3 Things Happy People Do

Bulletproof recently conducted a “Feel Eat Live” survey to find out more about what people think of their health and lifestyle choices. The respondents included people who are already Bulletproof customers and people from the general population.

Some of the most compelling information revealed in the survey involves happiness. What makes people happy? And what can you do to increase your happiness? Read on to find out.

3 happiness hacks

1. Make friends

Dry February With Friends Happy

As we shared in a previous blog about this survey, people who follow the Bulletproof philosophy tend to have more friends. But the survey also found that, even when Bulletproof and general population respondents are combined, 94% of people who say they have five or more friends also say they are happy.

2. Get high-quality sleep

Sleep is crucial to our well-being, and no surprise, it is also an important indicator of how people feel. Out of all the respondents who said they get six hours of sleep or more a night, 89% report being happy.

3. Meditate regularly

One of the most intriguing happiness findings was that people who meditate are happier. Out of the people in both groups who say they meditate, 91% report being happy.

There are so many benefits to meditation. Here’s how to get started and meditate effectively.

Sleep, hang out with good friends, and meditate — all good steps to take to improve your happiness.

Discover other ways to hack your happiness. Get exercise, take supplements to improve your mood, and buy experiences rather than things, to name a few.

One of the key sources of happiness is gratitude. Studies show that two weeks of simple gratitude practice creates long-term changes in positivity and happiness. It lights up positivity pathways in your brain and gradually strengthens them over time, rewiring your brain for optimism.

Try the 11 ways to build gratitude and see for yourself. Gratitude is a daily practice, similar to meditation. Like meditation, it becomes more natural over time.

Remember, you are in charge of your own happiness!

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