Beyond Erectile Dysfunction – Dr. Kate Kass # 473

Biohacks for men and the humans that love them! In this episode of Bulletproof Radio, Dave Asprey tries out a new procedure that claims to age his undercarriage backwards!

Dave meets with Dr. Kate Kass, who was the first doctor in Seattle to offer the innovative new GAINSWave treatment for Erectile Dysfunction, and only the third to do so in the United States.

It’s honest talk about one of Dave’s three favorite topics, Sex. Enjoy the show!

Watch the Video, Don’t Worry, it is PG!

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Beyond Erectile Dysfunction – Dr. Kate Kass # 473

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Dr. Kate Kass

Erectile Dysfunction Treatment

Show Notes

  • Dave interviews Dr. Kate Kass right after his treatment.
  • Is Dave Average? “You said you’re 45 and you don’t have erectile dysfunction, which is great, but actually 40% of men in their 40s have erectile dysfunction, and 50% of men in their 50s have erectile dysfunction, so probably all of the healthy things that you do, and exercise, and the regenerative tools that you’ve utilized, have prevented you from having any issues in that department, but you’re not the average American.”
  • Dr. Kass on why ED goes underdiagnosed. “But they said 80% of men ED go undiagnosed, and that’s because either the patient feels uncomfortable and/or the doctor feels uncomfortable talking about it. That’s a huge percentage of men with ED that, A. Don’t talk about or, B. Don’t even get treated for it properly.”
  • How to avoid embarrassing conversations with your doctor. “Make sure you go to a doctor who is well equipped to treat you.”
  • “So erectile dysfunction is an early marker for vascular function.” Dave on overall health.
  • Ketosis and ED. “I think it could only help your erectile function, because, again, that’s such a great way to tightly regulate your blood sugar, which is only healthy for your vessels at the end of the day, right? Tight blood sugar regulation equals healthy blood vessels, low blood sugar. ” -Dr. Kass.
  • Treatments vs. Pharmaceuticals.
  • Hormones and ED. “Testosterone is really foundational for good erectile function. Not only does it affect libido, the drive or desire piece, but it also affects your physiological erectile function process. It’s vasodilatory. It helps the blood flow to the penis. It helps with nitric oxide, so it’s really foundational. If you don’t have good testosterone you may have erectile dysfunction. Now, I see men that come in all the time that might have low testosterone that still miraculously are having good erectile function, but I would say that’s the exception, not the rule.”
  • Other hormone treatments. ” We have bio-identical pellets that we put in kind of the glut area, hip area, on men and women and it’s a nice what we call biorhythmic release of testosterone, or hormones, estrogen for women, and testosterone for women, and testosterone or men, that slowly releases over three to four months, which can be a great tool, a nice easy way to deliver hormone replacement. It’s bio-identical. You don’t have to worry with creams or injections, so men and women love the pellets.”
  • Dave on other possible reasons for ED. “”Okay, shift all resources to running away from scary things,” so if sex is scary, you’re not going to have enough basically biological energy going there, because your body’s like, “Ah, no, get ready to run. Get ready to run,” instead of get ready to have sex, so in order to have sex effectively you got to feel safe, and you need to be well enough fed, because starving people and scared people generally aren’t having sex.”
  • The psychological impact in men, and women that have sexual dysfunction.
  • Dr. Kass on the three things you can do for sexual health. “Exercise, eat, and sleep. Not glamorous at all.”
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