Dolce Conde

Home Lab Testing 101: Your Guide to Great Results

Dolce Conde

Resources to help you make informed decisions about how you want to monitor, prevent and improve any part of your health with home test kits.
Dolce Conde

In this Episode of The Human Upgrade™...

… you’re going to get a step-by-step guide to taking accurate labs at home. You’ll learn how to use home test kits effectively to get high-quality results.

At-home test kits got more popular in the past few years as people wanted to know more about their personal health data. Knowing your data gives you the power to control your own biology.

Some of the biggest value drivers of at-home labs include: convenience, performance specificity, and being proactive rather than reactive about your symptoms.

Dolce Conde co-founded Knowing Labs to support a growing community of people who want to be proactive about their health.

Knowing Labs offers reliable laboratory testing directly to consumers in the convenience and privacy of their homes. The kinds of test kits available at Knowing Labs include:

  • Vitamin D Panel
  • Inflammation Panel
  • Sleep & Stress
  • Weight & Energy
  • Female Hormone Panel
  • Menopause Panel
  • Female / Male Fertility Panel
  • Male Wellness Panel
  • Wellness Panel
  • Thyroid Panel

“DBC (dried blood card) is a drop at a time, and it's not invasive, and you can perform it yourself. You don't need to know anything about phlebotomy work, and it's convenient. You can do it from the comfort of your home or your work.”

Dolce Conde

If you want to use home test kits to find out more about your own data and upgrade your health, here are a few essentials to know:

It’s important to choose a certified lab.

  • Knowing Labs is a High Complexity CLIA Certified Laboratory in the State of Texas.
  • CLIA means the Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments that regulate laboratory testing.
  • All Knowing Labs testing is done in-house so they have total control over the quality and performance of the services.

It’s important to understand the type of at-home test kit you have and how to collect accurate samples.

  • This could be saliva, blood or urine, depending on the kit you choose.
  • For blood samples, this could mean a spot, pipette or home phlebotomist visit.
  • Conde talks about some best practices and troubleshooting tips.


Enjoy the show!

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  • So the doctors were sending us a lot of laboratory testing, and the insurance are declining for that test, and we were stuck in the middle.  – 4:02
  • What happened with technology that let us suddenly get all of this stuff from home that used to require a big old vial of blood? Like, what was the shifts over the last 10 years?  – 7:47
  • What happened with technology that let us suddenly get all of this stuff from home that used to require a big old vial of blood? Like, what was the shifts over the last 10 years?  – 15:56
  • If your vitamin D levels are higher, your risk of almost every large, major category of disease goes down. Your risk of all-cause mortality goes down. Your risk of being hospitalized for any reason, even the most popular media reasons, it all goes down.  – 20:14
  • We’re adding new panels all the time, so you want to be constantly checking the website for more resources.  – 28:36
  • The thyroid is like the second brain in our body. I think thyroid regulates so many functions in our body that I was very thoughtful about putting a good panel for our thyroid.  – 32:06
  • It’s important for physicians to be proactive and be ordering a polypharmacy test, so whenever they see the patient, they know exactly what the patient is taking or not taking.  – 34:35
  • The other line of panels that we’re developing is for food sensitivity, which is something very much needed.  – 39:16
  • I believe that if you have your inflammation under control, you have your hormones under control, you have your thyroid under control, you are probably going to have an amazing quality of life. – 44:28
  • Everyone with kids should be able to, for a very affordable level, know their vitamin D levels, know their basic health things.  – 47:01

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