Energy For Success! Dr. Barry Morguelan – #487

Dr. B is Back! Our most popular guest of all time! Maybe it is because he taps into “The Energy” that you can’t get enough of him.

Dr. Barry Morguelan is one of 12 remaining grand masters of a 5,000 year old Chinese energy medicine tradition, on top of that, was also a UCLA surgeon for several decades.

He does energy work, or supportive work, for some very powerful people on the planet, on global billionaires, senators, presidents, and Dave Asprey himself.

In this episode of Bulletproof Radio, he threw some of that energy in just for you! See if you can tell.

Enjoy the show.

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Energy For Success! Dr. Barry Morguelan- #487

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Show Notes

  • On the beginning of Dr. B’s quest for knowledge. “I went on a search. Too me six and a half years, 150,000 miles flying around every three months. I went South America, Central America, all throughout Europe, and I worked in every single one of these great cities, like in Germany, and Munich. I would do the endoscopic work, but also I would find out what else they had. I would ask these great surgeon physicians who were well-known in Germany and very difficult to get to, but because we were colleagues from the UCLA endoscopic advancement on the cutting edge level, I was able to go there and work.”
  • “You went on this Odyssey. You’ve talked with shamans, and you talked with all these native healers around the planet. Partly you were looking to put yourself out of business.” -Dave
  • Dave asks Dr. B how he knew to go to China?
  • Dr. B on the “Harry Potter like pharmacy he worked in in China.”I just reach in there, because they’re yelling at me, and I would pick it up, and I’d go, “Hmm, looks like part of a wing of a bird.” Then another one was an insect. There was a lot of things that you would go, “Why are they boiling this?” People would drink it.”
  • “I’m getting stronger in life,” because this was my experience of what I think, for my belief, God or mother nature or the universal power that has created all this, that that’s the way it was set up, that it was set up to work.”
  • Dr. B on medicine. “That’s why I kept looking, because medicine, and it still is very much, even for people that say that they’re integrative at this point, they’re still limited, because they can only do so much.”
  • When you look at a baby, what do you see that I don’t see? -Dave
  • “It’s pulsating? You can see that?” Dave on energy.
  • “In the way they made the field keep going down around everybody so that you couldn’t say that you wanted to separate from the field, unless you could see where the whole thing was and where you are as a part of it.”
  • “Then over the last couple months, I’m like, “All right, I’m going to actually do it.” Actually, these are very powerful, just because having done probably 10% of the global practices that you did on your Odyssey, but having done a lot of deep, intensive work, yeah, I can do energy manipulation stuff on my body and building awareness, but to do it in 15 minutes of listening to an audio file and just have a feeling of vibration in the body, it’s very fast. I’m like I know there’s something going on in there, but I don’t have that sense of vision that you do. Do people who do advanced coursework with you, do they all develop that ability to walk around like Neo and see zeros and ones, or is this only for the grand masters?” -Dave on doing Dr. B’s exercises.
  • “What’s the deal with some of these globally very powerful people?” Having gotten to know a bunch of people who run large companies, or are incredibly influential, it’s more common for them to have an energy medicine body worker, something or another, than not. It sounds like going back for thousands of years, the elite ruling class in China also had people supporting them energetically and physically and things like that. It seems like that pattern repeats in different societies, even if you go back to King Arthur’s court. There was Merlin.” Dave on The history of energy workers.
  • “Yeah. It was not a test that the grand master said you were going to pass. As a matter of fact, in the beginning, he said, “Look, no one ever passes these different levels of attainment.” He says, “You can see around here, it’s these three guys with me who’ve actually been able to make it over all these years. But you’ll get to go as far as you’re meant to go. We don’t ever expect you to make it all the way to the end, unless you were meant to make it to the end, and you’re the first western doctor, non-Chinese, English-speaking person that we’ve ever trained. There’s no guarantee. Plus, it’s very dangerous,” and yes, people did die in the training program.”
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