Your Brain Thinks All Pain is the Same: Touch Therapy Can Help – Dr. David Rabin with Dave Asprey – #729

Dave Rabin
Your fight, flight or freeze response wants to be in charge all the time. How to shift power back to rest and digest so you can regain some balance. Episode 1 of 2.

In this episode of Bulletproof Radio, we’re going all in on stress and anxiety. Dr. David Rabin is going to take you into the brain, discuss mental health, show how psychedelics can help, and introduce you to the world’s first adaptogenic wearable technology. This is part 1 of my conversation with Dr. David Rabin.

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He’s a neuroscientist, board-certified psychiatrist, health tech entrepreneur, inventor and researcher. In his clinical practice, he specializes in mental health disorders that can be resistant to treatment, like PTSD and substance abuse.

“We’ve all had these experiences and they all impact our lives and it may impact the way we see ourselves and the way we see the world around us,” Dr. Rabin says. “It could be like the first time you watched a war movie to some first time you’ve had a terrible nightmare, or the first time that somebody bullied you in school. These things are dramatically impactful to us. And until we take the time to look at ourselves and try to understand what makes us who we are, … sometimes they evade us, right? And they elude us to the point where we don’t realize that we act in ways that are reflective of these things that have happened to us.”

Dr. Rabin’s been studying the impact of trauma and chronic stress in humans for more than a decade and has some ideas on how you can manage it. He’s co-founder and chief innovation officer of Apollo Neuroscience. Apollo is a new kind of wearable technology that delivers touch therapy, scientifically validated to lower stress.

Certain combinations of low frequency inaudible sound waves (vibration that you can feel but can’t hear) can safely and reliably change how we feel through our sense of touch. We then can measure those physiological changes in near real time.

Developed by physicians and neuroscientists at the University of Pittsburgh, Apollo delivers gentle vibrations of low-frequency sound that are clinically validated to improve heart rate variability (HRV), helping you to relax, sleep well, focus, and stay energized.

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Your Brain Thinks all Pain is the Same- Touch Therapy Can Help – Dr. David Rabin with Dave Asprey – #729


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Key Notes

  • Over 50% of our patients are considered to be treatment resistant. – 2:27
  • For me, it’s about really going back to the origins of the Hippocratic Oath  – 6:52
  • Things like tricyclic antidepressants, MAOIs, anti-psychotics can kill you if you take too much, it’s rare but it can happen – 11:15
  • Square One, talks about this extraordinarily eloquently and talks about going back to the square one, which is on one line, it’s your work, your emotional life, your spiritual life and your physical life, and they should all be in balance. – 14:45
  • What they found is that emotional pain and physical pain are virtually indistinguishable in the brain. – 16:57
  • Using techniques like deep breathing, meditation, yoga, nutrition, good levels of exercise that are healthy, not over-training  – 20:22
  • Using techniques like deep breathing, meditation, yoga, nutrition, good levels of exercise that are healthy, not over-training – 23:30
  • We don’t realize that we act in ways that are reflective of these things that have happened to us. – 26:33
  • What’s really interesting about touch and music is they activate the emotional cortex in the brain, – 29:47
  • Apollo is not a wearable tracker, really. It’s more of a wearable intervention. It’s a wearable therapeutic. – 32:25
  • There’s a term called nocebo, which is the power, the belief that something will not work for us. And that’s even stronger in a lot of cases than the placebo effect. – 36:30
  • Breath work is one of the most powerful techniques for controlling and managing homeostasis or the balance between our stress response and our recovery response nervous system  – 42:02
  • Pairing breath and Apollo works incredibly well together, especially for people who are learning to debrief for the first time. – 48:25

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