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1168. Why Seed Oils Are the Worst Foods in Your Diet & How To Avoid Them

This episode offers practical tips for improving your metabolic health, covering areas such as diet, sleep, stress management, and reducing inflammation.

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In this Episode of The Human Upgrade™...

Dr. Cate Shanahan returns to share vital insights on the dangers of seed oils and their impact on health. As a well-known Cornell-trained physician and author, Dr. Cate has spent years researching and advocating against the use of harmful vegetable oils. In this episode you’ll learn about the “Hateful Eight” oils and why they are detrimental to metabolic health. 

Dr. Cate explains the connection between these oils and chronic diseases, such as heart disease and diabetes. You will understand how to read labels to avoid these oils in everyday foods and get practical tips for making healthier dietary choices. Dr. Cate also covers the history and influence of the American Heart Association on dietary recommendations, revealing some eye-opening truths. 

Key takeaways you’ll gain include understanding the role of oxidative stress, the importance of choosing the right fats for a healthy diet, and how avoiding these oils can improve overall well-being. 


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“Everything is telling people from every angle to do things in a way that's going to make them sick, fat, and unhealthy. To be healthy is an act of rebellion.”


00:01:46 — Welcome and Introduction of Dr. Cate Shanahan 

  • Introduction to Dr. Shanahan’s work and her new book “Dark Calories.” 
  • Discussion on the impact of food deserts and vegetable oils on public health. 

00:02:34 — The Reality of Food Deserts and Vegetable Oils 

  • How vegetable oils dominate the diets in food deserts. 
  • The correlation between food deserts and higher obesity rates. 

00:04:01 — The Ultra Wealthy and Their Dietary Choices 

  • Contrast between wealthy individuals’ dietary choices and their health outcomes. 
  • Anecdotes about celebrities and their dietary misconceptions. 

00:05:42 — Dr. Cate’s Personal Journey to Understanding Fats 

  • Dr. Shanahan’s personal health challenges and discovery of the harmful effects of vegetable oils. 
  • The transformative power of traditional diets and healthy fats. 

00:11:10 — The Benefits of Avoiding Seed Oils 

  • Long-term benefits observed by avoiding seed oils for over 15 years. 
  • Improved health markers and metabolic resilience. 

00:12:08 — The Hateful Eight Oils 

  • Detailed explanation of the “Hateful Eight” oils: corn, canola, cottonseed, soy, sunflower, safflower, rice bran, and grapeseed. 
  • Discussion on their harmful effects and why they should be avoided. 

00:19:07 — American Heart Association and Proctor & Gamble 

  • Historical context of the American Heart Association’s promotion of vegetable oils. 
  • The entangled relationship between AHA and the vegetable oil industry. 

00:28:15 — The Importance of Avoiding Oxidized Oils 

  • Explanation of oxidation and its impact on health. 
  • The difference between refined and unrefined oils and their health implications. 

00:39:05 — Clarifying Misconceptions About Omega-6 

  • The role of omega-6 in the body and the myths surrounding it. 
  • Importance of focusing on oxidative stress rather than just omega-6 content. 

00:50:18 — The Impact of Diet on Family Structures 

  • How dietary choices influence family traditions and health. 
  • The role of traditional diets in maintaining family and cultural integrity. 

01:00:24 — The Role of Testosterone and Endocrine Disruptors 

  • Discussion on how vegetable oils and other factors affect hormonal health. 
  • The link between diet, endocrine disruptors, and gender health issues. 

01:15:29 — Understanding Insulin Resistance 

  • The role of vegetable oils in insulin resistance and metabolic disorders. 
  • Practical advice for reversing insulin resistance through diet. 

01:25:00 — The Slippery Slope of Statin Use 

  • The negative impact of statins on health and why they are overprescribed. 
  • Alternative approaches to managing cholesterol and promoting heart health. 

01:45:00 — Practical Tips for Avoiding Vegetable Oils 

  • Actionable tips for identifying and avoiding vegetable oils in your diet. 
  • Importance of reading labels and choosing healthy fats. 

01:52:01 — Conclusion 

  • Summary of the key points discussed. 
  • Encouragement to take actionable steps for better health. 


Enjoy the show!


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