America! Take Back Your Health – Dr. Oz #480

Dr. Oz isn’t trying to sell you anything! But he would like you to eat real food, exercise, and find your purpose in life!

In this special live episode of Bulletproof Radio, Dave sits down with the one and only Dr. Oz and goes into everything from how the internet is the “wild wild west” and how people are using his name to profit with the “Dr. Oz effect.”

To how he looks inside people during surgery and wish they just made some better lifestyle choices.

Enjoy the show!

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America! Take Back Your Health – Dr. Oz #480

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Show Notes

  • “I’m going to make you smarter, more beautiful, make your skin look nicer, you could lose some weight while you’re at it, your bones get stronger,” and it goes on and on and on. I think they come after me because I never sell anything. On how Dr. Oz is often misrepresented!
  • On the “There’s a thing called the Oz Effect, which I did not coin, a bunch of different journalists have written about it. And it happens because I try to say what I think is important. People react to it, they respond by doing things I say.”
  • When Dr. Oz does a surgery and thinks…”And to know that you could have eaten differently, exercised alternatively, picking a few medications differently, and avoided all this, is really a problem.”
  • On having Oprah as a mentor. “My first guest, I needed someone who was a big name, was Oprah.”
  • “She is the best, fairest mentor you could ever have. All along was her nudging me to just do more, to get outside the ivory tower of Columbia University and start giving folks information. America hadn’t gotten the message about health because we hadn’t given it to you. It’s very safe in the hospital, you’re protected by all your brethren, you get to go to OR every day, you get well paid. It’s all nice, but I think we have a civic responsibility to speak out on issues that matter. I began making the show, it’s our 10th season coming up. I’ve been educated a lot, done things that I would never imagine possible, but it’s been a wonderful journey.”
  • Health tips from Dr. Oz: “First off, eat food that comes out of the ground looking like the way it looks when you eat it, real food. Don’t overcomplicate it. You can eat other stuff too, but 80% of what you eat ought to be just real regular old fashioned food that doesn’t need a label on it. Second, you’ve got to have some type of a physical activity planned that builds up your strength so you avoid the frailty, that’s probably the major driver of not just aging, but death in America.”
  • “You look around the world, the places where people live a long time, they have daily rigorous activity. That’s what you want.”
  • And the third takeaway is, you’ve got to have a reason to keep your heart beating and reason for your heart to keep moving along, pumping, because it’s the purpose, it’s the experience that drives us to go further.
  • My purpose most of my life was teach surgeons how to save lives, which seems simplistic, but that’s what I did. I’m a teacher. I would take young, energetic residents who are obviously super smart, they’d gone through med school and qualified for a residency and I taught them how to save people’s lives.
  • On personal growth. “This life that we all have that we desire to balance our work and our intimacy, our work/life balance. It’s sort of a lie because if you want to be better than everybody else, you’ve got to be different. If you truly are ambitious and at the same you crave intimacy, you can’t be the same and different at the same time. So when you try to do both at the same time, you try to get to the top of this little mound, but it’s not very easy to get there or stay there. The exception is when you contribute because then you grow.”
  • Dr. Oz on junk light.



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