Does Biohacking Make You a Better Friend?

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Can being Bulletproof help you make more friends?

Bulletproof recently conducted a survey to find out more about what people think of their health and lifestyle choices. The respondents included people who are already Bulletproof customers and people from the general population.

And guess what? Bulletproof respondents reported having more friends than the general population respondents. Here are a number of possible reasons why, according to the data. And if you need a primer on what being Bulletproof actually means, head over here.

Happiness is contagious

A higher percentage of Bulletproof respondents report being happy, compared to the general population. And happy people tend to be easier to be around. But it works both ways – people with 5+ friends reported being happier. Spending time with friends is one of the best ways to hack your happiness. Which is the cause and which is the effect?

The older you get, the fewer friends you may have

There are more respondents from the general population who happened to be elderly (aged 54-74) compared to the Bulletproofers who took the survey (generally 45-64). Perhaps later in life, when people aren’t likely to be in the workforce or out and about as much, they have fewer friends in their lives. Making a new friend can be as simple as joining a local hiking club or taking a cooking class. Learn more about the different ways to upgrade your social life here.

Diet counts

Here’s How to Do the Whole30 and Be Bulletproof_woman cooking_diet

When you’re following the Bulletproof lifestyle, you may be attracting more friends because you’re a more pleasant person when your blood sugar isn’t all over the place. The Bulletproof Diet does much more for your health than helping you lose weight. What you eat has a direct effect on your mood and energy levels. Learn more about the benefits of the Bulletproof Diet here.

This is the first of what will likely be a quarterly index, so check back in for more data as we keep digging into these trends.

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