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1114. From Michelin Stars to Mental Clarity: The Nootropic Revolution

To discover Dan Freed’s journey from burned out chef to nootropics expert, we dive into the world of cognitive enhancement, explore supplement industry ethics, adapting our human biology to the modern world, and unlocking our potential with Thesis’ customizable nootropics.

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Coming to you live from Austin, Texas, I can’t wait for you to meet Dan Freed—a man who’s journeyed from the hot kitchen of high-end cooking to the frontier of brain improvement. Dan’s the founder and CEO of Thesis, a company that’s revolutionizing the way we think about our brain’s potential, and his journey is one of resilience and innovation.

Picture this… A kid struggling with focus throughout childhood, he drops out of high school and claws his way up in the ruthless restaurant industry to become a saucier in a three-star Michelin kitchen. But the real twist comes when Dan, grappling with burnout, stumbles upon cognitive performance supplements. This discovery didn’t just change his mental game, it transformed his entire life.

Fast forward through degrees from Yale and INSEAD, and you have the Dan that sits down for this interview—committed to helping others harness their brainpower to the fullest.

We get into the nitty gritty of nootropics and the supplement industry, talking about how Dan’s fight with burnout and learning challenges led to the birth of Thesis Nootropics. We share tips on adapting human biology to our modern world, discuss the thorny issues of regulation and quality in the supplement industry, and explain how Thesis uses a unique combined approach of customizing nootropics and expert support for their customers.

We round it all off with a look at the remarkable, results-driven formulas that Thesis offers, and how focus is the key to unlocking our greatest potential. Dan’s story is a living proof that sometimes, a couple of stumbles can lead to an incredible leap forward, thanks to some conscious action. That’s the kind of journey we all can learn something from.

“One of the greatest gifts that humans have at this stage of evolution is the ability to modulate our brain chemistry.”

Dan Freed


How Burnout & Learning Challenges Inspired Thesis Nootropics

  • Dan’s journey from getting expelled from preschool to getting a break as a chef
  • Experiencing burnout as a chef at a Michelin star restaurant
  • The impact of learning to focus had on Dan’s professional trajectory


Is Using Nootropics Cheating?

  • Who does (and doesn’t) need to use nootropics to focus


Tips for Adapting Human Biology to the Modern World

  • Thesis: takethesis.com and use code ASPREY for a discount
  • Dan’s favorite biohack for distancing himself from notifications and technology


How Thesis Is Customizing Nootropics

  • A data-driven formulation process for clients
  • Explaining the pharmaceutical clinical trial process


Tips for Supporting Your Body’s Homeostasis While Taking a Stimulant

  • What’s stunting innovation in the supplement space
  • How the pharma industry runs on IP and incentive structures
  • Stasis: takestasis.com and use code ASPREY for a discount


Dave Rings the Alarm on Formulating with Vitamin B6

  • Explaining the issue between the MTHFR mutation and B vitamins


Regulation & Quality Concerns in the Supplement Industry

  • Lion’s Mane—it’s benefits and problems in formulation
  • The importance of third party testing and Thesis’ process


Key Ingredients in Thesis’ Clarity & Logic Formulas That Drive Real Results

  • Benefits of the Clarity formula for focus
  • The difference in the Clarity and Logic formulas
  • How to know which nootropics you should be taking
  • What makes uridine helpful


Unlocking Your Potential through the Power of Focus

Enjoy the show!


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