EP 1148

1148. Molding the Future of Wellness: Synthesizing Spirit and Science

The conversation with Dr. Christina Rahm covers her shift to holistic health and covered topics like spirituality, neural feedback, the ethics of health tech, and the environmental influences on well-being. 

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In this Episode of The Human Upgrade™...

I had the pleasure of talking with Dr. Christina Rahm, who has an inspiring journey from a pharmaceutical executive to an advocate for integrating holistic health solutions with rigorous scientific methods. We dive into the impact of spirituality on wellness, the transformative power of neural feedback, and the intersection of technology and ethics in health. Dr. Rahm shares her insights into combating health issues with nanotechnology and discusses the influence of the environment on our wellbeing. 


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"We talk about traditional non-traditional medicine and scientifically what we've learned in our advancements, and I'm just going to say this, go back hundreds of years and look what we knew and now we've created this illusion that none of that was accurate."


(00:00:01) Introduction to Dr. Christina Rahm 

  • Exploring Dr. Rahm’s multifaceted background  
  • Journey from pharmaceutical executive to holistic health advocate 

(00:02:17) Transparency in Pharmaceuticals 

  • The quest for transparency and integrity in the pharma industry 
  • Balancing scientific rigor with personal health ethics 

(00:07:07) Shifting Perspectives on Medicine 

  • Transitioning from traditional to holistic health solutions 
  • The role of bioengineering in the future of wellness 

(00:14:10) The Mold and Fungus Factor 

  • Unveiling the hidden impact of mold on chronic illness 
  • Connecting cognitive issues with environmental pathogens 

(00:27:11) The Promise of Biotechnology 

  • How biotech can pave the way for better health outcomes 
  • The ethical considerations in pioneering health technologies 

(00:38:04) Childhood Diseases and Immune Function 

  • Debating the natural upgrades of childhood diseases 
  • The unrecognized benefits of immune challenges 

(00:50:31) Annual Detoxification Practices 

  • The science behind Dr. Rahm’s detox rituals 
  • Incorporating Zithromax for systemic cleansing 

(01:03:01) Humor in the Face of Criticism 

  • Dr. Rahm’s lighthearted approach to overcoming criticism 
  • Embracing humor and the “Your Mom” strategy in scientific debate 


Dr. Christina Rahm’s website: https://drchristinarahm.com/ 

Root Brands: https://therootbrands.com/ 

Upgrade Labs: https://upgradelabs.com/ 

Biohacking Conference: https://www.biohackingconference.com/

Dave Asprey’s NEW Book ‘Smarter Not Harder’ is out now: https://daveasprey.com/books  

Dr. Chrsitina Rahm’s Instagram Page: https://www.instagram.com/drchristinarahm/ 

Enjoy the show!


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