Funny (but accurate) Colbert Video: Nutrition & Performance

This is perhaps the most accurate short video I’ve seen showing why adopting a healthy diet can make you win at work. We usually think of diets as being about weight loss or looking good, but that’s now how it works. When you fuel your body, you fuel your brain and nervous system.

That’s why John Durant “Paleo Man” is able to do all sorts of things in this video. He is physically stronger – but maybe he works out better than his competition. Then again, with the right food, you don’t need to work out to be strong and cut – although, it helps. (I went 18 months without a workout and kept my 6 pack and muscle mass, for instance.)

Although it’s funny in the video, pain tolerance matters!  (sitting on tacks? Colbert, what’s next?) When you can withstand cold weather,  or pushing through the pain, you can be less distracted no matter what you’re doing.  Then, when you are sitting in a chilly board room, or having dinner with your family when your 3-year-old smacks you with something heavy when you’re not looking, you will have more resiliency if your body is fueled properly.

Mental performance is another domain. Your brain starts to starve on a vegan diet due to lack of essential fatty acids and vitamin B12.  Over time, it makes you slower and harms your memory.

I hope you enjoy the video, and I also hope that it inspires you to be a better entrepreneur by adopting a diet that feeds your body and mind! It worked for me…

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