Swapping Out Your Old Plasma Slows Aging & Alzheimer’s – Dr. David Haase with Dave Asprey – #708

Blood washing could be the new standard in longevity and change your Alzheimer’s risk. Here’s how.

In this episode of Bulletproof Radio, we’re honoring Alzheimer’s and Brain Awareness Month. My guest is the very curious physician, Dr. David Haase. He has a different perspective on Alzheimer’s prevention and treatment—he wants to be a saver of widsom.

He’s also a teacher, entrepreneur and innovator deeply committed to maximizing wellness for everyone, keeping longevity in mind.

He’s considered a Systems Medicine pioneer because of his approach to health and healing. He’s Vanderbilt- and Mayo Clinic-trained and double-board certified in Family Medicine and Integrative Holistic Medicine,

Dr. Haase integrates science, philosophy and data to reveal new possibilities for creating health, optimizing human performance, and reversing cognitive decline.

“I call Alzheimer’s the failure of our success,” Dr. Haase says. “We’ve actually done a good job of decreasing heart disease deaths and cancer deaths, and the end-of-stage or end-of-life chronic degenerative diseases and many other categories, but people are living longer, so that we’re actually having more opportunities to develop late stage Alzheimer’s disease.”

The exchange of blood plasma is showing the most promise in slowing cognitive decline. In a recent study, patients’ memory and executive function actually improved. Even more promising is that you can take action now–before any brain changes occur.

“The quality of your plasma reflects the quality of your living,” Dr. Haase says. “You can dramatically change your plasma here and today by the choices you make and the environment you place your body in.”

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Swapping Out Your Old Plasma Slows Aging & Alzheimer’s – Dr. David Haase with Dave Asprey – #708


Book: Curiosity Heals the Human: How to Solve “Unsolvable” Medical Challenges with Better Questions and Advanced Technologies 

Key Notes

  • Saying the word young blood gets people’s attention. – 6:23
  • Getting rid of the old plasma was tremendously beneficial in humans. – 11:17
  • Therapeutic plasma exchange. – 17:43
  • You should get your plasma from single donors, not these mixed donors. – 20:31
  • How expensive is getting plasmapheresis for the average person? – 24:09
  • This goes back to core of functional medicine. How do you create health? – 25:52
  • Just donating blood has survival benefit. – 31:49
  • Protein-degrading enzymes. – 34:03
  • Complex fibers that cause the growth of healthy bacteria in the gut, – 35:44
  • Does plasma in women different than plasma in men? – 39:58
  • Is the body turning on the proteins that are necessary to produce mitochondria? – 51:28
  • “When can I do broad scale transcriptomics?” – 55:04
  • Think of mitochondria as the mountain, and every assessment tool is literally an observer around the base of that mountain. – 58:21
  • Start where you are with what you have now. – 1:05:46

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