Follow Your Truth. Kute Blackson – #465

Who are you, really? Kute Blackson, next generation leader in the field of personal development, asks you to quit lying to yourself and figure it out. His mission is simple: To inspire people across the world to access inner freedom, live authentically and fulfill their true life’s purpose.

Kute and Dave Asprey go deep into what it takes to surrender to the universe and find the courage to be who you are meant to be.

A truly transformational episode, Enjoy the show!

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Follow Your Truth. Kute Blackson – #465

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Show Notes

  • I think, ultimately, there’s a great freedom in being who you are, which takes a lot of courage, which is why most of us aren’t. -Kute Blackson
  • Following your truth “What lies am I telling myself?” Sometimes we play this game of, “I don’t know.”
  • I remember being age five, age six … I always felt a really deep calling to serve humanity. I remember being five years old, feeling like I just had this burning desire to help people.
  • He would say, “Do you believe?” “Well, yes.” “If you believe, why do you have the crutches?” She would throw them away, and she would start running around. This was my father,
  • But I became very obsessed with questions like, “Who am I, and why am I here, and what’s the purpose of life?” I looked to people who seemed to have everything, and they were miserable, people who had nothing, they seemed to be happy, in Ghana, West Africa. This became my quest.
  • How Kute was ordained in his father’s church at 14.
  • Kute on “No Mind” “There was a state of going into no mind, no thinking. You could say a space of total surrender.”
  • “All I know is I don’t do the healing. Life does the healing. God does the healing. The Divine does the healing. The innate intelligence does the healing. All I do is I show up, and I get myself out of the way, and I allow the energy to move.”
  • “All I know is I don’t do the healing. Life does the healing. God does the healing. The Divine does the healing. The innate intelligence does the healing. All I do is I show up, and I get myself out of the way, and I allow the energy to move.” That has been, honestly, Dave, a huge principle for my life. Not just in terms of healing, but as a way of living, just showing up and saying, “Okay. Let the energy unfold,” so that’s been huge for me.
  • Dave on the age of “ego emergence.”
  • Kute on “the ocean he was in.”
  • “Yeah. I think the Ghanaian culture is very devoted to spirit, to God’s spirit, conscience, whatever label you want to put, but it’s very devoted to that.”
  • Kute on following his intuition. “I might achieve a level of success and fame or what have you, but if I didn’t have myself, then what the hell do I have? I felt like I was committing soul suicide if I just kept going down this path, and the pain of that was so intense for me.”
  • On the day Kute says he really became a man. “I realized I wasn’t living my truth and really feeling the pain of that. I basically gave up my relationship with my father, and we didn’t speak for two years.”
  • On winning the green card lottery. “That’s when I knew that there was something beyond myself that was guiding my life.”
  • “If you didn’t bring yourself here, then why are you worrying? Trust.”
  • “I had no idea what the hell I was doing. Talk about plan, no plan, no strategy, just following the wave.
  • That’s all I had. No plan, and I remember being terrified and scared, but I found this profound peace, this peace of knowing that I was not compromising myself, this peace of knowing that I have nothing, but I have my own truth. I have my own… If I died tomorrow, if I failed, I was following my truth, not living someone else’s life, you know?
  • The common lie of “If you know who I am, you won’t love me, and so who I am is not worthy. Who I am is not enough.”
  • Kute on reconnecting with the truth.
  • “Start with asking yourself and looking at the lies you’re telling yourself.”
  • “I think many times we have an idea of what we want, or we set goals for ourselves. Sometimes we achieve those goals, and I’d say sometimes you might achieve what you thought you wanted only to realize it’s not what you really wanted. It’s just what you thought you wanted based on who you thought you were, the identity that you created based on past conditioning.”
  • Truth is the greatest prayer. Truth is meditation. To me, truth is a profound spiritual practice, because it will cut away so much BS from our lives.
  • Having a coach or a guide who can see the truth of who you are and help you question yourself, help you unravel yourself, help you untangle some of these layers, but also hold a loving and safe space for you, someone who’s walked the path, who can say, “It’s going to be okay,” and, “Here’s how we move through that process.”
  • On constantly thinking about death. “Who am I really? Really? I know I’m going to die, but who am I that I’m saying I’m going to die?” I think if you really start questioning, “Who am I really, and who is it that’s going to die?”
  • Kute on the Liberation Experience, which is in India.
  • How Kute thinks the path to transformation is different for men and women.
  • On why Dave thinks women are better biohackers than men.
  • Kute on facing your death. “Face death. You are going to die. I don’t care who you are. We are all going to die, so face it. Embrace it.”
  • Speak the truth. Tell the truth.
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