Unite Mind & Body to Achieve Health & Healing – Dr. Andrew Weil – #656

Photo of Dr. Andrew Weil
“The human organism has incredible potential to heal itself from within,” says Dr. Andrew Weil.

This episode of Bulletproof Radio was recorded live with Dr. Andrew Weil at True Food Kitchen in Phoenix, Arizona.

Dr. Weil is an internationally known pioneer and leader in integrative medicine. He is a recognized expert for his views on living a healthy lifestyle, his philosophy of healthy aging, and his critique of the future of medicine and health care.

“I am absolutely convinced that the mind and body are one thing, they’re not separable,” he says. “And that one of the greatest limitations of modern medicine is that it sees the mind and body as separate. And if it recognizes the mind at all, it doesn’t admit that it can influence the body.”

A Harvard-trained medical doctor, he is the founder and director of the Andrew Weil Center for Integrative Medicine at the University of Arizona. The Center is the leading effort in the world to develop a comprehensive curriculum in integrative medicine. He champions the use of medicinal plants and alternative medicine, as well as the reform of medical education.

Dr. Weil also is a clinical professor of medicine and a professor of Public Health at the University of Arizona and the author of more than a dozen books on health, wellness and optimal living.

Enjoy the show!

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Unite Mind & Body to Achieve Health & Healing – Dr. Andrew Weil – #656


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Key Notes

  • What got Dr. Weil thinking this way 00:03:10
  • Why health care separates the mind from the body 00:04:20
  • Our wrong-headed attitudes around the placebo effect 00:05:05
  • Getting new patients to focus on mindset 00:06:30
  • We should have a national registry of remission 00:10:45
  • Why fighting something actually gives it more power 00:13:20
  • How can we change the societal view of older people? 00:19:15
  • A doctor who places emphasis on breathing 00:20:45
  • 4-7-8 breathing 00:23:18
  • Dr. Weil’s story about mangos 00:25:45
  • The role of sugar in the world 00:27:00
  • The mindset that leads to finding things 00:29:35
  • “Coincidence is the label on the mental wastebasket” 00:33:45
  • What percentage of the human body do we actually understand? 00:35:00
  • Are things moving in the right direction in medicine? 00:38:55
  • Why grass-finished is better than grass-fed 00:41:40
  • “Name any food and I can tell you why you shouldn’t eat it” 00:44:50
  • Why “eat everything” is a good idea 00:46:00
  • It is possible that high mercury in adults has no significance 00:48:00
  • Dr. Weil’s take on salt 00:51:20
  • The dangers of being too lean 00:54:05
  • The wonders of matcha 01:00:25

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