGEN Enhancement


Improving Mitochondrial Function & Measuring Age

  • The importance of good capillary circulation
  • Thoughts on aging clocks and telomere measurement technology
  • To get more details and save 20%, go to stemregen.co/dave


Dave Asprey’s NEW Book ‘Smarter Not Harder’ is out now: https://daveasprey.com/books 

Website: stemregen.co/dave

Instagram: @stemregen


Enjoy the show!


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