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1135. Upgrade Spotlight: Glutathione for Ageless Skin

Delve into why glutathione is essential for skin longevity with Dr. Nayan Patel, plus insights on his innovative formula and technology for absorption at Auro Wellness.

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In this Episode of The Human Upgrade™...

Welcome to a special Upgrade Spotlight Edition, where I introduce you to someone who’s genuinely changing the game. Our carefully selected guest today is a renowned pharmacist, an author, and a pioneer in biohacking for skin longevity: Dr. Nayan Patel.

Dr. Patel is a trailblazer in the world of antioxidants, specifically glutathione. If you’ve been following biohacking or are a regular listener, you know that glutathione is a key antioxidant with vital functions, including skin health. Dr. Patel’s expertise in absorbable glutathione and anti-aging sciences is unparalleled.
Dr. Patel holds the unique patent for transdermal glutathione delivery, a groundbreaking method of introducing this crucial antioxidant directly through your skin with his company Auro Wellness. His book, The Glutathione Revolution, dives deep into this topic.

In this episode, we delve into why glutathione is essential for skin longevity. Dr. Patel shares insights on his innovative formula and technology for absorption at Auro Wellness, which has shown promising results in reducing fine lines, cellulite, and even promoting hair growth.

As someone who champions scientifically backed products and real results, I’m excited to discuss how Dr. Patel’s work is a true game changer. I personally know the power of glutathione. I’ve been using it for nearly two decades, especially during my battle with toxic mold exposure.

And now, thanks to innovators like Dr. Patel, we’re moving from intravenous methods to transdermal applications—it’s truly revolutionary. For those eager to try, visit aurowellness.com and use code DAVE10 for a discount.

“I want to create something that is a major paradigm shift in the industry. It's about time to take the cosmetic industry by the horns.”



Biohacking Benefits of Glutathione

  • Why glutathione is important
  • How to deliver it effectively
  • Addressing glutathione absorption issues from gene defects
  • How to know if you need glutathione 
  • What’s the best time of day to use glutathione?
  • Why Dr. Patel’s topical absorption product is the best technology to deliver it


The Auro Skincare Stack & How Glutathione Enhances Skin Longevity

  • Challenges of transdermal glutathione in the autism community 
  • What makes Auro stand out: skin and longevity benefits 
  • Aurowellness.com (use code DAVE10 for 10% off)
  • Benefits of vitamin C for skin longevity 
  • How to apply products for the best results and type of cleanser needed
  • Auro Skincare Rest & Repair Moisturizer
  • Lengthening telomeres and repairing sun damage 


Reducing Cellulite & Fine Lines with Glutathione 

  • Stacking products for tackling fine wrinkles and cellulite 
  • Using glutathione for liver detoxification 
  • Gene Therapy: daveasprey.com/genetherapy
  • How to reduce cellulite with the right technology 
  • GLUTARYL Glutathione Spray
  • The Complete Protocol
  • Results in older vs. younger skin 
  • How to determine what works best for your skin 
  • Creating products as a pharmacist with real science behind it 
  • Systemic benefits of Auro Wellness products 


Glutathione for Hair Growth & Toxin Removal

  • Transdermal delivery systems for hair removal
  • The link between hair loss, mitochondrial dysfunction, and glutathione
  • Benefits of glutathione for toxin removal 
  • Benefits of skincare free from hormone disruptors
  • How to look out for ineffective liposomal products


Dave Asprey’s NEW Book ‘Smarter Not Harder’ is out now: https://daveasprey.com/books 

Shop Auro Wellness: aurowellness.com (use code DAVE10 for 10% off)

Read: The Glutathione Revolution by Dr. Nayan Patel and Dr. Mark Hyman

Enjoy the show!


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