The Autoimmune Fix – Dr. Thomas O’Bryan – #478

Tired of feeling like garbage? In this episode of Bulletproof Radio, Dr. Thomas O’Bryan, the ‘Sherlock Holmes’ of chronic disease and metabolic
disorders, digs into the underlying mechanisms of what is making you sick.

Dave Asprey and Tom go into how to identify our disease process before the symptoms are obvious, and how the biggest culprit may be on the end of your fork.

Everything from how to properly go wheat-free, to what is causing super low sperm count in men.

Enjoy the show!

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The Autoimmune Fix – Dr. Thomas O’Bryan – #478

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Show Notes

  • Tom talks about an emphasis on hormone imbalances and infertility.
  • The subject was sperm count in healthy men, between 1974 and 2011, so 37 years. “Has there been a change in sperm count in healthy men, not in fertile men, in healthy men in the last 37 years? The consensus statement was there’s a 59% reduction in sperm count in healthy men.”
  • Every seven years, you have an entire new body, how does that happen? Your immune system has to get rid of the old and damaged cells, antibodies, go after the old and damaged cells to make room for new cells, to grow and develop.
  •  “What percentage of people have autoimmunity going on right now?” –Dave
  • “For the vast majority of people, the most common source of toxins that trigger your immune system, eventually, to protect you, is what’s on the end of your fork.” –Tom
  • “Let’s zoom in on grains. Talk with me about the differences between a wheat allergy, gluten sensitivity, gluten intolerance, celiac disease.” –Dave
  • “Wheat allergies are the ones that most people are familiar with.” –Tom
  • “The Family of toxic gluten proteins. There’s gluten in rice, and gluten in corn, but there are different families of gluten.”-Tom
  • Tom’s take on brown rice versus white rice for autoimmunity?
  • Seven out of 10 of us have something going on in with autoimmunity and what percentage of those people do you think is caused by grain?
  • “Oh my goodness. Grain is likely fueling that inflammatory cascade, and that autoimmune response, my suspicion would be certainly 60% to 70% of people, it’s grains that are fueling it. It may not be exclusive. There could be other foods, and excess sugars, and bad fats, and all of that, but at least 60% to 70% of our patients, when we reduce their grain consumption, they just start feeling better right away.” –Tom
  • How to properly go gluten free.
  • “Here’s what you do. When you go shopping, you’re buying your vegetables, always get organic.” Critically important to get organic, but buy a couple of every root vegetable that’s there, turnips, parsnips, rutabaga, Jerusalem artichokes, sweet potatoes, carrots, and every day, you have a couple of root vegetables, and download the list of prebiotic foods and includes other prebiotic foods like bananas in your diet, artichokes, and just make sure every day you’re getting a few of the foods that are high in prebiotics so you can feed the good bacteria in your gut.” –Tom
  • Keto People, this is for you!!! “You’re on a keto diet, if you’re not eating any carbs at all, the bacteria in your gut will not have any food. You don’t have to have insulin, or genic carbs, and that’s why, if you look at the carb count on one of our bars, there is a gram or two of carbs that come from cashews, which are actually natural cashew sugars. When you look at those carbs, they’re not insulin stimulating, because the benefits of these prebiotic fibers are that when they’re processed in your gut, they turn into short thin fatty acids anyway. You’re not going to affect ketosis when you do that. Even something like sushi, which magically has cooked and cooled rice, when you cook rice and cool it, it forms a form of starch called resistance starch that feeds gut bacteria.”
  • How do you fix intestinal permeability?
  • Dave on the joys of Pizza. “What’s particularly nefarious about this is that when you’re feeling really good like that, like, “I’m feeling good. I can have wheat again.”
  • Dave and Tom on Mold.
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