Vegetable Oil – The Silent Killer w/ Dr. Cate Shanahan #376

00:00 – Desert Farms

01:20 – Teeter

03:00 – Cool Fact of the Day

03:30 – Butcherbox

05:00 – Introducing Dr. Cate Shanahan

10:00 – Molecular Gastronomy

21:32 – Best Sources of Fresh Food

22:30 – Benefits of Organ Meat

23:43 – Fresh Liver vs. Powder Liver Capsules

26:43 – Anti-aging and Oxidated Fats

31:54 – Omega 3 & Omega 6 Fats

33:00 – High Oxidation Damage from Over Consumption of Fish Oil Capsules

34:42 – Soy and Canola Oils

36:06 – Canola Oil Only Approved for Human Consumption in 1985

36:36 – Vegetable Oils Change the Composition of Human Fat

37:30 – Vegetable Oil and Cellulite

40:10 – Why Elastin Is Important for Healthy Skin

44:09 – Sulfated Cholesterol

45:10 – UV Rays and Damaging Cell Oxidation

45:49 – Poor Diet Can Lead to Severe Sunburn

48:05 – High Vegetable Oil Diet & Brain Health Issues

50:32 – Vegetable Oil and Sexual Dysfunction

52:40 – What is more harmful? Fries or a Cigarette

54:20 – Vegetable Oil Creates Genotoxicity

57:57 – Vegetable Oil Consumption and Poor Executive Function


Desert Farms



Cate Shanahan

Food Rules: A Doctor’s Guide to Healthy Eating

Deep Nutrition: Why Your Genes Need Traditional Food

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