All the Ways Inflammation and DNA Affect Cardiovascular Health – Mansoor Mohammed, Ph.D. with Dave Asprey – #742

Mansoor Mohammed
Find out how foods you eat trigger inflammation in your body, influence your gene expression signature and compromise your cardiovascular health.

In this extended episode of Bulletproof Radio, I have a returning guest, medical genomics pioneer and molecular immunologist Mansoor Mohammed, Ph.D. He’s president and chief scientific officer of The DNA Company, based in Canada. He holds several patents in the general fields of molecular diagnostics and genomics research.

We’ll be talking about how your DNA affects your cardiovascular health. There are three major factors that form a triangle of cardiovascular disease, says Mansoor.

  • “The first thing that you need to know is that most cardiovascular disease does not start with the heart. It starts with the lining of the blood vessels.”
  • “Second, what are things in the blood that give rise to inflammation of that lining and do damage?”
  • “Third, how good is the body at controlling those things that get into the bloodstream that would otherwise be inflammatory? How good is your carb metabolism? Much of what we think of in macronutrientsit’s not about the fats.”

All three of these factors are underlined by one commonality: “Inflammation is pretty much the bedrock of most dysfunction in the body,” Mansoor says.

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Key Notes

  • Cardiovascular system, multigenetic, multifactorial context. So what do genetics have to do with cardiovascular risk – 2:07
  • How big of an influence is genetics versus, “Hey, you’re smoking and you’re drinking and you’re eating french fries. You’re inflamed.” How big of it is genetic? How much of it is lifestyle? – 4:14
  • This is the concept of complexity within simplicity, simplicity within complexity. Let’s apply this to cardiovascular disease and inflammation. There’s a triangulation. – 6:16
  • A, look at the health, the resilience of the endothelial lining. B, we look at what is getting into the bloodstream. – 8:18
  • Let’s start where we started the triangle. – 13:04
  • The more the number of Gs on the six G spectrum, the weaker your vascular endothelium. – 15:44
  • People with six Gs don’t want to get Lyme disease or don’t want to be exposed to black mold.- 20:51
  • Why do more females suffer from fibromyalgia? – 26:35
  • Look into the blood, and we’re going to start asking what is contributing to this person’s blood profile, i.e. the inflammatory index. – 27:38
  • It took just six days to change the gene expression of each of the volunteers. – 33:39
  • The adaption between insulin and glucose, there is a partnership there. – 35:40
  • When sugar gets in your blood and it goes through and it browns, like the way you brown an onion. It browns the lining of your arteries, – 37:48
  • Visualize what is happening in the cascade of events when you elevate your blood sugar. What are the blood sugars doing? 39:17
  • If you carry the T alleles, you are at a considerably increased risk of insulin resistance.- 40:56
  • You can get the damaging effects of insulin or the damaging effects of sugar. You’re actually going to get both if you have the T gene. – 43″38
  • I actually didn’t know this about the incidence of the different T and the CF7L2 gene, about how incredibly based on your history it is. – 54:38
  • One of their parents has the G and the T and the other one has a G and a T what are the likelihood that you’re going to end up  – 55:41
  • Antimicrobial peptides are awesome first-line defenses against viruses. – 01:01:03
  • You’re saying because your lining is an easy to scratch frying pan, don’t abuse your lining, okay? What does abusing your lining look like? – 01:06:29
  • Arterosil. – There’s an extract of that green seaweed that remarkably resembles the building blocks of the glycocalyx. – 01:14:18
  • I want our listeners to take a step back when we think of our cardiovascular system. And we think of it as just this somnambulant plumbing through the body. A, that’s not the case. Think for a moment that the things in your blood have vastly different inflammatory capacities – 01:15:54
  • Nothing inflammatory goes in when you’re fasting. So it’s the lack of bad stuff can do as much, or maybe even more, than the good stuff that happens when you fast.- 01:18:50

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