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1154. Biohacking Heartbreak: How to Move on Faster

Join me and Florence Williams as we tackle the seldom-discussed topic of heartbreak and its profound influence on our physical health and psychological growth. 

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Get ready for a journey that takes you beyond the pain of heartbreak and into a world where loss transforms into growth with science journalist Florence Williams, who shares her personal triumph over the heartbreak of divorce, which inspired her to write a book on the subject. This episode sheds light on how heartbreak reshapes our bodies and minds. You’ll gain valuable tactics for emotional healing, understand the crucial role of touch in regaining trust, and see how therapeutic practices like EMDR and rituals can offer relief. For those on the mend or helping others heal, this discussion is packed with practical advice to help you transform the trials of heartbreak into a journey of empowerment. This episode provides clear steps to recover and emerge stronger from life’s emotional challenges.


"Heartbreak really taught me that to feel alive, you need to feel some pain sometimes and you need to connect with suffering."


(00:02:26) A Personal Tale of Heartbreak 

  • The sudden upheaval of a long-term marriage 
  • The shock of emotional pain manifesting physically 
  • Florence’s inquiry into the physiological aftermath of her own divorce 

(00:07:42) The Biological Cost of Divorce 

  • Exploration of ‘divorce diabetes’ and autoimmune responses to stress 
  • Discussion of inflammatory responses and the heart’s vulnerability to emotional stress 

(00:13:43) Cultivating Community and Compassion 

  • The challenge of finding community support post-heartbreak 
  • Strategies for rebuilding a sense of belonging and security 
  • The importance of empathetic connection and understanding individual heartbreak experiences 

(00:18:02) Finding Solace in Awe 

  • How experiencing beauty and awe contributes to healing 
  • Awe’s physiological benefits and its ability to foster a feeling of community 
  • Personal anecdotes on finding awe in nature and the power of collective experiences 

(00:23:22) Psychedelics as Healing Agents 

  • Florence’s personal experience with MDMA and psilocybin for emotional healing 
  • The potential of psychedelics to induce feelings of unity and connection with the universe 
  • Insights on the role of psychedelics in facilitating transformation through awe 

(00:34:33) Trust After Heartbreak 

  • The complexity of rebuilding trust after betrayal in a relationship 
  • Navigating the different emotional impacts of betrayal on men and women 
  • The slow process of healing and learning to trust again, grounded in self-compassion and understanding 

(00:38:04) The Soothing Power of Physical Contact 

  • Oxytocin’s role in counteracting stress and promoting healing 
  • The science of touch and its wide-ranging emotional benefits 
  • Examples of touch as a healing modality beyond romantic relationships 

(00:44:51) Embracing Singleness and Self-Discovery 

  • Florence’s shift from seeking a new long-term relationship to appreciating singleness 
  • The role of short and medium-term relationships in discovering personal needs and preferences 
  • The freedom and growth that come from redefining relationship expectations 

(00:50:33) Expressive Writing for Emotional Release 

  • The process and benefits of journaling through heartbreak 
  • Writing as a means to express gratitude and resentment for better emotional balance 
  • Using narrative to create distance and perspective on past relationships



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Enjoy the show!


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