EP 1105

1105. From Fog to Focus: The Hormone Hierarchy

Dr. Francesca LeBlanc, board certified chiropractor, a doctor of natural medicine, and a clinical nutritionist, takes us through the winding roads of food, lifestyle, and hormones in women.

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In this Episode of The Human Upgrade™...

Today, we talk about one of my favorite biohacking topics: hormones. Starting way back before I first had kids, I’ve studied hormones as they relate to fertility – leading to the first of just a few books over the years, The Better Baby Book. And it’s been an area of passion ever since because hormones also control your mood and your energy levels and your happiness.

So I wanted to invite Dr. Francesca LeBlanc on the show – someone who has a very interesting blend of being a board certified chiropractor, a doctor of natural medicine, and a clinical nutritionist – to take us through the winding roads of food, lifestyle, and hormones in women. You could call this functional medicine, but Dr. Francesca LeBlanc has a unique spin on it.

For years in her 20s and 30s, she suffered from brain fog, mood swings, irregular cycles, insomnia, depression, and anxiety. She spun her wheels with the allopathic model before discovering that the root cause of her symptoms could be traced back to hormone imbalances.

Now, Dr. LeBlanc helps patients understand that it’s not all in their heads, and that they can live normal, symptom-free, joyful lives.

In this conversation, we dive into her holistic healing journey, and how pioneers in the health biohacking space – including myself – guided and inspired her to create the hormone hierarchy; linking hormones to other chemicals in the brain. We explore what diet and lifestyle changes to make that can significantly improve not only how you feel but how your body functions, identify common deficiencies and inhibitors to healthy hormones, and share tools for stress management.

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“Estrogen dominance is one of the leading hormone imbalances that complicate weight loss for women. And if its root cause is mold, it's an emotional rollercoaster.”

Dr. Francesca LeBlanc


Painful Early Steps on Her Journey to Wellness

  • Brain fog, mood swings, irregular cycles, insomnia, depression, anxiety
  • Long-overdue diagnoses of hormone problems
  • MindShare Summit
  • Better Baby Book by Dave Asprey


Basics of Hormones & Pregnancy

  • What is PCOS, what causes it and why is it so common?


How Mold & Environmental Toxins Damage Hormones


Foods that Keep Your Hormones Healthy

  • Why protein is so important
  • Dave explains why plant-based diets can be counterproductive


The Hormone Hierarchy

  • What leads to common imbalances?
  • Explaining the link between hormones, dopamine, serotonin, and GABA


Most Common Metals Impacting Women’s Hormones

  • Water filtration tips


Tools for Stress Management


Exploring Various Gateways to Holistic Health Hacking

  • How Dr. LeBlanc came up with the hormone hierarchy model
  • The function of the thyroid and its relationship to libido and testosterone


Addressing Mineral Deficiencies

Enjoy the show!


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