Nutrition Goes Primal with Dr. Paul Saladino and Nora Gedgaudas – #860

Find out why animal foods contain most of the nutrients you need, and a plant-based diet is not the answer to your longevity.


You’ve been asking for experts who can talk about food that’s in line with the way we evolved as humans, so this episode brings together two guests who are experts on ancestral eating: Dr. Paul Saladino’s research on the carnivore diet, with Nora Gedgaudas decades of research on paleo and keto diets.

The conversation dives into the dangers of vegan and vegetarianism, why meat should be a core part of your diet, and how plants might be more harmful to eat than you think.

Both put chronic disease at the core of their research and have spent years of research and heart finding eating habits that give you the greatest quality of life.

Dr. Paul Saladino is a certified functional medicine practitioner who says yes to meat and no to plants. Dr. Saladino’s work promotes the use of science-based information to deeply understand the root causes of illness and provide individualized care that goes beyond traditional pharmacological treatments.

“Eat nose to tail with organ meats, with well-raised red meat and organs, and you will thrive,” Dr. Saladino says. “Plants hate us and if we ignore the fact that plants exist on a toxicity spectrum and make plant toxins, which are defended chemicals, we are abandoning a whole bunch of people who could get really well by eliminating the most toxic plants from their diet.”

Want to learn more from Dr. Saladino? Listen to two full podcasts with him and check out his book:

Nora Gedgaudus is an internationally keto and ancestrally based nutrition specialist and author. She combines extensive research with evolutionary physiology, biochemistry, metabolism, nutrition, and chronic and degenerative disease for mind-body health and longevity.

She’s created her own program called PRIMALGENIC, based on her 20 years of knowledge of ancestral and modern eating, and the paleo and keto diets.

“What’s incumbent upon us in the face of so many things we feel like we can’t control is to take control of what we can, be aware, understand as much of this as we can and find ways of strategizing our way around the system and develop that firsthand knowing of where your food comes from, as much as humanly possible,” Nora says. “And, educate yourself and take responsibility for as much as you possibly can.”

Want to learn more from Nora? Listen to two full podcasts with her and check out her books:

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Nutrition Goes Primal with Dr. Paul Saladino and Nora Gedgaudas – #860


Dr. Paul Saladino

Instagram: @paulsaladinomd
Twitter: @MdSaladino

Nora Gedgaudas

Instagram: @noragedgaudus
Twitter: @NoraGedgaudus

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