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1151. Hack Your Hunger: The Power of GLP-1 Probiotics Explained

In this eye-opening episode, Colleen Cutcliffe, Ph.D., reveals how your gut microbiome is a pivotal player in managing weight and cravings through GLP-1. Learn about the natural ways to enhance GLP-1 production with probiotics and polyphenols for improved blood sugar control and longevity.

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In this Episode of The Human Upgrade™...

Join Dave Asprey for a fascinating discussion with Colleen Cutcliffe, Ph.D., on leveraging the power of GLP-1 for natural weight management and overall well-being. Discover how probiotics can naturally stimulate GLP-1 production in the body, helping reduce food cravings and maintain a healthy gut lining. We delve into the differences between pharmaceuticals and natural probiotics, the importance of GLP-1 for longevity, and practical tips for optimizing your microbiome health. Whether you’re battling cravings or seeking to prevent diabetes and its associated risks, this episode sheds light on natural, effective strategies for a healthier life.


"Understanding and managing your body’s GLP-1 production can be a game-changer for your health."


(00:00:01) Introducing the Power of GLP-1 

  • How Dr. Colleen Cutcliffe introduces GLP-1 as a weight management too 
  • The connection between longevity and GLP-1 enhancements

(00:01:06) Natural Enhancement of GLP-1 with Probiotics 

  • Exploring probiotics’ role in GLP-1 stimulation 
  • How GLP-1 can help manage cravings naturally 


(00:04:41) The Microbiome’s Influence on GLP-1 

  • The surprising link between your gut flora and cravings 
  • Understanding how certain bacteria impact our eating habits

(00:16:00) Beyond Weight Loss: The Broad Benefits of GLP-1 

  • Discussing the full spectrum of health improvements from GLP-1 probiotics 
  • The underestimated influence of GLP-1 on overall health

(00:34:13) Diet’s Role in Supporting GLP-1 Probiotic Effectiveness 

  • Dietary changes to maximize the effects of GLP-1 probiotics 
  • The relationship between what we eat and how we metabolize

(00:42:23) Real Results with GLP-1 Probiotics 

  • Personal experiences with GLP-1 probiotics 
  • Real-life impacts and improved metabolic functions

(00:51:01) Selecting the Right Pendulum Product 

  • Understanding the range of Pendulum products 
  • Choosing the right probiotic formulation for your needs

(00:59:23) The Importance of a Healthy Gut Lining 

  • How GLP-1 probiotics contribute to a stronger intestinal barrier 
  • The connection between gut health and systemic inflammation

(01:03:56) Longevity and Disease Prevention Through GLP-1 

  • Delving into the connection between GLP-1 and longevity 
  • How managing GLP-1 can lead to a reduction in degenerative diseases 


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Enjoy the show!


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