How Regenerative Systems Save the Soil, Animals & You

Robby Sansom / Force of Nature

Relying on the conventional agriculture system isn’t an option anymore.

In this Episode of The Human Upgrade™...

… you’ll learn why regenerative methods for taking care of soil and raising animals provide a solution that creates food sovereignty, improves human health, and helps reverse climate change.

Previous episodes of this podcast featured regenerative farming and soil conservation topics. Dave Asprey keeps the conversation going because when you know what’s happening and what companies are doing about this problem, you can be informed and take action to support regeneration efforts in your own way.

Robby Sansom, co-founder and CEO of Force of Nature, joins the show to talk about the new developments igniting real change.

His roots run deep in the natural food community, caring for soil and caring for animals. He spent much of the last decade studying regenerative agriculture at ranches all over the world. Through this education, he helped found the Austin, Texas-based regeneratively sourced meat company, Force of Nature. The company’s building brand new global supply chains of grass-fed and regeneratively managed livestock. Force of Nature works in partnership with land stewards, ranchers and farmers committed to creating a positive return on the planet.

There’s an undeniable sense of urgency about the state of soil and its ability to provide enough food for a growing population. Key soil health indicators include organic matter, carbon concentration, water permeability, and other biological markers. The five principles of soil health include:

  • Minimize Mechanical & Chemical Soil Disturbance
  • Keep Soil Covered
  • Increase Biodiversity
  • Living Roots Year Round
  • Integrate Animals (good poop!)

Over more than a hundred years of conventional farming and ranching depleted land and disrupted natural ecosystems. These harms (have and continue to) adversely affect animal and human health. Force of Nature focuses on repair and regeneration—in their own operations and by educating farmers and ranchers from homesteaders to big corporations.

“A regenerative system actually regenerates and rebuilds that resiliency and maintains it in a way where it can actually continue to produce food,” Robby explains. “Our current system being this extractive industrial model, it has a shelf life. It is so extractive to the point of, it will not be able to work for us in producing food in the future.”

“Animals living in regenerative systems lift up the system and create a better food product or protein product for a consumer because they've lived and fulfilled their potential in nature.”

Robby Sansom / Co-Founder & CEO, Force of Nature

In spring 2022, Force of Nature hosted a What Good Shall I Do? event about learning and leading with regenerative intent. This educational forum hosted several dozen speakers from soil scientists to leaders in the regenerative movement to individual farmers and ranchers. By providing information, resources and tools, conventional farmers and ranchers can make the switch to regenerative methods. And farmers and ranchers who already use regenerative methods can improve and have even more impact.

You can get involved, too! In this episode, Robby talks about the true cost of meat and gives tips on what to look for in your own local grocery and how you can support regenerative agriculture and ranching in a way that aligns with your own values. Every small step toward change contributes to a larger movement.

“Food sovereignty starts with becoming an independent thinker and taking some responsibility and autonomy back to paying attention to what you were consuming, regardless of what it is, and signaling to the industry through how you vote and purchase, really where you place value in what you want,” Robby says. “That’s probably the biggest driver and the most powerful thing that we can do as consumers.”

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Enjoy the show!

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  • Forming relationships with your food and being able to source and procure and prepare food and do it as a family and a community. And that just developed a set of values inside of me – 2:47
  • We should all to the extent that we’re able, figure out how we can actually produce our own food. There’s value in that, there’s resilience in that, there’s stability and security in it.  – 8:09

  • General Mill became the first Fortune 500 company to make a commitment, to convert a million acres of its supply chain to regenerative. And then Danone followed and then PepsiCo. – 13:05

  • So is it bad assumptions or is it the economics of, I have to have the cheapest food on the planet? Which of those, or both, are driving this corporate behavior?  – 16:50

  • We’ve got about 50 years of top soil left on the planet at the rate that we’re consuming it, unless we start regenerating it.  – 21:52

  • You have to ship your cows 500 miles to stress them out, to be killed heartlessly in cruel Chinese owned slaughtering plant. And you have to do that by law or you can’t sell it.” So how are you fixing that?  – 33:41

  • The consumer, they’ll wake up and say, “Holy shit, this is insane. I’m supporting and complicit in something that is counter to my best interest and intentions. I’m going to make a change.” Because, that’s the system.  – 42:31

    Obviously buying poor quality food is going to have long term impacts on your health. And we’re spending trillions of dollars in healthcare in this country. That’s a trade off.  – 55:31


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